Top tools for keeping staff safe abroad

Hannah Prevett, 24 Feb 2015

Advances in technology mean it's never been easier to keep tabs on employees abroad and ensure their...


How to keep your employees safe overseas

Hannah Prevett, 24 Feb 2015

With more British businesses operating in remote and emerging markets, employees' safety while abroad...


Sodexo's Natalie Bickford on diversity, engagement and mobility

Katie Jacobs, 23 Feb 2015

At Sodexo people are the only asset. HR magazine met its European HR director Natalie Bickford to find...

Five ways the Foreign Office is reinventing its HR model

David Whineray, 23 Feb 2015

Some of the biggest challenges facing the Foreign Office's HR team are ensuring that 15,000 staff from...

Pay differentials, wealth inequality and HR professionalism

Jon Ingham, 20 Feb 2015

Canada’s HRPA is leading some interesting work on HR professionalism at the moment. One aspect it is...

Practise what you preach: HR at the YMCA

Gabriella Jozwiak, 20 Feb 2015

We know it's fun to stay at the YMCA, but is running it quite so enjoyable? HR magazine spoke to its...

What's the role for 'big data' in your reward strategy?

Adam Nuckley, 19 Feb 2015

It’s easy to get the impression that yours is the only company not doing anything with ‘big data’....

Norman Pickavance: Living in the age of extremes

Norman Pickavance, 19 Feb 2015

Leaders need to ‘reconnect’ with purpose and wider society to prevent the labour market slipping...

Kevin Green: Five steps to good recruitment

Kevin Green, 18 Feb 2015

As demand returns to the economy many organisations are seeking to grow. However, skill and talent shortages...

Adnams HRD on fair pay and 'doing the right thing'

Katie Jacobs, 18 Feb 2015

Sadie Lofthouse, head of HR at brewer and hotelier Adnams, on making low-paid work pay.

How should companies respond to the Francis report?

Emma Hamnett, 17 Feb 2015

Last week saw the release of Sir Robert Francis’s report, Freedom to Speak Up, which addressed concerns...

The living wage pay debate

Katie Jacobs, 17 Feb 2015

In the words of Rhys Moore, director of the Living Wage Foundation: “People who work hard shouldn’t...

Job quality in an hourglass labour market

Katie Jacobs, 16 Feb 2015

As mid-level jobs are moved abroad or automated, the UK is left with an increasingly hourglass-shaped...

Cary Cooper: Creating a vision employees connect with

Cary Cooper, 13 Feb 2015

What is it that engages us? It’s a question that sits at the heart of any modern HR department.

HR must change and challenge – or others will

Alex Swarbrick, 12 Feb 2015

On Radio 4’s Today programme Chris Hobson, chief executive of NHS Providers, defended the thousands...

Operating a co-operative means treating members equally

Ben Reid, 12 Feb 2015

As a co-operative business, operating in a fair, accountable and democratic way is paramount. No decisions...

Minimising the impact of separation and divorce in the workplace

Mari Magnussen , 11 Feb 2015

The breakdown of a relationship is an extremely stressful and sensitive process. The emotional impact...

Shifting to more people-focused management styles

Vlatka Hlupic, 11 Feb 2015

Business is broken, with engagement and trust at an all-time low. A radically different way of thinking...

Should employers disband their pension governance committees?

Helen Ball, 10 Feb 2015

If you are an employer with a contract-based DC pension scheme, the chances are that you will have set...

Could stronger strike controls backfire?

Gabriella Jozwiak, 10 Feb 2015

The Conservatives' proposals to limit and control strike action could backfire and lead to an increase...

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