Tech Q&A: Fujifilm on why it chose CorLife


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HR magazine's Tech Q&A series explores the latest software on the market to give HR leaders insight into new solutions that could work for them. Vanessa McKeever, HR director at Fujifilm, gives her view on choosing CorLife as a wellness platform for employees

Why did you choose CorLife?

We recognise that employees form the company's foundation and that a healthy and happy workforce will help us accomplish our goals. We listed wellness as one of the priority issues of our recent business plans, with a focus on promoting healthy lifestyles to help prevent lifestyle diseases and to support mental health initiatives.

CorLife was an ideal fit with this strategy. Initially, our executive team used its programmes and, delighted with the results, looked to replicate its benefits throughout the workforce by rolling out the app to all employees.

How does it work?

The CorLife app is used remotely via smartphone and wearable tech. It first collects a range of personal and biometric data from participants using wearables, weighing scales, blood pressure measure and blood test. This is supplemented with a health history questionnaire and blood screening results. The clinical support team then provides direct user coaching through their smartphone to provide education, individualised goal setting and on-going coaching support.

What are its best features?

Its accessibility has been particularly useful during the coronavirus outbreak as it has enabled our employees to maintain their physical and mental health while working from home at this challenging time.

Who would you recommend it to?

We would recommend that any company that is serious about committing to employee wellness should consider CorLife. It has made a real difference to the happiness and productivity of our workforce.

What’s been the result?

It has provided a demonstrable boost to our workforce, both in terms of mental and physical health and productivity at work.

Our results showed that after six months:

  • Mental wellbeing and vitality increased by 20%
  • Overweight employees lost an average weight of 5kg each
  • 90% of those with hypertension reduced their blood pressure to normal levels
  • 80% of those at risk of diabetes returned to a normal state

Where now?

We are delighted with the impact of the programme and will continue to offer it to all of our employees. Going forward, it will continue to be a key part of our wellness strategy, especially as there is an even greater focus on maintaining physical and mental health during this lockdown.

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