Beckett Frith

Budget reaction: No news is good news on pensions and IR35, experts say

IR35 and pensions avoided much mention, and a new retraining scheme has drawn mixed responses


Case study: Parental leave at Grant Thornton

Recognising that family setups have changed, Grant Thornton overhauled its working parents policies


Budget 2017: Retraining scheme to build skills for future

“We need to help people to retrain during their working lives,” said chancellor Philip Hammond


Budget: Businesses fear tax changes for self-employed

Changes to IR35 expected in the Autumn Budget could result in increased prices, warns the REC


Employers must measure youth recruitment effectiveness

Only 15% of employers regularly use data to measure the effectiveness of their youth recruitment


Half hate teamwork

Employees need patience, experience and fairness to work well in a team


'Unspoken' pressures stressing employees

Employees feel pressured to adhere to a damaging culture of long hours both in and out of the office


Maternity discrimination down to ill-equipped managers

Maternity discrimination is often down to line managers not being equipped to deal with difficult conversations


Quality of workforce reporting variable

Stability – how stable and secure the current workforce is – was a particularly neglected area


Half of graduates failing to secure grad roles

Almost a third (29%) of grads are on a salary of less than £20,000 six months after graduation


5.3 million employees pulled a 'sickie' last year

Stress, poor relations with managers, workplace bullying and mental heath were all contributing factors


63% think travel risks have increased

Fears over security threats and natural disasters are causing employers to rethink travel plans