Cycling to work creates a “virtuous circle” for UK business, top boss tells MPs


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Halfords chairman Dennis Millard told MPs and employers this morning that encouraging more people to cycle to work has a positive impact on staff, businesses and the economy.

Speaking at a Houses of Parliament event Millard pointed to a range of benefits arising from cycling to work, including reduced carbon emissions, improvements to public health and increased employee engagement, as well as the generation of jobs and additional revenues for the Exchequer.

“Cycling is a large, vibrant and growing industry, contributing approximately £3bn annually to the UK economy," he said.

His comments were made at the launch of Businesscycle, a national online information resource for employers that provides guidance on how they can encourage greater numbers of their staff to ride to work.

Millard highlighted the role played by the Cycle to Work scheme that provides savings for employees of up to 42% on the cost of a bike and that is simple and cost effective for employers to operate. He encouraged more businesses to offer the scheme so that both they and their employees could enjoy the benefits.

“Our research shows that 97% of participating businesses say the scheme is an important way to encourage a healthy workforce while 86% feel the scheme improves employee engagement.

“Everyone can be a cyclist – enjoying the thrills and fitness benefits. Cycling to work is one of the best ways of incorporating cycling into everyday activity.”

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