Who should be CEO of the UK?

Thomas Mason, 09 Apr 2015

The main party leaders all exhibit very different leadership traits. But how do they measure up for the...


Lessons from marketing: Talent as customers

Ian Lee-Emery, 09 Apr 2015

HR teams can improve talent management by borrowing five techniques from marketing.


Helen Giles: Where's the evidence for performance-related pay?

Helen Giles, 08 Apr 2015

Evidence-based HR seems to be flavour of the year for debate within our profession. This is great as...

Building talent communities

Danny Kalman, 07 Apr 2015

Talent management strategies have evolved a lot over time, with the focus switching from talent as an...

Hastings Direct HRD: Four things I've learnt about HR

Amanda Menahem, 07 Apr 2015

Amanda Menahem, HR director at Hastings Direct, shares the four most important things she's learned while...

On the clock: time and attendance tools

Edmund Tirbutt, 02 Apr 2015

As new ways of flexible working permeate our lives, time and attendance tools are becoming increasingly...

Shared parental leave – time to prepare for changes

Tom Neil, 02 Apr 2015

If one of your employees is expecting a baby, or adopting a child, on or after the 5 April 2015, he or...

Motherhood pay gaps highlight inequality

Damian Grimshaw, 01 Apr 2015

Motherhood pay gaps are a global issue. New research from the International Labour Office (an UN body)...

Your unexplored payroll data mine

Scott Beagrie, 01 Apr 2015

Did you know the value and insight to be gained from your wage lists?

Creating collaborative leaders

Katie Jacobs, 31 Mar 2015

Innovation relies heavily on collaboration, which in turn needs a leader who can guide and nurture talent,...

Understanding the workforce of the future

John Evans, 30 Mar 2015

We seem to be paranoid about how we attract, engage and retain the Millennials, Generation Z's and whatever...

Taking stock: HR at LSEG

Katie Jacobs, 30 Mar 2015

The London Stock Exchange has diversified greatly in recent years, but how has M&A activity affected...

Calm employees make business sense

Michael Acton Smith, 27 Mar 2015

In the past, stress in the workplace has either been ignored or no-one knew how to deal with it. Thankfully,...

HR needs to up its game

Jabbar Sardar, 27 Mar 2015

In 2011, Gartner predicted that by 2015 more than 70% of the biggest global companies would use gamification...

Pensions: the Australian experience

Katie Jacobs, 26 Mar 2015

Can too much freedom around pensions be a bad thing? That certainly appears to be the case in Australia,...

When will we talk about talent, rather than women, at the top?

Heather Jackson, 26 Mar 2015

Once again the issue of women in the boardroom hits the news, with the release of the updated 2015 Cranfield...

Pensions freedoms: what to do now

Katie Jacobs, 25 Mar 2015

On 6 April pensions freedoms come into force. NAPF head of policy and research Jackie Wells says employers...

Women on boards: progress so far

Susan Vinnicombe, 25 Mar 2015

Britain’s top boardrooms are on track to meet the women on boards target, but this is only the start...

Working with universities to fill skills shortages

Amanda Menahem, 24 Mar 2015

Much is written about the skills shortages in the UK and the need to bridge the link more effectively...

An employer perspective on pensions and savings

Katie Jacobs, 24 Mar 2015

Roger Fairhead, group head of compensation and benefits at SAB Miller, on how he views retirement and...

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