TUC's day off with Nan and Pop? Now that's daft

Martin Tiplady, 24 Dec 2013

The TUC wants grandparents to be given rights to secure time off for looking after their grandchildren....


Seven ways to motivate staff in 2014

John Sylvester, 30 Jan 2014

Getting staff motivated for the year ahead is a vital task for management in any organisation. With workforces...


2014: The year employers get to grips with financial wellbeing

Andy Philpott , 14 Jan 2014

When we commissioned our annual research into benefits trends at the end of 2013 we fully expected the...

The importance of measuring learning and development

Graham Scrivener, 27 Jun 2013

As many HR professionals are aware, behaviour change is key to knowing if leadership training and development...

Five critical challenges keeping HR awake at night

Gerry Miles, 09 May 2013

Recently, some critics have claimed that HR professionals lack business nous and are slow to adapt their...

Firms failing to focus on business needs in talent management strategy

Robert Bolton, 12 Apr 2013

A rigid attachment to ‘best practice’ in talent management, rather than a focus on business needs,...

Public sector can improve engagement by involving entire workforce in strategic decisions

Jabbar Sardar, 12 Apr 2013

Last month’s HR magazine provided some inspirational articles all about boosting employee engagement....

Upwards bullying in the workplace

Helen Giles, 07 Dec 2012

I doubt whether any HR professional would disagree that any kind of bullying and harassment in the workplace...

Time to stop implementing generic models as gap between what business wants from HR and what it gets widens

Robert Bolton, 25 Oct 2012

Few would argue that an effective HR practice can be a real source of competitive advantage to a company....

Are quotas needed to ensure gender balance in the boardroom?

Tracey Rogers, 18 Oct 2012

The UK Government argues that a "voluntary approach" to addressing the gender imbalance is making significant...

Has the public sector got talent? Does it know how to nurture the Susan Boyles in its midst?

Jabbar Sardar, 09 Oct 2012

Is it a surprise that many in the public sector see talent management as a tactic to give downsizing...

Emotionally engaged employees exhibit higher levels of performance and personal wellbeing

David Fairhurst, 01 Oct 2012

Whether it’s lounging on a sunny foreign beach or enjoying a domestic ‘staycation’, July and August...

Less complex businesses are better place for everyone to work

Siân Harrington, 01 Oct 2012

When, last September, we unveiled research by then Warwick Business School and now Henley professor...

Overzealous sickness absence policing fails to consider causes of ill-health

Stephen Bevan , 21 Sep 2012

I have been researching workforce health and wellbeing for almost 20 years. I have looked at the causes,...

An independent approach to resolving conflict in the work-place

Len Burns, 20 Sep 2012

Conflict in the workplace is a common occurrence and can take many forms, whether it is personality clashes,...

We need a special workforce, which understands that what we do today lays foundations for future health

Jane Griffiths, 20 Sep 2012

I feel fortunate to work in an industry that makes an enormous difference to the lives of billions of...

Growth is not dead

Nick Laird, 20 Sep 2012

We, and some of our customers, are experiencing growth, says HR and payroll firm Ceridian, co-sponsor...

Blogwatch: engagement

David Woods, 19 Sep 2012

Engagement is the crux of the employment contract isn’t it? It should be at the heart of the HR strategy,...

Less complex businesses are better places for everyone to work

Siân Harrington, 17 Sep 2012

Last September, we unveiled research by then Warwick Business School and now Henley professor Simon Collinson...

Without our people demonstrating Olympic values, businesses will die

Siân Harrington, 07 Aug 2012

In the Olympian spirit, there are five themes in this August issue that intertwine to demonstrate the...

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