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Robust social media policy essential to protect employers

Becky Frith, 20 Aug 2015

A robust social media policy is essential for protecting employers during disciplinary action, Tom Stenner-Evans,...


Employees not paid for jury service

Becky Frith, 23 Jul 2015

One in 20 (5%) employers don’t pay employees for attending jury service, according to research from...


"Good employment, not just full employment" urges TUC general secretary

Becky Frith, 21 Jul 2015

Government targets for full employment should also consider the quality of jobs, according to TUC general...

Recruitment firm accused of using ‘aggressive’ tax avoidance scheme

Katie Jacobs, 29 May 2015

Recruitment umbrella firm Anderson Group has been accused of using an “aggressive” and “abusive”...

Exclusivity ban fails to ‘adequately address’ zero-hours contracts, says Pickavance

Katie Jacobs, 27 May 2015

Measures to ban exclusivity clauses in zero-hours contracts fail to “adequately address” the controversial...

Zero-hours contracts exclusivity clauses ban comes into force

Katie Jacobs, 26 May 2015

Rules banning exclusivity clauses in zero-hours contracts come into force from today.

Government plans crackdown on illegal immigrant workers

Katie Jacobs, 21 May 2015

The Conservative government is planning to clamp down on illegal immigrant workers with measures including...

Regulation and policies not improving ethics in business

Katie Jacobs, 14 May 2015

Increased regulation and policies around fraud and corruption are not translating into more ethical behaviour,...

Business secretary confirms tougher strike laws

Katie Jacobs, 13 May 2015

Recently appointed business secretary Sajid Javid has confirmed the Conservative government will follow...

Conservatives on track to lead by majority

Jenny Roper, 08 May 2015

Post-election night forecasts show the Conservatives are headed for an overall majority.

Pensions compliance ‘crowding out’ other retirement objectives

Katie Jacobs, 08 May 2015

Organisations are neglecting more strategic retirement objectives as they struggle to keep pace with...

Election day: What it could mean for HR

HR Editorial, 07 May 2015

On the day of one of the most fiercely contested elections in a generation, HR magazine is on hand to...

Liberal Democrats pledge to extend shared parental leave and free childcare

Katie Jacobs, 16 Apr 2015

The Liberal Democrats have pledged in their manifesto to extend shared parental leave and free childcare...

Labour: We would let grandparents share parental leave

Katie Jacobs, 16 Apr 2015

The Labour Party would consult on allowing grandparents to share in parents’ unpaid parental leave...

Landmark whistleblowing verdict delivered

Jenny Roper, 13 Apr 2015

The first decision on what constitutes public interest in whistleblowing cases has been delivered by...

Half of UK employers are prejudiced against the obese

Katie Jacobs, 09 Apr 2015

Nearly half (45%) of British employers admit they are less inclined to recruit an applicant if he or...

Employment lawyers react to Labour's zero-hour proposals

Rebecca Gowler, 02 Apr 2015

The employment law community has reacted to Labour's recent proposal to ban zero-hour contracts for employees...

Agency workers afraid of asserting employment rights

Rebecca Gowler, 20 Mar 2015

Agency workers are unaware of and afraid of asserting their employment rights, a study from Acas has...

Tribunal claims down by 70% since introduction of fees, CIPD finds

Rebecca Gowler, 17 Mar 2015

There has been a 70% drop in tribunal claims brought by employees since the introduction of fees in 2013,...

Data collection may cause legal ‘hurdles’ for HR, warns law firm

Rebecca Gowler, 20 Feb 2015

Updated EU data protection regulation may cause trouble for businesses collecting and mining employee...

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