How to get new starters through probation

Graham Scrivener, 11 Jul 2014

A recent report by Spring Personnel claims one fifth of employees either have their contract terminated...


Five tips on managing a diverse workforce

Naveen Narayanan, 10 Jul 2014

Businesses are melting pots of diverse cultures, generations and personalities, all of which approach...


HR's role in emerging markets

Simon Mitchell, 08 Jul 2014

While some Western economies are showing nascent signs of growth following the global economic crisis,...

Mediation and mindfulness

Tania Coke, 07 Jul 2014

Mindfulness has recently caught the popular imagination as a way to counter the stress of everyday life....

HR experts discuss recruiting Generation Y

Hywel Roberts, 04 Jul 2014

Generation Y have different career expectations to their parents and grandparents. A panel of HR experts...

Whistleblowing and employment law – what you need to know

Christopher Graham, 04 Jul 2014

In principle, reporting a concern about a risk, wrongdoing or illegality at work, in the public interest...

Why can't we collaborate to find talent?

Kevin Green, 03 Jul 2014

There is still a fair amount of animosity between recruitment consultants and agencies, but all parties...

Minimising the downsides of change

Jane Lewis, 02 Jul 2014

Organisational change is a difficult process at best, and can't succeed without company-wide buy-in....

Legal HR tips: Managing compassionate leave

Francesca Lopez, 01 Jul 2014

Manchester City midfielder Yaya Touré has reignited the debate about compassionate leave. He has accused...

10 tips for changing organisational culture

Martin Cook, 30 Jun 2014

As financial services' organisational culture comes under more scrutiny under the remit of the Financial...

Using wellbeing as an engagement tool

Andy Chappell, 27 Jun 2014

Managing a hospitality business worth £80 million, I know only too well the importance of staff engagement....

Are quotas the answer to the gender diversity problem?

Rachel Short, 26 Jun 2014

Cherie Blair, a QC and founder of the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, has called for workplaces to...

Is private medical insurance still a benefit worth having?

Edmund Tirbutt, 25 Jun 2014

Will changes to private medical insurance (PMI) provision have any impact on the PMI market and those...

Changes to workers’ rights shouldn't make bosses complacent

Leanne Thomas, 25 Jun 2014

With sweeping changes to workers’ rights in England and Wales, Leanne Thomas, employment law specialist...

Five wellbeing lessons Britain can learn from Sweden

Christopher Pederson, 24 Jun 2014

Christopher Pedersen, managing director of Convini Food Solutions, details the top five wellbeing initiatives/benefits...

Managing employees with long-term illnesses

Gabriella Jozwiak, 24 Jun 2014

More people are living and working with long-term health conditions. What does this mean for HR departments?...

No room for workplace complacency despite 'green shoots'

Cary Cooper, 23 Jun 2014

In offices around the UK, there is an unmistakable optimism stirring. Summer is arriving and the World...

Can shared services provide a quality HR service?

Katie Jacobs, 23 Jun 2014

The popularity of shared services is rising rapidly across all sectors - but what does this mean for...

HR's role in helping employees save for retirement

Nigel McNeil, 20 Jun 2014

Many people are not saving enough for their retirement, and several high profile sources claim people...

Hellen Davis: What surprised me about HR magazine's health and wellbeing survey

Hellen Davis, 19 Jun 2014

Hellen Davis, CEO of Indaba, which provided our prize, explains why she found the results of the HR magazine...

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