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Half of HR professionals see engagement as top priority

Hywel Roberts, 09 Jul 2014

More than half (56%) of HR professionals see engagement as the most important issue for their department,...


Employees in small enterprises less likely to face discrimination

Hywel Roberts, 08 Jul 2014

Staff at businesses with fewer than 50 people are up to 10 times less likely to face discrimination than...


Starting salaries continue to rise, says REC/KPMG report

Hywel Roberts, 08 Jul 2014

Starting salaries for people entering both temporary and permanent employment have risen for the seventh...

Global skills shortage hits seven-year high

Hywel Roberts, 07 Jul 2014

More than one-third (36%) of employers worldwide are struggling to find candidates with suitable skills...

Only half of leadership moves come with pay rises

Hywel Roberts, 04 Jul 2014

Little more than half (54%) of job moves undertaken by senior leaders result in an employee earning a...

Gen Y had biggest fall in earnings during recession

Hywel Roberts, 03 Jul 2014

Employees under 30-years-old saw their average earnings fall by 12% between 2009 and 2013, making them...

Eight in 10 candidates recount poor recruitment experience

Hywel Roberts, 03 Jul 2014

Candidates who have a bad experience during the hiring process go on to tell others, such as friends...

Half of HR managers plan to recruit in 2014

Hywel Roberts, 30 Jun 2014

Nearly half (48%) of HR hiring managers are looking to add to their team by the end of 2014, according...

Graduates over-optimistic about career prospects

Hywel Roberts, 26 Jun 2014

Eight out of 10 graduates expect to find graduate-level roles within 6 months of leaving university but...

'More to be done' on gender balance in oil and gas sector

Hywel Roberts, 24 Jun 2014

Three-quarters of women working in the oil and gas sector say they feel welcome in the industry. Despite...

Resurgent technology sector looks beyond pay

Hywel Roberts, 23 Jun 2014

Technology companies are increasingly looking beyond basic pay to attract and retain staff as the sector...

Eight in ten employers intend to increase staff numbers

Hywel Roberts, 18 Jun 2014

More than three-quarters (81%) of employers plan to increase permanent hiring within the next four to...

Employers face shortages as candidate numbers fall

Hywel Roberts, 06 Jun 2014

The number of candidates available to employers has fallen every month in 2014, according to the latest...

More women than ever in employment, says report

Hywel Roberts, 04 Jun 2014

The number of women in employment in the UK is higher than ever, with 14.1 million female employees working...

Government should only deal with diverse employers, says BITC's Sandra Kerr

Hywel Roberts, 29 May 2014

The Government could use its spending power to encourage employers to take diversity seriously, according...

Gen Y attitude to work marks shift in values, says London Business School

Hywel Roberts, 28 May 2014

Ninety percent of Generation Y employees do not intend to stay with any given employer for more than...

Culture and talent loss big concerns during M&A

Hywel Roberts, 28 May 2014

HR executives fear losing top talent and culture clashes when dealing with large-scale mergers and acquisitions,...

Number of executives willing to work abroad doubles in four years

Hywel Roberts, 27 May 2014

The number of workers willing to relocate to a foreign country has more than doubled since 2010, according...

Communication vital in change management, study finds

Hywel Roberts, 23 May 2014

Nine in ten HR professionals rate clear communication as the most important factor when managing change,...

Women face 'career paradox' as gender barriers remain

Hywel Roberts, 22 May 2014

A study into support for women at work highlights almost half of women (44%) still face barriers at work,...

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