Half of emails a waste of time


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Employees spend up to half their working day chained to emails.

A survey of 4,000 staff, by communications consultancy Expert Messaging, shows 72% of employees spend at least an hour a day dealing with emails and 39% spend two hours. Staff receive, on average, 34 emails every day and less than half (47%) help them do their job.

The report also shows on average people have 2,769 emails in their in-box.

Bob Hallewell, MD of Expert Messaging, said: "Many people spend up to half their working day chained to email and there is no doubt it has become the main way for businesses to communicate. Paradoxically organisations pay almost no attention or provide any guidance on how it should be used.

"Email is here to stay and is an essential business tool which we rely on more and more; either we learn to manage it or increasingly it will manage us."

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