Time to get serious about staff loyalty

John Sylvester, 27 Aug 2013

Wages in the UK have seen one of the largest falls in the European Union during the economic downturn,...


TGI Friday's MD: my people management secrets

Peter Martin, 23 Aug 2013

When Karen Forrester joined TGI Friday’s, it was a brand in decline. So how did the winner of the Most...


The business case for green skills

Tim Balcon, 23 Aug 2013

Environment is now (rightly so) a strategic issue for all businesses, but that does not mean that it...

Building a truly inclusive organisation

Katie Jacobs, 22 Aug 2013

As evidence continues to support the idea that a diverse workforce leads to more profitable and innovative...

Mentoring can help inspire the 'lost' generation

Nicola Deas, 22 Aug 2013

Youth unemployment remains stubbornly high, with around 973,000 16-24 year olds currently not in education,...

Why talent comes first at Mitie

Katie Jacobs, 21 Aug 2013

Outsourced services group Mitie likes to do things differently – not many companies encourage their...

HR challenges of dealing with a five-generational workforce

Sarah Salter, 20 Aug 2013

The arrival of Generation Z (born 1996 onwards) into the workplace means employers for the first time...

Fleet management: should you outsource?

Rob Gray, 19 Aug 2013

Dedicated in-house fleet managers are apparently becoming an endangered species in the private sector...

Employers must recognise the 'valuable skills' young people offer, says O2 HR director

Ann Pickering, 19 Aug 2013

Last week, thousands of young people all over the country nervously opened the envelopes that, for many,...

HR leaders need to engage with big data before it engages them

Steve O'Neill, 15 Aug 2013

In the past HR directors’ concerns around data were mostly around the security of employee information....

In countries where our knowledge is weaker, we use acquisitions rather than grow bottom-up

David Butress, 15 Aug 2013

It’s been a whirlwind few months, with the odd sleepless night. Moving from UK MD to interim president...

CSR has to be about people affecting other people if you want it to drive employee engagement

Katy Clough, 14 Aug 2013

Even against the backdrop of digital tools, employee engagement is a commodity that is hard-won.

Secondments, sabbaticals and finding new routes to success

Michael Moran, 13 Aug 2013

I am someone who has taken nineteen months of gardening leave in the past seven years.

Is there a business case for flexible working?

Jenny Chanfreau, 09 Aug 2013

For employees the potential benefit of flexible working is obvious: a better work-life balance. But what’s...

HR: Tried and tested or something new?

Robert Bolton, 09 Aug 2013

Ask employees of any large organisation to outline the ‘corporate messages’ they are most used to...

When ASOS went shopping for an executive director it found its purchase didn't have the right fit

Romella Manning-Brown, 08 Aug 2013

Kate Bostock (pictured) joined ASOS in October 2012 as executive director of product and trading, having...

Isn't it time to move on from the debate about whether HR is strategic enough?

Arvind Hickman, 07 Aug 2013

If HR wants to be taken seriously at the top table, it needs to stop talking about being strategic and...

Culture: still banging your head against the same old wall?

Quentin Millington, 07 Aug 2013

A boy learning to ride a bicycle careens across the lawn and skids into a dry-stone wall. Tears flow...

High Court issues groundbreaking injunction over misuse of LinkedIn

Martin Pratt, 05 Aug 2013

Employers seeking recovery of business cards on their employee’s Rolodex brought court actions in the...

Employee engagement: time to try another tack?

Helen Giles, 02 Aug 2013

It’s now a few years since David McLeod and Nita Clarke’s ‘Engage for Success’ report came out,...

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