Kevin Green: Bruce Springsteen is an HR guru

Kevin Green, 28 May 2014

I have been a fan of 'The Boss' for more years than I care to remember, having first seen him and the...


Vicky Pryce: Ex-offenders deserve level playing field

Arvind Hickman, 23 May 2014

Economist Vicky Pryce speaks to Arvind Hickman about why jobseekers with criminal records deserve an...


Can HR add value to its data and analytics?

Katie Jacobs, 22 May 2014

When it comes to HR, is data and analytics just another passing fad? Although scepticism abounds around...

DMG Media head of talent: Choose 'mindsets' over 'values'

Catherine Rush, 22 May 2014

What makes a great place to work? Company values and mindsets form a large part of the culture and can...

Leadership: influencing what matters

Owain Smolović Jones, 20 May 2014

Leadership is usually thought about in the context of elected politics or big business and so the idea...

Why the Dorchester Collection protest is wrong

Arvind Hickman, 19 May 2014

The protest against the Dorchester Collection (DC) over its tenuous links to Brunei’s harsh Sharia...

The future of work: Living with unequal reward

David Fairs, 19 May 2014

Recent entrants to the workforce are increasingly asking if it’s really worth the effort to work harder,...

Lynda Gratton: Companies must interact with communities to build resilience

Lynda Gratton, 15 May 2014

In order to be resilient to change, companies must innovate and interact with their employees. They...

Work-life balance: HR concept or way of life?

Dean Royles, 15 May 2014

I’ve grown up with an important appreciation of work-life balance and flexible working.

Are banks leading remuneration decisions in bonus Britain?

Stefan Martin, 14 May 2014

The issue of bankers' bonuses continues to be a hot topic in the media. Stefan Martin argues banks are...

The rise of strengths-based recruitment

Rob Gray, 13 May 2014

From hospitals to banks, strengths-based recruitment is gaining kudos as the best way to identify those...

Robert Bolton: ‘Me too’ or ‘My HR’?

Robert Bolton, 13 May 2014

“People are our most important asset,” proclaim CEOs so often that this cliché has almost become...

Hearst Magazines HRD: The heart of a multi-brand publisher

Katie Jacobs, 12 May 2014

Fittingly for a multimedia publisher, Hearst Magazines’ HRD has adapted her department to play to the...

Golden parachutes and gagging: new ways of ending the employment relationship

Emma Sanderson, 12 May 2014

Attitudes to relationships have shifted over time and the concept of a lifelong marriage has been replaced...

Cracking the code: a gender intelligent approach to developing corporate leaders

Robert Bolton, 09 May 2014

Female executives in the UK’s top companies are two times less likely to be promoted than men.

SMEs baffled by transient rules

Hywel Roberts, 09 May 2014

Changes to employment law affect all companies but are a particular headache for smaller businesses without...

Alison Wride: diverse staff are needed to reflect today's societies

Alison Wride, 08 May 2014

Professor of economics Alison Wride argues that more large companies are looking for a diverse workforce....

Valuing your talent: the story so far

Arvind Hickman, 07 May 2014

Business leaders love spouting the old cliché ‘our people are our greatest asset’. Although it may...

Innovation: the five main approaches

Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, 06 May 2014

Nesta's latest research shows there are five main categories to describe approaches to innovation. Futurists,...

Stephen Bevan: financial rewards don't motivate workers

Stephen Bevan , 06 May 2014

As top pay comes under scrutiny in annual meetings, it becomes clear that financial incentives aren't...

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