Glassdoor announces best employer list

Hywel Roberts, 10 Dec 2014

Google has beaten John Lewis and Microsoft to land the title of best employer in the UK, as voted for...


Piccolo claims top IRP award

Arvind Hickman, 09 Dec 2014

The recruitment sector has helped more than 630,000 people find a permanent new job and 1.1 million into...


Green urges politicians to support skills agenda in election run-up

Arvind Hickman, 09 Dec 2014

Politicians need to fix the education system, cut down on needless regulation and stop threatening to...

Report urges employers to engage with education

Hywel Roberts, 09 Dec 2014

Businesses in the UK need to engage in a more meaningful way with the pathway between education and employment,...

HR at times 'too close to management', experts warn

Arvind Hickman, 09 Dec 2014

HR should not lose sight of its role to represent employees in spite of efforts to become more strategic...

Employers ‘can’t afford to ignore anybody’ when recruiting

Hywel Roberts, 09 Dec 2014

Businesses looking for talent can’t rule out candidates without qualifications, or experience not readily...

Senior executives find dealing with Millennials 'stressful'

Hywel Roberts, 08 Dec 2014

A friction between working styles means senior executives find working with Millennials stressful, according...

UK employees not being trained for most desired skills

Hywel Roberts, 08 Dec 2014

Staff in the UK are not receiving training in the areas they feel are most valuable in the workplace,...

One in four regular food bank users in low-paid work

Hywel Roberts, 08 Dec 2014

Up to one-quarter of those who regularly rely on food banks are in work but on low wages, according to...

UK wages have had biggest fall in G20

Hywel Roberts, 05 Dec 2014

British employees have suffered the biggest real-term fall in wages of all workers within the G20, according...

Growth of permanent placements drops to 18-month low

Hywel Roberts, 05 Dec 2014

The number of permanent placements increased in November but at the slowest rate for 18 months, according...

Executive incentive structures 'crude and simplistic'

Hywel Roberts, 05 Dec 2014

Incentive structures to determine executives' bonus pay are unsophisticated in their approach, according...

Listening to staff drives winning HR strategy

Hywel Roberts, 05 Dec 2014

Treating employees as individuals and taking action on their feedback is key to law firm Mills & Reeve's...

Employers can no longer rely on education to provide skills

Hywel Roberts, 04 Dec 2014

Employers are having to accept that they can't rely on educational institutions to provide them with...

Employment groups welcome tax relief on apprenticeships

Hywel Roberts, 04 Dec 2014

Employers and employment groups have welcomed the government’s announcement that all national insurance...

‘Jobs tax’ abolished for employers taking on young apprentices

Hywel Roberts, 03 Dec 2014

Employers will no longer have to make national insurance (NI) contributions when taking on apprentices...

UK employees still see remote workers as less productive

Hywel Roberts, 03 Dec 2014

Workers in the UK still believe colleagues who work remotely are less productive than those who work...

Wellness rises up corporate agenda

HR Editorial, 03 Dec 2014

Health and wellbeing is rising up the business agenda, with companies thinking about it more strategically,...

Unify appoints Olaf Horsthemke as executive VP and CHRO

Hywel Roberts, 03 Dec 2014

Communications software and services firm Unify has announced the appointment of Olaf Horsthemke to the...

Rejection can motivate employees' ideas

Hywel Roberts, 02 Dec 2014

Employees who have proposals rejected are more likely to come back and submit more ideas, according to...

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