Coaching increasingly used to build female pipeline, says CRF

Rebecca Gowler, 05 Mar 2015

Coaching is being increasingly used to help organisations build their pipelines of female talent, according...


CEOs think HR is ineffective at creating shared purpose

Rebecca Gowler, 05 Mar 2015

Only 19% of C-suite leaders believe their HR departments are effective in helping them create shared...


Webb: Business must tackle threat of ‘digital exclusion’

Katie Jacobs, 05 Mar 2015

Businesses and government must be careful not to exclude older or less technologically-savvy workers,...

Hot topic: longer paternity leave

Sarah Churchman, 05 Mar 2015

Labour leader Ed Miliband has pledged to double paid paternity leave and increase statutory paternity...

Sleep deprivation damaging business

Rebecca Gowler, 04 Mar 2015

UK workers are sleep deprived across the board, but senior leaders are more likely to play down its impact...

One in 10 are worried they can’t afford to retire

Rebecca Gowler, 04 Mar 2015

One in 10 people (13%) are worried they will never be able to afford to retire, according to research...

HR Excellence Awards deadline extended

HR Editorial, 04 Mar 2015

The deadline for entering this year’s HR Excellence Awards has been extended until 27 March, due to...

UK ranks 14th out of OECD countries for women in work

Rebecca Gowler, 03 Mar 2015

The UK has risen four places in the latest edition of PwC’s annual Women in Work Index - but still...

Graduates want training and development over salary

Rebecca Gowler, 03 Mar 2015

Graduates are looking for training and development opportunities rather than large salaries when searching...

Older workers key to staving off ‘workplace cliff’

Rebecca Gowler, 03 Mar 2015

Older workers are the key to stopping the UK falling off a “workplace cliff” – caused by a lack...

University of Sheffield focuses on holistic engagement strategy

Rebecca Gowler, 02 Mar 2015

A holistic staff engagement strategy has led to almost 100% pride scores for the University of Sheffield,...

Executive pay threatening trust in business

Rebecca Gowler, 02 Mar 2015

High levels of executive pay are the biggest threat to public trust in business, according to research...

One in four unhappy with work-life balance

Rebecca Gowler, 02 Mar 2015

A quarter of UK workers (25%) are unhappy with their work-life balance, according to research by Investec...

Line managers key to building workplace trust

Rebecca Gowler, 27 Feb 2015

Line managers have a critical role to play in building trust in the workplace, according to a report...

Employers concerned about pensions scams

Rebecca Gowler, 27 Feb 2015

Eight in 10 (84%) employers believe their staff may be at risk from pensions scams when April’s pensions...

Miliband: Public sector must ‘step up’ around apprenticeships

Rebecca Gowler, 27 Feb 2015

The public sector must “step up” and provide more apprenticeships, Labour leader Ed Miliband has...

Helena Morrissey: Quotas don’t change culture

Rebecca Gowler, 26 Feb 2015

Mandatory quotas for women on boards do not lead to long-term culture change, according to Newton Investment...

Zero-hours contracts ‘here to stay’

Rebecca Gowler, 26 Feb 2015

Almost 700,000 people are on zero-hours contracts in the UK, according to figures from the Office for...

‘Sense of urgency’ around leadership development, says Harvard Business Publishing director

Katie Jacobs, 26 Feb 2015

There is a growing “sense of urgency” around developing people for leadership positions earlier than...

UK workers ‘overly optimistic’ about personal health

Rebecca Gowler, 25 Feb 2015

UK workers are “overly optimistic” about their personal health, despite the fact that many are at...

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