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Clear communication strategy key to tech implementations

Becky Frith, 11 Aug 2015

A clear communication strategy can ease the introduction of new technology, according to David Goren,...


Public sector workers struggling to switch off

Jenny Roper, 29 Jul 2015

A third (33%) of workers feel they work longer hours than five years ago thanks to mobile phones and...


UK workers unsure on wearable technology

Becky Frith, 16 Jul 2015

UK workers are the most hesitant to use wearable technology of all European employees, according to a...

Virtual conflicts hampering international teams

Becky Frith, 10 Jul 2015

Fewer than one in 10 (9%) employees think they can communicate completely effectively with business associates...

Investment in HR technology continues to grow

Katie Jacobs, 23 Jun 2015

Global investment in HR technology and software is continuing to grow, with 88% of EMEA businesses planning...

IT skills gap holding back UK businesses

Katie Jacobs, 12 May 2015

Almost half (45%) of UK businesses are experiencing an “extensive” shortage of IT talent, which is...

HR must be aware of the ‘dark side’ of IT, says academic

Katie Jacobs, 01 May 2015

HR must be aware of the “dark side” of technology and work with business and IT leaders to address...

Gratton: Technology has seriously disrupted talent management

Jenny Roper, 29 Apr 2015

Technology has created serious “tension points” in talent management, professor of management practice...

Organisations facing leadership ‘capability gap’

Katie Jacobs, 29 Apr 2015

Organisations are facing a leadership “capability gap” and cite leadership as one of their biggest...

Automation must not lead to ‘facelessness’, says University of Bradford head of operational HR

Jenny Roper, 13 Apr 2015

A human touch must be retained when automating transactional HR processes, University of Bradford head...

Companies missing out on gamification benefits

Rebecca Gowler, 27 Mar 2015

Four in 10 HR directors report their organisation is ‘not at all interested’ in exploring the potential...

Employees lack the technology to do their jobs

Rebecca Gowler, 12 Mar 2015

More than half (55%) of employees believe they do not have access to the technology needed to do their...

VSO uses technology to aid global collaboration

Rebecca Gowler, 09 Mar 2015

Charity VSO uses technology to enable collaboration and learning between employees spread all over the...

Webb: Business must tackle threat of ‘digital exclusion’

Katie Jacobs, 05 Mar 2015

Businesses and government must be careful not to exclude older or less technologically-savvy workers,...

Data collection may cause legal ‘hurdles’ for HR, warns law firm

Rebecca Gowler, 20 Feb 2015

Updated EU data protection regulation may cause trouble for businesses collecting and mining employee...

Work and personal lives colliding, finds research

Rebecca Gowler, 18 Feb 2015

British adults’ work and personal lives are increasingly colliding, according to research on technology...

Put people before technology, says Source UK Services HR director

Rebecca Gowler, 29 Jan 2015

HR and L&D professionals must put people first when integrating new technologies, according to Source...

2015: the year the digital divide will reach tipping point in the workplace

Siân Harrington, 24 Dec 2014

Digital cracks will appear in the workplace in 2015 as organisations grapple with the need to embed new...

HR Most Influential Thinker to discuss developing leaders for future change

HR Editorial, 12 Nov 2014

Veronica Hope-Hailey, dean of Bath University School of Management, will discuss how leadership is evolving...

HR should focus on 'business fit, not best in class', says Panasonic HRD

Hywel Roberts, 10 Sep 2014

HR teams can be too focused on achieving "best in class" status across all areas and lose focus on the...

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