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Gap between pay rises in retail and the general market shows no sign of closing

David Woods, 03 Nov 2010

Pay rises in the UK retail sector are failing to recover from recession levels and falling significantly...


Santander to offer range of benefits tailored to the needs of parents in its workforce

David Woods, 29 Oct 2010

Santander has launched a new range of benefits tailored to the needs of working parents across its 24,000...


Forum of Private Business warns pensions and retirement rule changes will act as discincentive to recruitment

David Woods, 29 Oct 2010

Recent changes to pensions and retirement rules will hamper job creation among smaller firms, according...

Buyout of bonus shares is rife in City firms competing to lure high-performers

29 Oct 2010

Banks and hedge funds are stepping up their bonus buyout offers as they try to prise key staff from their...

Employers are still dragging their feet on pensions auto-enrolment

David Woods, 29 Oct 2010

More than a third of UK employers have still not considered the impact of pensions auto-enrolment on...

Canada Life offers bereavement counselling and probate helpline to group life customers

David Woods, 29 Oct 2010

Canada Life has launched a bereavement counselling service and probate helpline to its group life customers....

Centralised benefit buying could increase employee take-home pay by 12%

David Woods, 27 Oct 2010

Employers could boost the effective take-home pay of their staff by up to 12% by restructuring reward...

New benefits system from Fair Care aims to give employers more control and flexibility

David Woods, 27 Oct 2010

Employee benefits provider Fair Care has launched a new system which, it believes, will simply flexible...

Auto-enrolment into occupational pensions to go ahead but with simpler rules than envisaged

David Woods, 27 Oct 2010

It's official: every employer will have to offer a company pension from 2012 following the latest Government...

New online system at First Direct gives staff the chance to check their own stress levels

David Woods, 27 Oct 2010

First Direct has launched a new system to allow employees to manage their own stress levels online.

The occupational system is broken and must be fixed

David Woods, 26 Oct 2010

The occupational pensions system is broken, says National Association of Pension Funds chief executive...

Any salary increases in 2011 are expected to be below the rate of inflation

David Woods, 26 Oct 2010

While salaries are set to increase in 2011, they will be below inflationary levels, new estimates suggest....

BP to link health and safety to reward following Macondo 'incident'

David Woods, 21 Oct 2010

BP is to create a new safety division and has put plans in place to link staff safety to reward.

EU proposes 20-week full maternity pay for new mothers

David Woods, 21 Oct 2010

THE EU parliament has voted in favour of a number of measures designed to strengthen maternity protection....

Comprehensive Spending Review: Auto enrolment and NEST given the official go-ahead

David Woods, 21 Oct 2010

Auto enrolment and NEST have been given the go-ahead in the Comprehensive Spending Review but this will...

HR staff think the grass is greener for employee benefits at their competitors

David Woods, 21 Oct 2010

Almost half of HR professionals working for large firms believe their competitors offer a superior benefits...

Comprehensive Spending Review: Child benefit cuts could act as work disincentives

David Woods, 21 Oct 2010

Working Families has condemned cuts in Comprehensive Spending Review which, it claims, act as work disincentives...

Comprehensive Spending Review: state pension age to rise to 66 by 2020

David Woods, 20 Oct 2010

The state pension age for both men and women is to rise to 66 by 2020, six years earlier than previously...

Who are the Top Employers for Working Families?

David Woods, 20 Oct 2010

Thirty UK organisations have today achieved a place on the Top Employers for Working Families A-Z list...

Flu costs the British economy 1.35 billion

David Woods, 19 Oct 2010

The flu will cost UK employers 7.6 million working days this year, according to experts.

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