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HR urged to prepare for winter slump as workers flag potential burnout

Forty-three per cent of workers have reported feeling at risk of burnout this winter according to a survey from consultancy businesses Kin&Co.


Back to life, back to (a new) reality: the workplace after furlough

As workers return from furlough and businesses begin to awake from enforced hibernation, HR will need to overcome some tricky challenges.


Billions added to the National Skills Fund to help people back into work post-COVID

The UK government has announced that £2.5 billion will be available through the National Skills Fund to help people get into work and others to train for higher-skilled, better-paid jobs after the...


Training set to move up the agenda as workers return from furlough

?Over one third (35%) of retail key workers, and 40% of those who work in groceries, have reported feeling underprepared to do their roles due to the way work has changed during the coronavirus...


Employer guide on domestic abuse support published amid rise in cases during coronavirus lockdown

The CIPD and the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) have published a guide to help employers provide support to employees experiencing domestic abuse.


People in ethnic minorities at heightened risk of financial insecurity

?People from black, Asian and other minority ethnic (BAME) communities are more than twice as likely than the UK average to be out of work as a result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, according to...


Taking financial advice makes people more likely to enjoy life

Employees are more likely to enjoy life after receiving financial advice, according to a new report from life insurance company Aegon.


Job Support Scheme offers lifeline to some businesses

?The UK’s Job Support Scheme has created new measures to help secure the jobs of workers hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic.


HR has the opportunity to lead on trans and non-binary inclusivity

The last week has been a formative time for equality legislation in the UK, with high profile decisions not receiving as much coverage due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic announcements.


Interview: Unconscious bias and diversity training from a theatre company

Black British theatre company Talawa Theatre has started offering unconscious bias and diversity training to organisations seeking to address their own internal biases.


Coronavirus return to work u-turn causes mental health concerns for HR

The UK government is now advising office workers to work from home again where possible following a rise in the number of coronavirus cases across the country.


Majority of employees set to carry over annual leave into 2021

?Over two-thirds (67%) of full-time employees are planning to roll at least one day of annual leave into their next holiday period, according to new research from personal finance comparison website...