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MPs criticise DWP over disability support programme

Hywel Roberts, 19 Dec 2014

The government's flagship Access to Work (AtW) programme is failing to help enough disabled people into...


Beware of patchwork jobs recovery, says academic

Hywel Roberts, 18 Dec 2014

A polarisation of the jobs market, high youth unemployment and large regional variations mean the latest...


UK pay still among lowest in Europe

Hywel Roberts, 16 Dec 2014

British base-level professional pay is still among the lowest in Europe's top 15 economies, despite moving...

Employers urged to upskill employees for sustainability

Hywel Roberts, 11 Dec 2014

Business should be upskilling current employees to deal with "urgent" sustainability challenges, according...

UK to return to real wage growth in 2015

Hywel Roberts, 11 Dec 2014

British workers are set for a boost in 2015 as real wage growth returns for only the second year since...

CMI: Immigration focus misaligned with business leaders' priorities

Hywel Roberts, 10 Dec 2014

Political parties' preoccupation with immigration in the run-up to next year's election is at odds with...

UKCES unveils 'futureproof' jobs list

Hywel Roberts, 10 Dec 2014

The UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) has released a list of 40 jobs that offer the best...

UK wages have had biggest fall in G20

Hywel Roberts, 05 Dec 2014

British employees have suffered the biggest real-term fall in wages of all workers within the G20, according...

Growth of permanent placements drops to 18-month low

Hywel Roberts, 05 Dec 2014

The number of permanent placements increased in November but at the slowest rate for 18 months, according...

Family-owned businesses: Hiring from outside the fold

Hywel Roberts, 01 Dec 2014

Many businesses are still predominantly family-owned, but new blood is finding a way in.

'Enlightened' performance-related pay needed to increase productivity

Hywel Roberts, 28 Nov 2014

More 'enlightened' performance-related pay is one way to increase workplace productivity in the UK, according...

One-third of employees would move for better boss

Hywel Roberts, 26 Nov 2014

One-third of employees say they would switch jobs today if they knew they were going to work for a better...

Advertised vacancies outnumber jobseekers for first time since recession

Hywel Roberts, 25 Nov 2014

The number of advertised roles in the UK jumped above the number of active jobseekers in October for...

Progression paths key to solving skills crisis, says UKCES CEO

Hywel Roberts, 25 Nov 2014

Ensuring there are clear routes “from the shop floor to senior leadership” is an important way for...

Two-thirds of newly-employed paid below living wage

Hywel Roberts, 24 Nov 2014

Two-thirds of people who moved from unemployment to work over the past 12 months took jobs that pay below...

Report calls for greater transparency on pensions charges

Hywel Roberts, 24 Nov 2014

Pensions companies should declare the amount they intend to charge savers who make early withdrawals...

Plumbing qualifications more employable than law degrees, say parents

Hywel Roberts, 12 Nov 2014

More than half of parents (57%) rate young people with plumbing qualifications as "very employable",...

Women uncomfortable discussing maternity benefits

Hywel Roberts, 12 Nov 2014

Female employees are reluctant to discuss maternity benefits with their employers in case it implies...

‘Candidate confidence’ on the up as 61% of employees plan to move jobs

Katie Jacobs, 11 Nov 2014

‘Candidate confidence’ is increasing, with 61% of employees saying they plan to move jobs in the...

Businesses fail to track cost of overseas assignments

Hywel Roberts, 10 Nov 2014

British companies are increasing the number of employees they send to work overseas but are not able...

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