Half of HR professionals think the traditional employee survey is dead


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Just over half of HR professionals (53%) think that the traditional employee survey is dead, according to research from Silverman Research and HR magazine.

The report, The Future of Employee Research, also found over two-thirds of the 250 respondents (69%) think the future of employee research is qualitative rather than quantitative. Over 80% also believe mobile technology will be the most common way employees voice their opinion in future.

However, although respondents believe the future of employee opinion gathering is more qualitative and collaborative, 58% say their organisation does not does social technology to gather feedback from employees.

The research also identified ten key themes regarding the future of employee research. The top five explored in depth in the report are: the evolution of the traditional employee survey, enhanced data and analytics, the proliferation of devices and digital technology, the increasing need for transparency and a focus on actionability.

According to the top-rated comment, made by HR industry analyst and commenter John Sumser: “The difference [in employee surveys] will be amazing. Today we create hypotheses and collect data. Tomorrow we’ll be doing the inverse. The constant, steady accumulation of data will enable us to look at data before we form questions. That means we’ll be getting answers to questions we didn’t know to ask. We will be unthinking a whole bunch of things we assume to be facts.”

To learn more about the findings and read all the top comments, download the report for free by visiting http://bit.ly/HxzsBs

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