How holidays impact on engagement and wellbeing

Ben Hubbard, 01 Dec 2014

Despite today’s global business landscape, some nations still have it far better than others when it...


Staff reward and incentive trends for 2015

Bill Alexander, 28 Nov 2014

With the recent news about the UK unemployment rate falling below 2 million for the first time since...


Managing multi-cultural teams

Erin Meyer, 27 Nov 2014

Comparing different cultures on scales of management behaviour can highlight potential culture clashes...

The evolution of HR part three: Today and the future

Linda Ashdown, 27 Nov 2014

As the world of work has changed, the role of human resources has evolved significantly. It is important...

The evolution of HR: 1984 to 2014 and beyond, part two

Linda Ashdown, 26 Nov 2014

As the world of work has changed, the role of human resources has evolved significantly. It is important...

The resurgence of interim use in the public sector

Rob Gray, 26 Nov 2014

In austerity Britain budgets and headcounts are strictly controlled. As a result of staff cuts in the...

Are annual appraisals losing impact?

Lucie Mitchell, 25 Nov 2014

The view that performance management is broken is gathering pace, but forward-thinking companies are...

The evolution of HR: 1984 to 2014 and beyond

Linda Ashdown, 25 Nov 2014

Back in 1984, the working landscape was very different to the one we find ourselves in today.

Beyond gender diversity: Don’t forget the ‘tinted ceiling’

Frank Douglas, 24 Nov 2014

Focusing on gender diversity is important, however the processes, mindsets, historical context and resulting...

EE: Building a new type of apprenticeship

Katie Jacobs, 24 Nov 2014

A few years ago, mobile operator EE needed to rethink its contact centre strategy. Director of frontline...

How HR can accelerate change for executive women

James Martin, 21 Nov 2014

At Egon Zehnder we have decided to set ourselves an audacious goal to help ensure that 25% of the CEOs...

Moving from 'work experience' to 'work inspiration'

Katie Jacobs, 21 Nov 2014

Experts believe we should move from a model of work experience to 'work inspiration' to help young people...

Patrick Wright: Using data for CEO succession

Patrick Wright, 21 Nov 2014

By making assessment a regular part of corporate life, we can harness the 'big data' for senior level...

Managing a 24/7 digital workforce

Phil Pringle, 20 Nov 2014

Amid ‘digitisation’, how can companies manage the always on culture and ensure that employees switch...

Businesses must be proactive in shaping apprenticeships

Dominic Christian, 20 Nov 2014

To attract and develop the best talent into the insurance industry, companies need to collaborate and...

Has HR forgotten how to recruit young people?

Katie Jacobs, 20 Nov 2014

Has HR forgotten how to recruit young people? UKCES CEO Michael Davis worries it might have, asking:...

SMEs and the skills crisis

Katie Jacobs, 19 Nov 2014

According to Siemens UK and Northern Europe HR director Toby Peyton-Jones, for small businesses the skills...

Embedding sustainable high performance

Catherine Rush, 19 Nov 2014

Benjamin Franklin is quoted as saying: “Nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes”....

The mindset of sustainable high performers

Scott Peltin, 19 Nov 2014

I often ponder what makes consistently high-performing leaders unique. How did they become special and...

Do we need HR? How the function has developed

Paul Sparrow, 18 Nov 2014

In the Centre for Performance-Led HR’s latest book, Do we need HR: Repositioning People Management...

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