HR Excellence Awards 2012 – Most Innovative Use of Technology: Deutsche Bank


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Deutsche Bank is a large and complex organisation and the gap between a new recruit receiving a job offer and starting work can be anything between two weeks and three months across geographies.

Deutsche Bank, realising communications during this first step into work were crucial in onboarding new staff, launched a suite of technology products, to make the process as engaging as possible for new hires.

In a first for the banking industry, last year Deutsche Bank (DB) launched its @DB app, which can be downloaded for free by new post-offer recruits, from the iTunes Store.

The app has been designed to give new starts an idea of what it is like to work at DB. It features clear navigation, making it easier to use for a non-technical audience, a welcome video, an RSS news feed, checklist to help recruits get set for their first day, an office location finder, a direct link to social networking sites, biographies of senior managers, podcasts and a feedback function.

Our judges couldn't wait to download the app. It was a unanimous success, with one judge even investigating the launch of something similar in her own organisation.

But Deutsche Bank didn't stop there, as it now also provides recruits with a digital onboarding pack on a USB stick. The cost of a USB is £4, giving savings of about £50 per hire in onboarding and £100,000 per year for the 200,000 people it takes on.

The technological advances have led to a ripple effect, significantly changing the HR department. The systems have removed the need for an external supplier to provide inductions, putting more control into the hands of the HR team who conduct a short induction session for staff on their first day - with a longer session after two months, when they have a better idea of the DB culture.

By using technology, Deutsche Bank is spearheading the way for a new style of HR. It has saved money, improved efficiencies and enhanced the candidate experience.

The bank is planning to extend its app to Android and BlackBerry and is investigating the possibility of using similar technology for diversity and L&D. Judges were especially taken with the innovative and joined-up approach the company had taken to solving a problem and then going further to add features to their systems.

Highly Commended

Birmingham City Council

In a bid for the HR team at Birmingham City Council to move from an operational to a strategic function, it looked to technology to provide a portal for managers that would be user-friendly for HR processes, freeing the HR team up to support the council strategically.

Over the past 18 months, the organisation has rolled out People Solutions - a comprehensive website for line managers for self-service HR, social media, online support and e-learning.

People Solutions has a visible impact on employees, HR and managers. HR has been able to downsize its operational support by 26%, saving £1.1 million. It has calculated it will generate £239 million in ROI over the next 10 years. Some 95% of HR transactions are carried out online, compared to 100% dealt with by HR staff three years ago.

Judges were impressed with the metrics Birmingham provided and, with plans bubbling under for the future, the panel was excited about what the future holds for the tech-savvy council.


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