Connecting with Generation Y

Neal Bruce, 03 Jan 2014

By 2025, members of Generation Y (people born between the mid-eighties and mid-nineties) will make up...


Is there always something to moan about?

Helen Giles, 02 Jan 2014

When I train groups of non-HR managers and ask them to guess the average engagement index across the...


Building resilience among workers in the economic upturn

Peter Crush, 02 Jan 2014

Organisations are increasingly running workshops and training to build resilience among staff who have...

HR systems need to be more like 'Facebook'

David Woodward, 20 Dec 2013

HR systems were one of the first business applications to realise and offer self-service capabilities...

Do unions still work?

Tom Newcombe, 20 Dec 2013

Recent industrial disputes have propelled the trade union movement back into the media spotlight but...

Microsoft HRD: The world of work is changing

Theresa McHenry, 19 Dec 2013

In many ways it seems that we are all living the technology dream. The advent of the Internet and the...

How HR professionals can build a personal brand

Sona Sherratt, 19 Dec 2013

Personal branding is important for career management. In the competitive world of business having a personal...

Should HR have responsibility for supply chain workers' conditions?

Katie Jacobs, 18 Dec 2013

As supply chains get longer and more global, should the onus be on HR to ensure that human rights are...

2014: Why employers must be more sophisticated

Jonathan Richards, 17 Dec 2013

In 2014, the UK workforce will become active again. Many people, myself included, believe the recession...

Hiring and managing seasonal workers

Mary Clarke, 17 Dec 2013

Christmas is the key trading period of the year and to cope with the increased demand, many businesses,...

Innovation and acquisitions: Interview with TripAdvisor's HR chief

Katie Jacobs, 16 Dec 2013

TripAdvisor’s Julie Bradley had never run an HR department when she took on the HR director role with...

The Christmas nightmare: A manager’s guide

Jennifer Nicol, 13 Dec 2013

It’s just over two weeks before Christmas and Robin Goodluck (senior manager of a call centre for Express...

Temporary working arrangements: A more balanced view?

Vanessa Di Cuffa , 13 Dec 2013

In an ideal world, there would be permanent jobs for everyone and regular and generous pay rises.

Unpaid internships mean young people 'locked out' of careers

HR Editorial, 13 Dec 2013

After a study that showed four in 10 of interns are receiving less than the minimum wage, the Government...

McDonald's chief people officer: Valuing your Talent will want input from businesses of all sizes

David Fairhurst, 12 Dec 2013

Placing a value on an organisation is notoriously difficult. Royal Mail, for example, was established...

Should companies lead by example and ensure rights across the people chain?

Arvind Hickman, 12 Dec 2013

I rarely shop at Primark, but the past weekend was one of the few occasions I was willing to battle crowds...

The legal perils of age discrimination in the workplace

Ann Bevitt, 11 Dec 2013

It didn’t take long for the issue of age discrimination in the workplace to steal the media spotlight...

Osborne's welcome boost for employee owned business

Liz Hunter, 10 Dec 2013

In a bold endorsement of the motivating power of employee ownership, chancellor George Osborne last week...

Jo Swinson: Employing interns instead of workers on minimum wage is 'unacceptable'

HR Editorial, 10 Dec 2013

After a study that showed four in 10 of interns are receiving less than the minimum wage, the Government...

Overseas workers: When a visit goes wrong

Owen Jones, 09 Dec 2013

Britain is home to thousands of international businesses, so overseas employees will often visit the...

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