Five ways to beat the post-holiday blues

Patrick Watt, 18 Sep 2014

As you step off the plane at your holiday destination, you take a deep, relaxing breath; your break starts...


Everything you need to know about CDC pensions

Edmund Tirbutt, 18 Sep 2014

Collective Defined Contribution (CDC) schemes could increase pension pots by up to 30%. But are they...


How awards are like a good tikka masala

Pinky Lilani, 17 Sep 2014

Recognition gives people confidence and a platform for achieving even greater success. Although there's...

What happens when the administrator is called?

Melissa Jackson, 16 Sep 2014

Recent high-profile examples of companies going into administration such as Woolworths and Phones 4u...

Does HR need a more artful approach?

Jon Ingham, 16 Sep 2014

With a lot of recent focus on data analytics and HR as a science, is the profession missing a trick by...

M&S Tanith Dodge: 10 tips on how to innovate

Tanith Dodge, 15 Sep 2014

Businesses need to constantly evolve to survive in challenging market conditions. Here, Marks & Spencer...

How to be an authentic leader

Neil Hope, 12 Sep 2014

In many organisations our values and personality seem to be left at the door. When it comes to leadership,...

Stop assuming employees aren't co-operative

Lynda Gratton, 10 Sep 2014

At a recent masterclass for the Future of Work Research Consortium, I brought up the question: what would...

How failure drives success

Gloria Moss, 10 Sep 2014

Remember the mantra “right first time”? Philip Crosby was the man behind the philosophy of “zero...

Why creating awareness is the most important step for success

Eugenio Pirri, 09 Sep 2014

I recently was invited to lunch with a colleague of mine who wanted to pick my brains about an initiative...

Connected leadership: The CEO and the HRD

Jonathan Nicholls, 08 Sep 2014

Ram Charan has caused controversy recently with his suggestion that HR departments should be split. The...

Linking CSR to reward strategy

Katie Jacobs, 05 Sep 2014

When it comes to CSR, are you putting your money where your mouth is? That doesn’t just mean donating...

Managing difficult employees: how do you solve a problem like Mario?

Francesca Lopez, 05 Sep 2014

Mario Balotelli has joined Liverpool FC after the club agreed a £16 million fee with AC Milan so will...

HR policies that empower?

Dean Royles, 04 Sep 2014

Equality and equity are often confused. HR needs to adapt policies and become more flexible, rather than...

Top tips for hiring an interim manager

Simon Drake, 03 Sep 2014

The IMA's latest Ipsos MORI poll indicated that demand for interim managers increased by 15 percentage...

David Fairhurst on the Valuing your Talent initiative

David Fairhurst, 03 Sep 2014

David Fairhurst, chief people officer for Europe at McDonald's gives an update on the Valuing your Talent...

Tackling unconscious bias in banking

Sean Wallace, 02 Sep 2014

Sheryl Sandberg's book Lean In made me question how inclusive banking really is. I started by taking...

What to do about holiday pay?

Brian Campbell, 01 Sep 2014

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has issued its much anticipated decision in the case of Lock vs British...

Out of office etiquette

Zofia Bajorek, 29 Aug 2014

The automatic out of office replies open up a can of worms when it comes to wording, tone and style....

Between the sheets: Meet Dorchester Collection's Eugenio Pirri

Katie Jacobs, 29 Aug 2014

Dorchester Collection's Eugenio Pirri, HR Director of the Year in 2014's HR Excellence Awards, talks...

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