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London has highest number of skilled workers in Europe

Hywel Roberts, 07 Apr 2014

London is the undisputed business capital of Europe, according to research carried out by Deloitte.


Two thirds of directors dissatisfied with quality of data

Hywel Roberts, 07 Apr 2014

Two in three directors are unhappy with responses to requests for workplace data, according to a recent...


Future employees could be 'entrepreneurial, but lack communication skills'

Hywel Roberts, 07 Apr 2014

Research comparing school children to current employees shows that the workforce of tomorrow is likely...

Lack of networking culture a 'missed opportunity'

Hywel Roberts, 02 Apr 2014

Only half of business professionals in the UK see networking as a professional skill, research released...

Business leaders launch mental health campaign

Hywel Roberts, 01 Apr 2014

Half a working day per UK worker is lost each year to mental illness, a new report released today reveals....

Females lack role models in science, according to YouGov poll

Hywel Roberts, 31 Mar 2014

Most adults in the UK are unable to name one living female role model in science or other STEM subjects,...

Companies not providing adequate support for internal hires

Hywel Roberts, 26 Mar 2014

Managers are not offering enough support to new executives hired internally, assuming they require less...

One in five FTSE 100 board members are women

Katie Jacobs, 26 Mar 2014

Women now account for 20.7% of FTSE 100 executive board members, an increase from 12.5% in 2011, a Cranfield...

Contractor salaries in South East reach three times national average

Hywel Roberts, 24 Mar 2014

Pay for contractors in the South East and other big financial centres of the UK is significantly higher...

New study busts myths about women in business

Hywel Roberts, 19 Mar 2014

Women are just as aspirational as men and are being held back by entrenched gender roles, a new report...

Young, 'hidden' talent could help plug skills gap, says O2 HRD

Hywel Roberts, 19 Mar 2014

A report from the Local Government Association (LGA) suggests that almost a third of workers could be...

'World moving from economic capitalism to people capitalism,' says Valuing Your Talent lead

Hywel Roberts, 13 Mar 2014

Stakeholders of the future will not judge companies solely by their profits but by the value of their...

Male and female managers discriminate against female STEM candidates

Hywel Roberts, 13 Mar 2014

Hiring managers of both sexes are more likely to pick male candidates over better qualified female counterparts...

Employers want minimum wage to keep 'real value'

Hywel Roberts, 12 Mar 2014

Keeping the national minimum wage (NMW) in line with inflation is one of the main concerns for employers,...

More HRDs commuting from regions to London offices

Hywel Roberts, 12 Mar 2014

London is still a magnet for top HR talent, with HR directors and senior professionals often commuting...

Gap between public and private sector pay narrows, says ONS report

Hywel Roberts, 10 Mar 2014

The average pay for public sector workers in the UK is still higher than those in comparative roles in...

Candidate availability falls at sharpest rate in 10 years

Hywel Roberts, 10 Mar 2014

A report on the UK labour market has shown the pool of candidates for employers to choose from is in...

Young women face more gender barriers at work than older colleagues

Hywel Roberts, 10 Mar 2014

Almost half of female workers between the ages of 18 and 34 report facing gender barriers in their careers,...

Top business role models dominated by ageing men, CMI study shows

Hywel Roberts, 07 Mar 2014

A 'role model revolution' is needed to bring more women into executive positions, according to the chief...

Almost half of construction workers looking to move jobs in 2014

Hywel Roberts, 04 Mar 2014

Research by suggests that 47% or workers in the construction, engineering and built...

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