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Senior executives find dealing with Millennials 'stressful'

Hywel Roberts, 08 Dec 2014

A friction between working styles means senior executives find working with Millennials stressful, according...


Employers can no longer rely on education to provide skills

Hywel Roberts, 04 Dec 2014

Employers are having to accept that they can't rely on educational institutions to provide them with...


Employment groups welcome tax relief on apprenticeships

Hywel Roberts, 04 Dec 2014

Employers and employment groups have welcomed the government’s announcement that all national insurance...

Rejection can motivate employees' ideas

Hywel Roberts, 02 Dec 2014

Employees who have proposals rejected are more likely to come back and submit more ideas, according to...

Capgemini offers apprentices 'skills bootcamp'

Arvind Hickman, 28 Nov 2014

Capgemini is expanding its apprenticeships scheme as demand from within the business grows - but this...

Poor employability skills holding back entry-level jobseekers

Arvind Hickman, 27 Nov 2014

Employers are failing to fill entry-level positions despite a surplus of talent, according to research...

Apprenticeships contribute £34 billion to UK economy in 2014

Hywel Roberts, 26 Nov 2014

Higher wages, increased tax receipts and lower benefits costs are all factors in apprenticeships contributing...

Progression paths key to solving skills crisis, says UKCES CEO

Hywel Roberts, 25 Nov 2014

Ensuring there are clear routes “from the shop floor to senior leadership” is an important way for...

Aspiring HR professionals need 'solid business grounding', says BBC HRD

Hywel Roberts, 20 Nov 2014

Young people looking to enter the HR profession should first ensure they have a good understanding of...

HR directors' influence 'broader than their own organisation'

Hywel Roberts, 18 Nov 2014

The influence of HR directors goes beyond their own organisations and across whole areas of business,...

HR Most Influential Thinker to discuss developing leaders for future change

HR Editorial, 12 Nov 2014

Veronica Hope-Hailey, dean of Bath University School of Management, will discuss how leadership is evolving...

Plumbing qualifications more employable than law degrees, say parents

Hywel Roberts, 12 Nov 2014

More than half of parents (57%) rate young people with plumbing qualifications as "very employable",...

Lack of career advice breeds 'low aspirations'

Hywel Roberts, 11 Nov 2014

Only half of young people (aged between 14- and 24-years-old) receive any formal career advice, leading...

Businesses fail to track cost of overseas assignments

Hywel Roberts, 10 Nov 2014

British companies are increasing the number of employees they send to work overseas but are not able...

Automation threatens one-third of roles

Hywel Roberts, 10 Nov 2014

More than one-third (35%) of jobs in the UK are at "high risk" of being replaced by automation in the...

CIPD 2014: Roundup of the second day

HR Editorial, 07 Nov 2014

The whole HR magazine editorial team (editor Arvind Hickman, deputy editor Katie Jacobs and news reporter...

Whitepaper calls on HR professionals to embrace big data

Hywel Roberts, 05 Nov 2014

HR professionals risk falling behind the curve if they do not use big data effectively, according to...

L&D professionals low on confidence

Hywel Roberts, 05 Nov 2014

Those working in learning and development are not confident they can demonstrate their function’s value...

Making Waves list – The 12 HRDs on the way up

HR Editorial, 03 Nov 2014

HR magazine today unveils the names of the HR directors who are Making Waves in this year’s HR Most...

'Private school premium' for graduates worth up to £4,500

Hywel Roberts, 30 Oct 2014

Graduates who attended fee-paying schools earn up to £4,500 per year more than those who went to state...

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