Interview with Tim Martin, founder of pub chain Wetherspoon

Peter Crush, 25 May 2010

Clothes clearly aren't important to Tim Martin, founder of pub chain Wetherspoon. But how his staff look...


Interview with David Smith, HR director at LV=

David Woods, 25 May 2010

When David Smith joined LV= as HR director, he knew it would be a challenge. There was no HR to speak...


Interview with Pauline Howell, vice president talent and strategic staffing at Cobham

Sian Harrington, 26 Apr 2010

Perhaps because Cobham is a player in the publicity-shy world of defence or because it hasn't been very...

Interview with Sally Mitton, HR leader at PricewaterhouseCoopers

Peter Crush, 23 Mar 2010

It might be a surprise to learn that PricewaterhouseCoopers - a name synonymous with best HR practice...

General Election 2010: Interview with Theresa May, shadow work and pensions secretary

Sian Harrington, 23 Mar 2010

With family-friendly policies set to be at the heart of the Conservatives' election manifesto, shadow...

Interview with Liz Bell, HR director at B&Q

James Thornton, 23 Feb 2010

B&Q has been lauded for hiring older people. But now HRD Liz Bell is targeting the other end of the spectrum...

Interview with Jarvis Snook CEO of Rok

Adam Hill, 23 Feb 2010

Garvis Snook, CEO of building firm Rok, learned people management skills while blowing things up.

Interview with Jacq Lunardi,UK commercial business HR director at Kellogg's

Sian Harrington, 25 Jan 2010

Kellogg's might be at the top of its game and outperforming its rivals, but UK commercial business HRD...

Interview with Dame Kelly Holmes

Peter Crush, 21 Dec 2009

Peter Crush talks to Dame Kelly Holmes about her new charity, which aims to convince HR directors that...

View from the Top: Interview with James Timpson managing director of Timpsons

Glynn Davis, 21 Dec 2009

The CEO's view of HR has a huge impact on the role of the HRD. In the first of a new series James Timpson...

Interview with John Ainley, HR director of Aviva

Peter Crush, 21 Dec 2009

As HRD of Aviva, John Ainley's people strategies are driven by the rebranding of the insurance company...

Interview with Jackie Orme chief executive of the CIPD

Sian Harrington, 21 Dec 2009

Enough of the navel-gazing: if HR is to deliver to the business it should stop relying on one or two...

Interview with Ed Sweeny, CEO of Acas

Peter Crush, 20 Nov 2009

Acas is caught between the feuding Royal Mail and Communication Workers Union, but CEO Ed Sweeney is...

Interview with Charlie Johnston HR director at Cisco

Peter Crush, 20 Nov 2009

Cisco takes remote working to new levels - staff communicate more via webcams or Skype from home than...

Interview with Stephen Battalia HR director at Nestle

Peter Crush, 20 Nov 2009

HRD Stephen Battalia knew his job could be on the line if his leadership training project failed to produce...

Interview with Gary Tomlinson HR director at Kia

Peter Crush, 23 Oct 2009

Kia has been steadily growing a reputation for itself while other car marques are floundering. But HR...

Interview with Anne Pickering HR director at O2

Peter Crush, 24 Sep 2009

Telecoms giant O2 has a mission to turn customers into fans, says HRD Anne Pickering. That means connecting...

Shell UK combines HR and marketing to sell the brand

Peter Crush, 25 Aug 2009

Navjot Singh is a hybrid. He is an HR person but he is also a marketer. The two functions may use different...

Interview with Lynne Weedal, HR director at The Carphone Warehouse

Sian Harrington, 25 Aug 2009

With its recent mergers/demergers and acquisitions there is change on every front at The Carphone Warehouse...

My first job - Emma Weston is head of human resources at NetworkersMSB

David Woods, 25 Aug 2009

I began my career as an HR officer at Avance, a large bakery business in Maidstone, Kent.

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