Older workers 'not a homogenous group', says CIPD


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Employers must appreciate that employees older than 50 have diverse career aims, according to CIPD public policy adviser for diversity Dianah Worman.

In the white paper Ageing Population, compiled with insurer Simply Health, Worman says there are at least five types of employee within the older population: aspirers, stayers, downsizers, at risk and leavers. 

“With 36% of the working population expected to be over 50 by 2020, it is essential that we look at how to best support older employees to ensure organisations don’t lose experienced and knowledgeable staff," she said. 

CIPD statistics reveal the proportion of workers over 50 increased from 25% in 2002 to more than 29% in 2012. 

Separate figures from the UK Commission for Employment and Skills predict there will be 13.5 million job vacancies over the next decade and only 7 million school leavers. 

Worman said that business should look to older workers to fill those job vacancies and plug the skills gaps.

Figures released by the Office for National Statistics this week also showed the number of workers aged over 65 has increased by 107,000 in the last 12 months, including an increase of 25,000 from January to March of this year. 

Worman added that many workers are "content in their work and keen to carry on", whereas others may want more flexibility. 

"Such appetites offer opportunities to businesses to both retain skills and knowledge, and provide development scope for other talent," she said. 

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