Age does not determine technical confidence


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There is only a weak correlation between people's age and their confidence with digital technologies

Age does not determine how confident employees are in using new digital technologies at work, according to research commissioned by Cisco.

Digital Culture Clash found only a weak correlation between age and digital technologies confidence, with the type of work the individual does and their level of employment proving better predictors of confidence.

British workers were largely optimistic about digital technology experiences, with two-thirds (67%) stating that digital technology has had a positive impact on the way they work.

However, only 24% are confident that their bosses have a digital vision and 19% are concerned about their company’s digital future. Meanwhile 26% of employees reported having suggested a digital technology they thought would benefit their organisation only to have nothing come of it.

Phil Smith, chief executive of Cisco UK & Ireland, said there is no doubt that organisations face a digital double-edged sword. “On the one hand new technologies are continuing to reinvent what is possible in the workplace and it is clear business leaders and employees alike understand the potential benefits digital technology can bring,” he said. “But our research reveals that without first fostering the right culture and following a few golden rules when engaging with employees, it’s possible for digital rollouts to go off-track.

“Employees are craving clear digital leadership to drive the organisation forward, and the boardroom must ensure digital delivers on its promise to help drive productivity and organisational effectiveness.”

Director of the Institute of Cultural Capital and author of the report, Simeon Yates stressed the importance of culture to successful digital rollouts. “This report has found that the key to successful digital rollouts are the intangible characteristics of culture and leadership,” he said. “[This] means organisations’ ability to become digitally-ready is firmly in their own hands.”

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