Pensions: the Australian experience

Katie Jacobs, 26 Mar 2015

Can too much freedom around pensions be a bad thing? That certainly appears to be the case in Australia,...


When will we talk about talent, rather than women, at the top?

Heather Jackson, 26 Mar 2015

Once again the issue of women in the boardroom hits the news, with the release of the updated 2015 Cranfield...


Pensions freedoms: what to do now

Katie Jacobs, 25 Mar 2015

On 6 April pensions freedoms come into force. NAPF head of policy and research Jackie Wells says employers...

Women on boards: progress so far

Susan Vinnicombe, 25 Mar 2015

Britain’s top boardrooms are on track to meet the women on boards target, but this is only the start...

Working with universities to fill skills shortages

Amanda Menahem, 24 Mar 2015

Much is written about the skills shortages in the UK and the need to bridge the link more effectively...

An employer perspective on pensions and savings

Katie Jacobs, 24 Mar 2015

Roger Fairhead, group head of compensation and benefits at SAB Miller, on how he views retirement and...

How the nine-box grid affects motivation

Daniel Lucy, 23 Mar 2015

At Roffey Park we have been researching HR’s perceptions of the nine-box grid. In particular, we were...

The retirement revolution

Katie Jacobs, 23 Mar 2015

On 6 April pensions freedoms are changing dramatically. Will this sea change cause retirees to go overboard...

Identify those with gravitas to increase boardroom diversity

Antoinette Dale Henderson, 20 Mar 2015

In all the discussion around the lack of diversity in Britain’s boardrooms, there has been little mention...

Patrick Wright: What makes an effective CHRO?

Patrick Wright, 20 Mar 2015

For more than 10 years I have studied the chief HR officer role. Because of this, people often ask me...

This is the evidence for talent management

David Collings, 19 Mar 2015

David Collings provides a counter-argument to Rob Briner's article, which questioned the value of and...

What's the evidence for... talent management?

Rob Briner, 18 Mar 2015

In his second column examining the evidence behind HR fads, buzzwords and obsessions, Rob Briner puts...

The state of the HR recruitment market

Iain McAdam, 17 Mar 2015

Most people agree that HR is here to stay, but a pertinent question still remains: “what will the future...

Getting your enterprise social network strategy right

Nick Martindale, 17 Mar 2015

Enterprise social networks (ESNs) are becoming increasingly popular among larger organisations, but how...

How can HR partner more effectively with the C-suite?

Simon Hayward, 16 Mar 2015

The strategic role of HR is a topic that’s rarely off the agenda. Recent research from Cirrus and Ipsos...

The CEO of Crossrail on HR

Katie Jacobs, 16 Mar 2015

Crossrail's CEO Andrew Wolstenholme tells HR magazine what skills and competencies he looks for in his...

Crossrail: Inside a values-led project

Katie Jacobs, 16 Mar 2015

Crossrail's scale isn't the only ambitious part of the giant transport project. Keeping shared values...

Diversity in the modern media agency

Audrey Lucy, 13 Mar 2015

Media agencies aren't what they used to be. They now offer such a wide variety of services that they've...

3M MD: If you want to stand out, create an environment for innovation

Christiane Gruen, 13 Mar 2015

Why allow employees the time and freedom to explore their own interests when you can’t be sure they...

Taking innovative steps in apprenticeships

Mike Thompson, 12 Mar 2015

The apprenticeship landscape is changing; not only are they becoming an increasingly popular route into...

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