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Too few companies open to creative L&D

Jenny Roper, 17 Apr 2015

Too few companies are open to offering creative learning and development experiences, AT Kearney’s...


CIPD report finds L&D delivery gap

Jenny Roper, 14 Apr 2015

A significant gap exists between the skills and capabilities L&D practitioners know they need and what...


Online learning out of favour for L&D

Rebecca Gowler, 13 Apr 2015

E-learning is unpopular among executives, while classroom-based and one-to-one methods are enjoying a...

UKCES launches fund to boost SME productivity

Katie Jacobs, 19 Mar 2015

The UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) is launching a fund to address the productivity gap...

How are you developing your leaders for future change?

HR Editorial, 18 Mar 2015

HR magazine, in partnership with Hay Group, wants to know how you are developing your leaders for future...

Organisations need ‘integrated programmes’ to retain older workers

Rebecca Gowler, 16 Mar 2015

Organisations need “integrated programmes” and formal policies to ensure they retain and make the...

Employers should have more influence over university programmes, say MPs

Rebecca Gowler, 13 Mar 2015

Four in 10 (40%) MPs believe employers should be given more influence over how universities are run and...

VSO uses technology to aid global collaboration

Rebecca Gowler, 09 Mar 2015

Charity VSO uses technology to enable collaboration and learning between employees spread all over the...

Coaching increasingly used to build female pipeline, says CRF

Rebecca Gowler, 05 Mar 2015

Coaching is being increasingly used to help organisations build their pipelines of female talent, according...

Miliband: Public sector must ‘step up’ around apprenticeships

Rebecca Gowler, 27 Feb 2015

The public sector must “step up” and provide more apprenticeships, Labour leader Ed Miliband has...

‘Sense of urgency’ around leadership development, says Harvard Business Publishing director

Katie Jacobs, 26 Feb 2015

There is a growing “sense of urgency” around developing people for leadership positions earlier than...

Career progression ‘barriers’ forcing women out of STEM

Rebecca Gowler, 24 Feb 2015

One in three (35%) women working in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) jobs have said...

Older workers locked out of development opportunities

Rebecca Gowler, 23 Feb 2015

Employees over 50 are less likely to be offered learning and development opportunities than their younger...

Two-thirds of over 50s would retrain to work longer

Rebecca Gowler, 09 Feb 2015

Over two-thirds (63%) of over-50s would consider retraining to stay in work longer, according to research...

Lack of development contributing to engineering skills shortage

Rebecca Gowler, 30 Jan 2015

Engineers in the UK are not being developed to their full potential, according to a study by Towers Watson...

‘Embedded learning’ increases employee engagement

Rebecca Gowler, 30 Jan 2015

L&D professionals should focus on ‘embedded learning’, focused on performance, to increase employee...

Put people before technology, says Source UK Services HR director

Rebecca Gowler, 29 Jan 2015

HR and L&D professionals must put people first when integrating new technologies, according to Source...

Millennials do not feel organisations are making ‘full use’ of their skills

Becky Frith, 16 Jan 2015

Almost four in five (79%) UK millennials do not feel that their current organisations are making “full...

Richard Branson: Mentoring should be embedded within UK business

Katie Jacobs, 16 Jan 2015

"The spirit of mentoring should be embedded within UK businesses,” Virgin Group founder Richard Branson...

HR's place at top table brings two-way benefits

Hywel Roberts, 12 Dec 2014

HR having a place at the "top table" of organisations brings benefits not only in being able to influence...

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