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Zero-hours contracts ‘here to stay’

Rebecca Gowler, 26 Feb 2015

Almost 700,000 people are on zero-hours contracts in the UK, according to figures from the Office for...


Employers using agency workers to ‘access strategic skills’

Rebecca Gowler, 25 Feb 2015

Three-quarters of employers (75%) take on agency workers to gain “short-term access to key strategic...


Unemployment falls but experts warn against ‘premature celebration’

Rebecca Gowler, 19 Feb 2015

Unemployment has fallen by 97,000 according to the latest ONS statistics, but experts have warned against...

Cameron: Young unemployed must do community work for benefits

Katie Jacobs, 17 Feb 2015

Young unemployed people would have to do community work in order to receive benefits under a Conservative...

Complexity deterring firms from engaging with youth employment policies

Katie Jacobs, 17 Feb 2015

High levels of complexity are putting large employers off engaging with youth employment policy initiatives,...

Work experience a 'postcode lottery' for young people

Jonathan Tilley, 12 Feb 2015

Employers in some areas of the country are much more likely to offer work experience than in others,...

It’s time to ‘revolutionise retirement’, says older workers champion

Katie Jacobs, 12 Feb 2015

Business and policy leaders need to “revolutionise retirement” in the UK to encourage older people...

More Millennials embracing freelancing

Rebecca Gowler, 11 Feb 2015

Younger employees, the so-called Millennials, are more likely to reject working for one organisation...

Over-50s dropping out of the labour market

Jonathan Tilley, 09 Feb 2015

People over 50 have a higher chance of remaining out of work after losing a job than younger people,...

One in three employees to change jobs if they don’t receive a pay rise

Rebecca Gowler, 06 Feb 2015

More than one in three (39%) UK employees will be looking for a new job if they don't receive a pay rise...

We have a duty to prepare the future workforce, says Sky HRD

Katie Jacobs, 04 Feb 2015

Large organisations have a duty to prepare and develop the workforce of the future, not just their own...

Business losing out by not enlisting skills of former politicians

Sian Harrington, 04 Feb 2015

Businesses and other organisations are missing out by failing to recognise the skills of former members...

Graduate vacancies predicted to rise, despite skills shortages

Rebecca Gowler, 27 Jan 2015

Employers predict an 11.9% rise in graduate vacancies in the coming year, according to the Association...

Talent shortages a 'major challenge' for UK companies

Rebecca Gowler, 26 Jan 2015

Over a third (34%) of UK companies will be affected by major talent shortages over the next year, while...

DHL turns to ex-military to plug driver skills gap

Rebecca Gowler, 22 Jan 2015

Logistics firm DHL is recruiting ex-military talent to plug the skills gap for drivers in the logistics...

Pret creates weekend jobs for UK teens

Katie Jacobs, 22 Jan 2015

International food-on-the-go retailer Pret a Manger is endeavouring to help British young people gain...

Skills biggest concern for UK CEOs

Becky Frith, 21 Jan 2015

More than four in five (84%) UK CEOs are concerned about the availability of key skills in the workforce,...

Switzerland, Singapore and Luxembourg lead in global talent competitiveness

Rebecca Gowler, 21 Jan 2015

Business school INSEAD has released its annual Global Talent Competitiveness Index, placing Switzerland...

60% of UK workers unhappy in their jobs

Rebecca Gowler, 20 Jan 2015

Six in 10 UK workers are not happy in their current jobs, according to research by Investors in People...

Millennials do not feel organisations are making ‘full use’ of their skills

Becky Frith, 16 Jan 2015

Almost four in five (79%) UK millennials do not feel that their current organisations are making “full...

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