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Exclusive: UK has some of the worst employee wellbeing scores in the world

Tom Newcombe, 12 Feb 2013

The UK was among the 10 worst performing countries for employee wellbeing last year, according to the...


Rising job levels since recession driven by surge in self-employment, says TUC

Tom Newcombe, 23 Jan 2013

The rising number of people in work since the recession has been driven by a surge in self-employment,...


Employees care passionately about business success but lack the support to achieve it, Mindjet survey reveals

Tom Newcombe, 21 Jan 2013

Half of British workers care passionately about helping their employer to be successful and they take...

Government unveils scheme to tackle long-term sickness absence at work

Tom Newcombe, 18 Jan 2013

Employers will be helped to tackle long-term sickness absence in the workplace, after an independent...

HR directors fear losing top performers in 2013, reveals Robert Half study

Tom Newcombe, 04 Jan 2013

UK HR directors are concerned about losing staff in 2013, admitting they believe one in five (22%) of...

Most managers plan to stay put in their jobs in 2013, reveals ILM study

Tom Newcombe, 02 Jan 2013

Nearly three fifths (57%) of managers intend to stay with their company and just 13% plan to look for...

Employers anticipate continued recruitment growth for 2013, says REC survey

Tom Newcombe, 20 Dec 2012

Employers are feeling optimistic about their hiring process next year, according to the Recruitment and...

Culture shock in the workplace – research into generation Y

Carina Paine, 20 Dec 2012

Research from Ashridge Business School reveals an alarming mismatch between what managers and generation...

Rise of the older worker helps record employment figures

Tom Newcombe, 13 Dec 2012

As reported yesterday, there are now more people working in the UK than ever before, according to figures...

Record number of people in work, job figures reveal

Tom Newcombe, 12 Dec 2012

A record number of people are now in work after the biggest fall in unemployment for over a decade, according...

Biggest pay rises reserved for experienced professionals, says Towers Watson

Tom Newcombe, 04 Dec 2012

Average pay for many UK employees in clerical and entry-level professional roles stagnated in 2012 as...

'Relaxed working conditions' and 'less office politics': the reasons why women prefer a male boss, says study

Tom Newcombe, 29 Nov 2012

One in three females prefer a male boss, according to a report published today by

UK wages may be down, but life satisfaction is up, says ONS

Tom Newcombe, 21 Nov 2012

Simply being employed – rather than the size of the salary – has the largest impact on people's wellbeing,...

More than five hours of unpaid work completed weekly by British tradespeople, says study

Tom Newcombe, 20 Nov 2012

British tradespeople are working extra unpaid hours each week, which equates to around £4.8 billion...

Companies struggling to develop global leaders, says Ernst and Young

Tom Newcombe, 12 Nov 2012

There is a lack of investment among global companies to invest in talent management and only half of...

Fancy a cuppa? HR the biggest tea drinkers in the company

Katie Jacobs, 26 Oct 2012

The HR department downs more cups of tea a day than any other department in a typical British SME, according...

'Brain-fried' employers have a destructive approach to leadership, says neuroscience consultancy

Tom Newcombe, 16 Oct 2012

A poll of 2,000 UK workers revealed a damning employee assessment of today's business leaders and their...

In bed, in the kitchen, in the bathroom (but not for showering): exactly where people work from home

Katie Jacobs, 12 Oct 2012

When working from home, UK workers often choose to work in the garden (14%), in bed (13%), while cooking...

Trust the boss to deliver engagement

Tom Newcombe, 08 Oct 2012

Highly engaged staff must trust senior executives more than their line manager but more employees overall...

A third of top executives think of quitting in their first 90 days

Tom Newcombe, 05 Oct 2012

Senior executives are being poorly recruited and entered into UK organisations, often as a result of...

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