Development should be embedded into SMEs says CIPD

Becky Frith, 31 Jul 2015

SMEs should focus on ensuring development is embedded within their organisations, according to a report...


Businesses becoming more people-focused

Becky Frith, 31 Jul 2015

Businesses are becoming more people-focused, according to research from the Property Directors Forum....


Centrica to axe 6,000 jobs

Becky Frith, 30 Jul 2015

Centrica, the company that owns British Gas, is to cut 6,000 jobs, with most redundancies occurring before...

Office redesign boosts staff performance

Becky Frith, 30 Jul 2015

A redesign of National Grid’s offices has boosted staff performance by 8%, the organisation has reported....

Five per cent of organisations considering ditching performance ratings

Becky Frith, 30 Jul 2015

One in 20 (5%) organisations are considering stopping performance ratings, according to research from...

Half of workers believe they have 'no chance' of career progression

Becky Frith, 30 Jul 2015

Almost half (48%) of British workers feel they have no chance of career progression in their current...

Public sector workers struggling to switch off

Jenny Roper, 29 Jul 2015

A third (33%) of workers feel they work longer hours than five years ago thanks to mobile phones and...

HR lacks confidence in M&A financials

Jenny Roper, 29 Jul 2015

HR professionals are unable to speak the same financial language as their company’s dealmakers during...

Promotion blockage threatens earning potential of young people

Becky Frith, 28 Jul 2015

A drop in the rate at which people move between jobs has created a promotion blockage that could affect...

Advertised salaries at 11-month low

Becky Frith, 28 Jul 2015

Advertised salaries have fallen to an 11-month low, according to research from job site Adzuna.

Metrics enable better decisions around talent

Becky Frith, 27 Jul 2015

‘Time-to-hire’ is an almost universal key performance indicator (KPI), with 87% of businesses using...

Companies not integrating marketing and sales teams

Becky Frith, 27 Jul 2015

Two-fifths (40%) of companies have not attempted to integrate their marketing and sales teams, according...

How staff reduction during the downturn is affecting L&D

Hannah Prevett, 24 Jul 2015

As a result of difficult economic climates, many organisations have resorted to radically changing their...

EHRC research reveals 'worrying' levels of pregnancy discrimination

Becky Frith, 24 Jul 2015

More than one in 10 (11%) female employees have been dismissed, compulsively made redundant where others...

Women should not feel guilty about having work/life balance

Becky Frith, 24 Jul 2015

Women in senior leadership roles shouldn’t feel guilty for striking a work/life balance, according...

HRDs must lead on creating start-up mentality

Jenny Roper, 24 Jul 2015

HRDs must take greater ownership of introducing an entrepreneurial culture, according to Sahar Hashemi,...

RBS CEO: Apprentices need right attitude more than skills

Becky Frith, 23 Jul 2015

Apprentices having the right attitude towards work is more important than skills, according to Royal...

Employees not paid for jury service

Becky Frith, 23 Jul 2015

One in 20 (5%) employers don’t pay employees for attending jury service, according to research from...

Dementia a key concern for businesses

Jenny Roper, 23 Jul 2015

Three-quarters (74%) of UK HR professionals agree with recent calls from the Alzheimer’s Society for...

Training prisoners in sustainability gives 'unique selling point'

Becky Frith, 22 Jul 2015

Training prisoners in sustainability will give them a “unique selling point” when searching for work...

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