CIPD launches practical guide on HR aspects of TUPE


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The CIPD has launched practical guidance on the people management requirements of organisations involved in business transfers and service provision changes.

There is guidance already published on TUPE (Transfer of Undertaking (Protection of Employment) but, according to the CIPD, there is a lack of practical assistance for people managers.

The guide has been written by members of the national HR Group for Substance Misuse Services. Its content, however, is not exclusive to employers working in that field and most public-sector and voluntary-sector employers in the UK can use this to inform their own work.

It provides an agreed minimum set of standards for all involved parties to aid understanding and business transactions during the preparation and transfer of staff. It also provides practical help through tools that can be directly applied.

Elizabeth Flegg, co-author of the guide and a member of the national HR Group for Substance Misuse Services, said: "We hope many employers can use this guide to inform their work. It is often expected that there is a core expertise regarding the people management aspects of preparing and transferring services, but this is often not the case due to the complex legal and practical requirements.

"These guidelines can be applied directly for anyone involved in writing tenders for services, assessing bids received for services, and guiding incoming and outgoing service providers on the transfer of staff."

And Ben Willmott, senior public policy adviser and editor of the guide, CIPD, added: "We hope to offer people managers involved in business transfers and service provision changes much-needed guidance.  In too many instances managers have to rely on trial and error, which creates real risks that service delivery will be compromised as a result of the transfer of service from one provider to another. This guide sets out some step by step advice on how to manage this process effectively."


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