What is the future of employee research?


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Do you think traditional employee survey is dead? Take part in an exciting research project and tell us your thoughts.

Despite the increasing adoption of social and digital technologies that allow for instant feedback at work, the traditional employee engagement survey remains the default approach to generating employee feedback.

HR magazine is teaming up with Silverman Research to launch a collaborative open-access project that will provide insight into the changing face of employee engagement research.

The project is, in itself, a demonstration of how technology is changing the way we exchange knowledge and information about our opinions, ideas and experiences.

Michael Silverman, managing director of Silverman Research, said: "Organisations have long relied on surveys to gather feedback from their employees, however society is on the cusp of a technological revolution. It is essential that we understand how this will affect the way organisations collect employee opinions."

Take part in The Future of Employee Research, which can be accessed here.

The results will be published in a future issue of HR magazine.

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