M&A report: Deals in the HCM market

Katie Jacobs, 28 May 2015

As companies grow more confident coming out of the recession, M&A deals are on the up. Here we summarise...


HR's evolving role in pensions provision

Simon Chinnery, 27 May 2015

Many companies already recognise good pension provision can be a significant contributor in attracting...


What's the evidence for... performance management?

Rob Briner, 27 May 2015

In his third column squeezing the evidence from various HR 'best practice' oranges, Rob Briner presses...

NHS Employers' CEO: Keeping the NHS in good health

Katie Jacobs, 26 May 2015

The NHS is our largest employer and faces unprecedented challenges. HR magazine meets the HR chief tackling...

Tax-efficient ways to get workers fighting fit

Andy Brookes , 26 May 2015

We all know that a healthier workforce is a more productive workforce. As well as generating a greater...

Supporting homeless people back into work

Jon Sparkes, 26 May 2015

A little patience and understanding goes a long way in getting homeless people back into work. And they...

Do the figures stack up when it comes to skills-based volunteering?

Sue Holloway, 22 May 2015

Many people think of physically helping out when you mention volunteering. But as economists we think...

HR must prepare employees for automation and disruptive technologies

Lynda Gratton, 22 May 2015

It is striking how much I’m hearing about artificial intelligence (AI). From panel debates at Davos...

The HR director as NED

Helen Pitcher, 21 May 2015

In the final governance article we look at the issues facing HRDs seeking to create NED careers and increase...

Public sector HR in an upturn

Jenny Roper, 21 May 2015

While the private sector might be feeling healthier of late, the public sector remains, by most accounts,...

What does behavioural science teach us about reward?

Jonny Gifford, 20 May 2015

If money is the drug, it has to be said that its effects are varied. Neuroscience has confirmed that...

HR has to re-engineer thinking back into organisations

David Fairhurst, 20 May 2015

People report doing some of their best thinking outside the workplace, so how do we bring concentration...

HR's role in mergers and acquisitions

Jenny Roper, 20 May 2015

With an improved economic outlook comes business growth. And with growth: increased merger and acquisition...

'We are not amused': Industrial action at the Royal Collection Trust

David Buckle, 19 May 2015

The Queen is currently facing industrial action. 84% of Royal Collection Trust employees voted in favour...

Learning from the lessons of the recession

Jenny Roper, 19 May 2015

When recession hit in 2008, beer manufacturer Molson Coors realised it needed to become leaner to survive....

Can HR remember how to lead in an upturn?

Jenny Roper, 18 May 2015

Now that the UK economy and job market seem to be getting back on track, HR directors will need to re-assess...

What is the future for public sector HR?

Barry Pirie, 15 May 2015

The Public Service People Managers’ Association, (PPMA) recently celebrated a 40-year anniversary....

Mental health: the pressure and the progress

Louise Aston, 14 May 2015

It has been reported that an ‘epidemic’ of email checking is damaging our health and productivity...

Pixie McKenna: Addressing cancer in the workplace

Pixie McKenna, 13 May 2015

It's estimated there are now more than 700,000 people of working age living with cancer, making it an...

Sustainable banking: Sense of purpose for psychological wellbeing is key

Cary Cooper, 13 May 2015

There’s no getting away from the fact that public perception of the social worth of banks has suffered...

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