Wincanton's route to success

Arvind Hickman, 17 Dec 2014

A driver shortage could threaten the logistics sector. HR magazine met Wincanton HRD Julie Welch to find...


The value of behavioural profiling

Simon Wilsher, 16 Dec 2014

Psychological testing as a recruitment tool is not new. While cognitive ability tests tend to be the...


How the digital deluge is impacting wellbeing

Nick Martindale, 16 Dec 2014

As we become increasingly dependent on technology for managing both work and leisure, have we fallen...

How to break out of the low pay, low productivity cycle

Stephen Bevan , 15 Dec 2014

Despite the good news around 
employment figures, the UK still seems to be stuck in 
a low pay, low...

Staff remuneration at Christmas

Daniel Peyton, 15 Dec 2014

Christmas is a time for giving, especially to those employees who have been particularly nice and added...

Employee engagement in a democratised workplace

Neal Bruce, 12 Dec 2014

Traditional hierarchies are being eroded. The rise of individualism has been steadily growing and evolving....

UK firms must make fitness accessible for staff

Malcolm McPhail, 12 Dec 2014

The health and fitness industry has matured a lot over the past 25 years. We need to make sure it stays...

How to make your wellbeing investment work harder

Andy Philpott , 11 Dec 2014

Next year employers will invest more than ever in health and wellbeing for the people in their organisations....

HR's role in safeguarding children

Donya Pourzand, 10 Dec 2014

The focus on the role of HR in safeguarding children has increased dramatically in the past 10 years....

Networking – it's who you know

Julia Hobsbawn, 08 Dec 2014

Can networking help you achieve peak performance? Julia Hobsbawn, the world's first professor of networking,...

Why mental health matters

Genevieve Glover, 05 Dec 2014

Mental health in the workplace is gaining increased interest from employees, employers, the media and...

Creating a culture employees trust and protect

Rachel Kay, 05 Dec 2014

Building an attractive company culture is arguably the most important duty a business leader faces, especially...

What next for board pay?

Mirit Ehrenstein, 04 Dec 2014

Last year the government introduced a new voting and disclosure regime on board pay for UK quoted companies....

East to West: The business case for immigration

Hywel Roberts, 04 Dec 2014

Talking tough on immigration may win votes, but business chiefs are far from impressed.

Relationship breakdowns are a risk to wellbeing

Marc Lopatin, 03 Dec 2014

A groundbreaking study revealed between one-third and half of adults experiencing divorce and separation...

Hot topic: Backdated holiday pay, part two

Nina Robinson, 03 Dec 2014

After months of speculation, the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) recently upheld a previous ruling that...

Leadership without borders

Tracy Arnold, 02 Dec 2014

What happens when your team is virtual and spread across offices, countries and cultures? Without informal...

How holidays impact on engagement and wellbeing

Ben Hubbard, 01 Dec 2014

Despite today’s global business landscape, some nations still have it far better than others when it...

Staff reward and incentive trends for 2015

Bill Alexander, 28 Nov 2014

With the recent news about the UK unemployment rate falling below 2 million for the first time since...

Managing multi-cultural teams

Erin Meyer, 27 Nov 2014

Comparing different cultures on scales of management behaviour can highlight potential culture clashes...

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