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Unemployment, underemployment named key global risks

Gabriella Jozwiak, 17 Jan 2014

Unemployment and underemployment is the second most concerning global risk in 2014, according to the...


Women in 40s 'most fulfilled' workers, study finds

Gabriella Jozwiak, 16 Jan 2014

Well-educated women in their 40s are the most fulfilled workers in the UK, a survey of more than 2,000...


Trust deficit threatening economic recovery, CIPD report warns

Tom Newcombe, 02 Jan 2014

A lack of trust in UK employers poses a potential threat to an economic recovery, according to a report...

Switzerland, Singapore and Denmark lead global talent race, INSEAD study finds

Katie Jacobs, 26 Nov 2013

Switzerland, Singapore and Denmark are leading the global talent race, according to a study published...

Relationship between line managers and HR under increasing strain, Hay Group finds

Laurence Doe, 21 Nov 2013

More than two-thirds (68%) of HR directors spend a third of their time dealing with day-to-day enquiries...

Businesses back major survey into barriers facing women

Laurence Doe, 19 Nov 2013

Opportunity Now has launched a project that aims to find out why women are not being promoted at the...

London named talent capital of the world

Tom Newcombe, 11 Nov 2013

London is the best city in the world for employment in high-skilled, knowledge-based jobs, research published...

Companies must understand cultural differences in international expansion, or risk prosecution

Tom Newcombe, 06 Nov 2013

Companies that expand overseas are laying themselves open to commercial and reputational risks if they...

Skilled migrants boost UK productivity, says study

Tom Newcombe, 05 Nov 2013

Hiring skilled migrants has boosted UK productivity and helped employers fill specialist roles, according...

Employers change working patterns as absence levels rise, CIPD study finds

Tom Newcombe, 14 Oct 2013

Absence rates in the private and public sector have increased over the past year, according to a survey...

Automatic bonuses now the norm for UK businesses

Tom Newcombe, 04 Oct 2013

Research shows the culture of paying annual bonuses as a matter of course has become ingrained in UK...

Job rewards are top engagement driver for US employees, Ceridian study finds

Tom Newcombe, 25 Sep 2013

US employers risk high levels of disengagement and staff turnover if job rewards are not addressed, research...

Is the traditional employee survey dead?

HR Editorial, 23 Sep 2013

Preliminary findings from an innovative study provide insight into how the future of employee research...

What is the future of employee research?

HR Editorial, 13 Sep 2013

Do you think traditional employee survey is dead? Take part in an exciting research project and tell...

Employers failing to use experience and skills of older workers

Tom Newcombe, 11 Sep 2013

Employers are struggling to use older workers to their full potential, according to research from professional...

Research project: Is the employee survey dead?

HR Editorial, 28 Aug 2013

What is the future of employee research? Do you think the employee survey is dead?

UK facing decade of economic stagnation, warns TUC

Tom Newcombe, 28 Aug 2013

Wages and household incomes must start rising soon or the economy risks creating a personal debt bubble...

Steve Webb: Older workers key to plugging skills gap

Tom Newcombe, 28 Aug 2013

Employers must do more to hire and retain older workers, according to pensions minister Steve Webb (pictured)....

Death of the 'job for life' greatly exaggerated, says CIPD

Tom Newcombe, 27 Aug 2013

The report of the death of a 'job for life' would seem to be premature, according to CIPD analysis published...

Organisations to change HR structure in 2013-14, says research

Katie Jacobs, 22 Aug 2013

More than one in three (36%) companies plan to make a change to their HR structure before the end of...

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