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HRD salaries matching those of FDs, says HR recruitment expert

Hywel Roberts, 25 Mar 2014

HR directors are reportedly earning equivalent salaries to their finance department counterparts.


Companies face 'nightmare' delivering pensions advice

Hywel Roberts, 25 Mar 2014

The chancellor's announcement that everyone with defined contribution (DC) pension schemes will receive...


Many employers not set up for age diverse workforces, says CIPD

Hywel Roberts, 24 Mar 2014

Workforces with up to four generations are an opportunity for innovation, but most companies are ill-prepared...

Employers failing to back paternity leave

Hywel Roberts, 24 Mar 2014

Male employees are being put off from taking advantage of shared parental leave schemes due to the attitudes...

Budget means £165 billion of pensions 'not fit for purpose'

Hywel Roberts, 21 Mar 2014

Changes to the pension rules, specifically removing the need for annuities, mean that people who have...

Budget: Big changes to rules on pensions

Hywel Roberts, 19 Mar 2014

Pensions saw the biggest changes in the 2014 budget. From now on people will not be forced to buy annuities...

Budget: Unemployment, benefits claimants down in past year

Hywel Roberts, 19 Mar 2014

UK unemployment has fallen by 191,000 in the past year, according to the latest ONS statistics.

Chancellor expected to raise personal tax allowance in budget

Hywel Roberts, 19 Mar 2014

George Osborne may be set to raise the amount employees can earn before paying income tax to more than...

Shared parental leave legislation may breed resentment

Hywel Roberts, 18 Mar 2014

A lack of clarity in the proposed shared parental leave laws could lead to disputes between employers...

Bring disability benefits assessment back in-house, says MP

Hywel Roberts, 18 Mar 2014

A parliamentary committee report today has stated the length of time it takes to assess disability benefits...

Contractors' tax rules a 'disincentive' to invest in training

Hywel Roberts, 17 Mar 2014

The Professional Representation Network (PRN), which provides services to contractors, is calling for...

NHS will be tested by 1% pay rise, says Dean Royles

Hywel Roberts, 14 Mar 2014

NHS chief executive Dean Royles says that a 1% public sector pay rise will affect staffing levels at...

Self-employment restrictions could cause 'significant' damage, says REC

Hywel Roberts, 13 Mar 2014

The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) has warned that changes to self-employment laws could...

Employers want minimum wage to keep 'real value'

Hywel Roberts, 12 Mar 2014

Keeping the national minimum wage (NMW) in line with inflation is one of the main concerns for employers,...

City bonuses rise for top performers

Hywel Roberts, 12 Mar 2014

Bankers' bonuses in London are rising but the pot is increasingly being shared between a smaller group...

Number of companies failing to comply with auto-enrolment could 'rise sharply'

Hywel Roberts, 11 Mar 2014

The proportion of employers failing to comply with auto-enrolment has been low, but this should not lead...

Smaller employers 'under pressure' as auto-enrolment staging looms

Hywel Roberts, 07 Mar 2014

Companies with impending staging dates for auto-enrolment may not have time to look through the options...

Economic recovery leads to higher attrition, study finds

Hywel Roberts, 25 Feb 2014

If the economy does recover, as predicted, HR departments could face a battle to keep hold of top performers...

Warning over calls to scrap workplace childcare vouchers

Gabriella Jozwiak, 21 Feb 2014

The Government must ensure working parents will be better off if it replaces childcare vouchers with...

Older workforces make commercial sense, says Nationwide HRD

Gabriella Jozwiak, 13 Feb 2014

Older workers bring commercial benefits to organisations because they are more reliable, have broad life...

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