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Glassdoor trusted more than employers

Becky Frith, 03 Aug 2015

Online careers community Glassdoor is now a more trusted source of career information than employers...


Metrics enable better decisions around talent

Becky Frith, 27 Jul 2015

‘Time-to-hire’ is an almost universal key performance indicator (KPI), with 87% of businesses using...


Skills most important component of CV

Becky Frith, 21 Jul 2015

Skills, work experience and personal attributes on a CV are more important to managers than qualifications,...

Byron uses 'speed dating' to meet passive jobseekers

Becky Frith, 17 Jul 2015

High-end hamburger chain Byron has adopted a ‘speed dating’ approach to help it attract passive jobseekers....

Don't forget what it's like to be a candidate

Katie Jacobs, 13 Jul 2015

HR has forgotten what it’s like to be a candidate, former head of talent and resourcing at TalkTalk...

Consider all stakeholders in employer branding

Becky Frith, 10 Jul 2015

HR must consider a broad range of stakeholders when constructing an employer brand, according to a panel...

Graduates advised to shun London for the North

Becky Frith, 06 Jul 2015

Manchester is the best city for graduate opportunities, according to research from the Intergenerational...

Employers not recognising volunteering experience

Becky Frith, 03 Jul 2015

Employers are failing to recognise volunteering and social action experience during the recruitment process,...

Traditional hiring methods holding companies back from finding talent

Becky Frith, 02 Jul 2015

Traditional hiring methods could be holding companies back from finding top talent, according to a report...

Candidates choosing employer brand over salary, finds LinkedIn

Becky Frith, 26 Jun 2015

No amount of money could tempt half of UK workers (53%) to consider taking a role at a company with a...

Boris Johnson announces 100 hours of work experience for young Londoners

Becky Frith, 26 Jun 2015

Every young Londoner will have the opportunity to undertake 100 hours of work experience before the age...

Military service undervalued by employers

Becky Frith, 25 Jun 2015

Military service is not given the respect it deserves in civilian employment, according to a study by...

REC calls for more positive candidate experience

Becky Frith, 24 Jun 2015

The Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) is calling for employers to improve people's experiences...

CBI's Cridland: Employers need to raise wages

Becky Frith, 24 Jun 2015

CBI director-general John Cridland has called on businesses to raise wages in his keynote address at...

Immigration rules will cause ‘chaos’ in the NHS

Katie Jacobs, 22 Jun 2015

Changes to immigration rules will cause “chaos” in the NHS and cost the health service millions of...

UK hits skilled workers immigration cap

Jenny Roper, 15 Jun 2015

The government's immigration cap for non-EU skilled workers has been hit for the first time, provoking...

‘Elite’ firms excluding working class young people

Katie Jacobs, 15 Jun 2015

“Elite” law and accountancy firms are continuing to employ young people from more privileged backgrounds,...

Skills shortages changing CEO talent strategies

Katie Jacobs, 04 Jun 2015

Increasing concern over skills shortages are forcing CEOs to rethink their hiring and talent strategies,...

Recruitment firm accused of using ‘aggressive’ tax avoidance scheme

Katie Jacobs, 29 May 2015

Recruitment umbrella firm Anderson Group has been accused of using an “aggressive” and “abusive”...

Baker & McKenzie and Hogan Lovells launch 'contextual recruiting'

Jenny Roper, 21 May 2015

A first of its kind contextual recruitment tool has been launched to boost social mobility and ensure...

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