The hospitality industry has much to offer young people

Philip Addison , 10 Nov 2014

Young people today have more choice than ever when it comes to choosing a professional career path. For...


How to host the perfect Christmas party

Georgina Fuller, 07 Nov 2014

Planning a successful Christmas party for employees can be difficult, and providing something a diverse...


Rewarding employees at Christmas

Georgina Fuller, 06 Nov 2014

In HR it’s part of the job to know whether employees have been naughty or nice. HR magazine has scoured...

The advantages of workforce management

Marcello Sambartolo, 05 Nov 2014

It’s no secret: employees are expensive. The Human Capital Management Institute calculated the sum...

Top five myths about flexible working

Karen Mattison, 04 Nov 2014

The impact of UK SMEs on the job market recovery has been anything but small. A recent study by the Institute...

The perils and pitfalls of the Christmas bonus

Georgina Fuller, 04 Nov 2014

Christmas bonuses are a good idea but bad procedures could leave your company's reputation in tatters,...

Government action on workplace health long overdue

Stephen Bevan , 03 Nov 2014

Despite recent good news about the UK jobs market, we still face a struggle to raise levels of productivity...

Financial education: whose job Is it?

Kate Russell, 31 Oct 2014

HR websites and magazines have been flooded with articles about UK employers not providing any financial...

Re-imagining modern leadership

Khurshed Dehnugara, 31 Oct 2014

To make an omelette you need to crack a few eggs. To re-imagine leadership for a modern age we may need...

Three CEO on developing bold leaders

Dave Dyson, 30 Oct 2014

In order to change the industry, leaders at mobile network Three needed to be developed in a different...

'Smart drugs' in the workplace

Karen Dale, 30 Oct 2014

Performance-enhancing drugs may be banned in many competitive sports - but not in our increasingly competitive...

Cary Cooper: There are two sides to flexibility

Cary Cooper, 29 Oct 2014

New underemployment figures hint at the polarising effects of flexibility without balance.

What kind of leader are you?

Andre Spicer, 29 Oct 2014

Many executives develop an approach to leadership early on in life. It helps them to succeed for many...

Retention and engagement across generations

Margaret Kett, 28 Oct 2014

Employee retention and engagement remain top of the human capital issues. We are shifting towards a critical...

How HR can use CSR to connect with young people

Jabbar Sardar, 28 Oct 2014

There is a mismatch between the perceptions of employers and young people about work. HR must step in...

How to support men with cancer in the workplace

Joy Reymond, 27 Oct 2014

Work can be important to many people with cancer because it provides a sense of normality, purpose and...

Where next for HR technology?

Hannah Prevett, 27 Oct 2014

HR technologies are moving at a rate of knots. Mobile, video, big data and social media are currently...

The future of HR technology

Hannah Prevett, 23 Oct 2014

Technology is constantly changing, so how can HRDs stay ahead of the curve? Find out how to future-proof...

Mentoring: when is it time for the mentee to move on?

David Clutterbuck, 23 Oct 2014

Mentoring is all about transitions – foreseeing them, preparing for them, managing them and moving...

Cary Cooper: HR must stay focused on NHS wellbeing

Cary Cooper, 22 Oct 2014

Let’s dispel a myth about the recent NHS strikes; the willingness to protest doesn’t contradict the...

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