The mindset of sustainable high performers

Scott Peltin, 19 Nov 2014

I often ponder what makes consistently high-performing leaders unique. How did they become special and...


Do we need HR? How the function has developed

Paul Sparrow, 18 Nov 2014

In the Centre for Performance-Led HR’s latest book, Do we need HR: Repositioning People Management...


Falling down the skills black hole

Katie Jacobs, 18 Nov 2014

Is the UK missing the skills it needs to sustain economic recovery? HR magazine explores the role of...

Stop the press: Rebuilding trust at News UK

Katie Jacobs, 17 Nov 2014

After the 2011 phone hacking scandal, trust at News UK was at an all time low. How is the company rebuilding...

Six steps to supporting employees through bereavement

Amy Armstrong, 17 Nov 2014

Bereavement is one of the most devastating things any of us will ever go through. For many employers,...

Corporate manslaughter case offers lessons for HR

Jonathan Grimes, 14 Nov 2014

Last week Sterecycle, a waste processing business, was convicted of corporate manslaughter following...

First British standard released for HR practice

Katie Jacobs, 14 Nov 2014

The first HR standard has been released and the British Standards Institution wants HR professionals...

The business case for inclusive leadership

Laura Swiszczowksi, 13 Nov 2014

People are the most important resource a business has and managers are vital in getting the best out...

Learning from disciplinaries and grievances

Darren Maw, 12 Nov 2014

Disciplinaries and grievances are two issues that can easily spiral out of control if not dealt with...

The three hardest workplace conversations

Dean Royles, 11 Nov 2014

Issues around mental and physical health are some of the hardest conversations to have with employees....

Employee-ownership and the personal touch

Katie Jacobs, 11 Nov 2014

One of the world's biggest employee-owned companies, Golder Associates, excels at putting people before...

Rising to the occasion: How Greggs manages change

Katie Jacobs, 10 Nov 2014

Greggs' HRD Roisin Currie may have found a winning recipe as the company goes through a difficult change...

The hospitality industry has much to offer young people

Philip Addison , 10 Nov 2014

Young people today have more choice than ever when it comes to choosing a professional career path. For...

How to host the perfect Christmas party

Georgina Fuller, 07 Nov 2014

Planning a successful Christmas party for employees can be difficult, and providing something a diverse...

Rewarding employees at Christmas

Georgina Fuller, 06 Nov 2014

In HR it’s part of the job to know whether employees have been naughty or nice. HR magazine has scoured...

The advantages of workforce management

Marcello Sambartolo, 05 Nov 2014

It’s no secret: employees are expensive. The Human Capital Management Institute calculated the sum...

Top five myths about flexible working

Karen Mattison, 04 Nov 2014

The impact of UK SMEs on the job market recovery has been anything but small. A recent study by the Institute...

The perils and pitfalls of the Christmas bonus

Georgina Fuller, 04 Nov 2014

Christmas bonuses are a good idea but bad procedures could leave your company's reputation in tatters,...

Government action on workplace health long overdue

Stephen Bevan , 03 Nov 2014

Despite recent good news about the UK jobs market, we still face a struggle to raise levels of productivity...

Financial education: whose job Is it?

Kate Russell, 31 Oct 2014

HR websites and magazines have been flooded with articles about UK employers not providing any financial...

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