Hotels and HR: A marriage made in heaven

Angela O'Connor, 18 Feb 2014

I am lucky enough to have stayed in hotels all over the world for both holidays and business trips. I...


All employers should commit to paying a living wage, says ActionAid UK's head of HR

HR Editorial, 17 Feb 2014

In 1999, the Labour Government introduced the National Minimum Wage. Fifteen years on, it is expected...


Let's introduce HR to 'hackathons'

Catherine Rush, 17 Feb 2014

People learn in different ways and I’m always interested to hear about alternative methods for the...

The most depressing phrase in HR

Neil Morrison, 14 Feb 2014

There is a lot of competition for the most depressing phrase uttered by HR professionals, but for me...

An above-inflation rise in minimum wage could damage job creation, says Forum of Private Business

HR Editorial, 14 Feb 2014

In 1999, the Labour Government introduced the National Minimum Wage. Fifteen years on, it is expected...

Flowers case highlights need to tackle psychometrics malpractice

Betsy Kendall, 11 Feb 2014

The Paul Flowers debacle is generating something of a backlash against personality assessment, and in...

Cary Cooper: Flexible working should be open to everyone

Cary Cooper, 11 Feb 2014

Thanks to the fact nearly two out of three families are now ‘two-earners’ and the UK has a ‘long...

What can the commercial sector learn from not-for-profits?

Helen Giles, 10 Feb 2014

Broadway Homelessness and Support HR director Helen Giles on what commercial businesses can learn from...

Ten trends that will reshape the future of HR

Richard Coombes, 05 Feb 2014

Tremendous forces are radically reshaping work as we know it.

The HR guide to emerging markets: Part three

Katie Jacobs, 30 Jan 2014

The inside guide to doing business in China, India, Mexico and South Africa

The HR guide to emerging markets: Part two

Katie Jacobs, 29 Jan 2014

The inside guide to doing business in Brazil, Russia, Turkey and Indonesia.

The HR guide to emerging markets: Part one

Katie Jacobs, 28 Jan 2014

Emerging markets are forecast to achieve phenomenal economic growth, making them attractive prospects...

Are HR directors lacking in international experience?

Peter Crush, 27 Jan 2014

Why are HR directors so lacking in international experience when compared with their FD peers? We look...

Farage should leave things to the HR experts

Gloria Moss, 24 Jan 2014

If Nigel Farage had his way, China’s one-child policy would look positively benign. In a speech he...

Social media for employers

Nick Laird, 24 Jan 2014

People are changing the way they conduct their personal lives. Much more is public, much more opinion...

Shield Group CEO: Managing staff morale vital during takeover

Richard Coombes, 23 Jan 2014

International mergers and takeovers are on the rise. At The Shield Group, we have experienced this first-hand....

IHG HRD: Employer brand is secret to success

Arvind Hickman, 20 Jan 2014

InterContinental Hotels Group’s Tracy Robbins tells us about her vision of an employer brand and how...

Cafcass HRD: Is HR using technology efficiently?

Jabbar Sardar, 20 Jan 2014

Have you noticed technology has pervaded (or should that be invaded?) every aspect of your life? So how...

Produce World HR director: We could not operate without migrant workers

HR Editorial, 08 Jan 2014

Since 1 January, migrant workers from Bulgaria and Romania have had the same freedom of movement as all...

City spotlight: Southampton

Katie Jacobs, 08 Jan 2014

Southampton has always been a port, but now you’re far more likely to see glamorous cruise liners than...

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