Liberal Democrats pledge to extend shared parental leave and free childcare

Katie Jacobs, 16 Apr 2015

The Liberal Democrats have pledged in their manifesto to extend shared parental leave and free childcare...


Labour: We would let grandparents share parental leave

Katie Jacobs, 16 Apr 2015

The Labour Party would consult on allowing grandparents to share in parents’ unpaid parental leave...


Celebrate your rising stars

HR Editorial, 15 Apr 2015

Want to celebrate your young HR talent? Then nominate them for an HR Excellence Award.

US tops UK relocation list

Jenny Roper, 15 Apr 2015

The US has remained the number one destination for relocations from the UK, as well as the predominant...

HR should focus more on "life stages", says EHRC deputy chair

Jenny Roper, 15 Apr 2015

HR professionals must focus much more on “life stages”, as well as characteristics such as age and...

Conservatives pledge to 'reward hard work' and protect business

Jenny Roper, 15 Apr 2015

The Conservative party has pledged in its manifesto to improve the lives of British workers while protecting...

CIPD report finds L&D delivery gap

Jenny Roper, 14 Apr 2015

A significant gap exists between the skills and capabilities L&D practitioners know they need and what...

Labour manifesto pledges improved workers’ rights

Jenny Roper, 14 Apr 2015

The Labour party has pledged improved workers’ rights in its election manifesto, now officially launched....

Consumers more likely to use Living Wage employers

Katie Jacobs, 14 Apr 2015

More than half (58%) of people say they are more likely to use the goods and services of a company if...

Automation must not lead to ‘facelessness’, says University of Bradford head of operational HR

Jenny Roper, 13 Apr 2015

A human touch must be retained when automating transactional HR processes, University of Bradford head...

Online learning out of favour for L&D

Rebecca Gowler, 13 Apr 2015

E-learning is unpopular among executives, while classroom-based and one-to-one methods are enjoying a...

Supporting parents to return to work ‘critical’ HR role, says Bank of America Merrill Lynch D&I lead

Katie Jacobs, 13 Apr 2015

HR directors have a “critical” role to play in helping parents return to the workplace after time...

Landmark whistleblowing verdict delivered

Jenny Roper, 13 Apr 2015

The first decision on what constitutes public interest in whistleblowing cases has been delivered by...

Conservatives pledge mandatory employee volunteering

Jenny Roper, 10 Apr 2015

A Conservative government would offer up to 15 million workers three days' paid leave a year for volunteering,...

Four in five ambulance workers consider leaving due to stress

Jenny Roper, 10 Apr 2015

Four in five (82%) ambulance workers have considered leaving their jobs as a result of workplace stress,...

SSE publishes report quantifying the value of its human capital

Katie Jacobs, 10 Apr 2015

Energy company SSE has published a report that attempts to quantify the value of its human capital.

Labour pledges compulsory careers advice and work experience

Katie Jacobs, 10 Apr 2015

A Labour government would guarantee face-to-face, individual career advice for young people and make...

Women at risk when travelling

Rebecca Gowler, 10 Apr 2015

Research has found that very few companies provide adequate travel safety training for female staff....

Half of UK employers are prejudiced against the obese

Katie Jacobs, 09 Apr 2015

Nearly half (45%) of British employers admit they are less inclined to recruit an applicant if he or...

Young professionals lack career prospect confidence

Rebecca Gowler, 09 Apr 2015

One in five (20%) UK 18- to 24-year-olds are not confident about their career prospects for 2015, according...

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