Why wellbeing drives profit as well as engagement

Andy Chappell, 13 Jun 2014

Making a profit and ensuring the wellbeing of staff are not opposing goals. Andy Chappell, managing director...


Our guide to managing the World Cup

Hywel Roberts, 12 Jun 2014

At HR magazine we don't really believe the economy will grind to a halt over the next month. But let's...


Stay on the ball – HR office issues during the World Cup

Peter Byrne, 12 Jun 2014

As the football World Cup tournament approaches, Peter Byrne, head of HR Legal Service, explains potential...

Nationwide's HRD on reward and doing the right thing

Katie Jacobs, 11 Jun 2014

Post-financial crisis, is building society Nationwide emerging as a credible challenger to Britain’s...

HR excellence and the Ulrich model – deja vu?

Chris Roebuck, 11 Jun 2014

A recent report on the famous Ulrich model has reignited debate around its effectiveness. Chris Roebuck...

Employment law: Is there protection for British workers overseas?

Andrew Knorpel, 11 Jun 2014

UK workers are protected from discrimination by the Equality Act. However, the Act is unclear on whether...

How to prevent your business falling off the 'workforce cliff'

David Fairhurst, 10 Jun 2014

David Fairhurst, chief people officer for Europe at McDonald's, explains how HR can deal with the decline...

Is your company ready for the practical demands of flexible working?

Annabel Jones, 10 Jun 2014

With the new changes to flexible working legislation coming in on 30 June 2014, HR teams must be prepared...

Harnessing the power of HR within organisations

Gerry Miles, 09 Jun 2014

It never ceases to amaze me how much power HR can have in an organisation when leaders get it right....

Hot topic: Is the public sector struggling to find top talent? Part 2

Angela Wright, 09 Jun 2014

In part two of this discussion, Angela Wright (pictured), senior lecturer at the University of Westminister...

CDC pensions: What they mean for employers and staff

Laura Milne, 06 Jun 2014

As confirmed by the Queens Speech on 4 June, plans are afoot to allow workers to contribute to something...

The HR technology guide

HR Editorial, 05 Jun 2014

With the economy picking up and the pace of change showing no sign of slowing, there has never been a...

Rewards and benefits in the workplace

HR Editorial, 04 Jun 2014

Rewards plays a huge part in encouraging positive behaviours and cementing values in the workplace. In...

Employees value job satisfaction over pay and reward

Charles Elvin, 04 Jun 2014

Charles Elvin, chief executive at the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM), explains why performance...

Cary Cooper: Engaging with employees will keep your competitive edge

Cary Cooper, 03 Jun 2014

The battle for graduate talent is increasingly fierce, but it takes more than lucrative reward packages...

Health & wellbeing guide

HR Editorial, 02 Jun 2014

Companies today undeniably expect so much from their workforce, but none of these goals can be achieved...

The value of the dual operating system

John Kotter, 30 May 2014

Virtually all successful organisations on earth go through a very similar life cycle. They begin with...

EU holiday pay ruling: How employers can mitigate risk

Zoe Bedford, 30 May 2014

In a recent landmark decision, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) ruled that workers should...

Have your say: Take part in HR magazine's reader survey

Arvind Hickman, 29 May 2014

HR magazine is launching a reader survey to better understand its online audience and help improve the...

How next month's changes to flexible working law will affect you

Nina Robinson, 29 May 2014

Following the Government’s Consultation on Modern Workplaces the right to request flexible working...

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