Cloud based technology is coming - ready or not

Nick Laird, 25 Jul 2014

Why is Cloud-based a better way to use technology? How do you fit your processes around technology (as...


Don't believe the hype of employee engagement

Rob Briner, 25 Jul 2014

Engagement is more like a muddy puddle than clear water. HR needs to put the concept back under the microscope...


Do employers have to take action on the obesity ruling?

Vanessa Di Cuffa , 24 Jul 2014

Following advice from the Advocate General that the EU should rule that severe obesity should be regarded...

Making Veolia fit for the future

Katie Jacobs, 24 Jul 2014

At environment services company Veolia, sustainability is core to every part of the business, even HR....

Maximise performance by managing your ‘mental battery’

Angela Muir, 23 Jul 2014

While many organisations are signed up to the principles of work-life balance, evidence suggests that...

Coaching: the latest L&D favourite

Nick Martindale, 22 Jul 2014

Research has found that L&D professionals are embracing coaching as their preferred business tool.

The future of business depends on diverse talent

Wendy Manning, 22 Jul 2014

The supply chain industry has traditionally been viewed as a male-dominated environment. While more women...

Hands-on learning opportunities create more responsible business leaders

Matt Gitsham, 21 Jul 2014

This is one of the key insights from a new research study that set out to discover why some business...

Implications of open innovation trends for HR

Katie Jacobs, 21 Jul 2014

Open innovation is changing how organisations think about the next big idea. But what are the implications...

Financial incentives may be key to increasing diversity

Michael Barrington-Hibbert, 18 Jul 2014

A recent report published in June by Business in the Community’s race equality campaign, Race for Opportunity,...

Raising HR standards – HR maturity

Arvind Hickman, 18 Jul 2014

HR Maturity is a lesser-known approach to improving professional standards. Australian water supplier...

Mobile working is an HR issue – not just a headache for IT

Ingrid Waterfield, 17 Jul 2014

HR's strengths can ensure mobile working and BYOD are a success for businesses. However, technology issues...

Siemens' Toby Peyton Jones: the future of work, innovation and skills

Katie Jacobs, 17 Jul 2014

Toby Peyton-Jones, UK and North West Europe HRD for Siemens discusses how skills, automation and innovation...

HRDs are the consiglieri of the C-suite

Richard Hytner, 16 Jul 2014

HRDs have one of the best jobs in the business, but shouldn't be afraid to take charge in the C-suite....

Second-in-command doesn't have to mean second best

Nicky Little, 15 Jul 2014

As Ryanair’s deputy chief executive walks out, Nicky Little from Cirrus looks at the opportunities...

Leadership lessons from The Apprentice and Undercover Boss

Patrick Wright, 15 Jul 2014

Patrick Wright from the Darla Moore School of Business highlights the leadership styles displayed in...

Randy Lewis: 'We haven't found a disability we can't employ'

Katie Jacobs, 14 Jul 2014

An autistic son motivated ex-Walgreens SVP Randy Lewis to see how he could make business more inclusive....

Align HR with growth plans to attract talent

Melanie Forbes, 14 Jul 2014

As the economic recovery gathers momentum, businesses are starting to make up for lost time by implementing...

How to make apprenticeships work for SMEs

Rob Gray, 11 Jul 2014

Prominent government figures have hailed apprenticeships as the antidote for youth unemployment and skills...

How to get new starters through probation

Graham Scrivener, 11 Jul 2014

A recent report by Spring Personnel claims one fifth of employees either have their contract terminated...

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