Succession planning for the many, not the few

Helen Giles, 07 Oct 2014

Some years ago I visited my executive coach, a senior in the development team of a global pharmaceutical...


Tackling the UK's leadership lag

Chris Roebuck, 07 Oct 2014

A new world needs new thinking on leadership to deliver success, and gives HR an opportunity to prove...


Lucy Adams and the school of hard knocks

Peter Crush, 06 Oct 2014

In 2013, Lucy Adams became the face of the BBC payoff scandal. In an exclusive interview she explains...

How to ditch HR hierarchies

Heather Newton-Lewis, 06 Oct 2014

Traditional hierarchies still have a place in some sectors. Large, complex organisations rely on those...

Gender, lies and statistics – busting myths on gender diversity

Hywel Roberts, 03 Oct 2014

Equality in the workplace is still plagued by misconceptions. However, impressive progress has been made...

Internal communications: Think before you speak

Ellen Hall, 03 Oct 2014

A recent gaffe by a Sainsbury's employee meant an internal poster encouraging staff to upsell was seen...

Demonstrating the effectiveness of coaching

John Renz, 02 Oct 2014

Novae Group's HRD John Renz was confident executive coaching would be a valuable development tool for...

Taking care of the pennies at TSB

Arvind Hickman, 02 Oct 2014

TSB is banking's newest contender, but how is it differentiating itself in a competitive – and still...

Importance of EI varies by job type

Martyn Newman , 01 Oct 2014

Most HRDs agree that emotional intelligence (EI) has an impact on job performance but, until now, no...

A crash course in coding

Katie Jacobs, 01 Oct 2014

Can you really learn to code in a day? And at £750 a go, is it worth it? HR’s deputy editor Katie...

Learning to speak like a digital native

Katie Jacobs, 30 Sep 2014

We live in a digital economy, but do your leaders have the skills to make the most of it? Find out how...

Why shared parental leave could create more problems

Lucy McLynn, 30 Sep 2014

While it is progressive to give both parents the same rights to take time off, the never-closing gender...

Unlimited holidays: Can it work?

Kate Russell, 29 Sep 2014

This week, Richard Branson said that the 170 employees on his personal staff can take as much holiday...

The six types of CEO

Steve Tappin, 29 Sep 2014

Are you stuck with the wrong type of CEO? Or wary of having difficult conversations? CEO confidant Steve...

Behaviour, not technology, must be primary driver of change

Jackie Green, 26 Sep 2014

HR directors and their CEOs are increasingly coming to terms with the fact that as many as one in four...

The changing tools of leadership

Nick Martindale, 26 Sep 2014

Spending on corporate learning is soaring, and the number one area is management and leadership development....

The effect of virtual interactions on wellbeing

Jean-François Stich, 25 Sep 2014

Recently, tech giants Yahoo and Hewlett Packard took the radical decision of banning telework for most...

Bright sparks: Leadership innovation at General Electric

Katie Jacobs, 25 Sep 2014

Globalisation and changing worker demographics have had a big impact on leadership development strategy...

Exploring four alternative leadership models

Katie Jacobs, 24 Sep 2014

Leadership is changing, and OD with it. As a follow on from yesterday's piece on new leadership dynamics,...

Leaders: Are you prepared for what happens next in Scotland?

Daniel Lucy, 23 Sep 2014

After two years of emotional debate and campaigning, Scotland has elected to stay part of the United...

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