Managing employees with long-term illnesses

Gabriella Jozwiak, 24 Jun 2014

More people are living and working with long-term health conditions. What does this mean for HR departments?...


No room for workplace complacency despite 'green shoots'

Cary Cooper, 23 Jun 2014

In offices around the UK, there is an unmistakable optimism stirring. Summer is arriving and the World...


Can shared services provide a quality HR service?

Katie Jacobs, 23 Jun 2014

The popularity of shared services is rising rapidly across all sectors - but what does this mean for...

HR's role in helping employees save for retirement

Nigel McNeil, 20 Jun 2014

Many people are not saving enough for their retirement, and several high profile sources claim people...

Hellen Davis: What surprised me about HR magazine's health and wellbeing survey

Hellen Davis, 19 Jun 2014

Hellen Davis, CEO of Indaba, which provided our prize, explains why she found the results of the HR magazine...

Building a business case for change

Nick Laird, 18 Jun 2014

Nick Laird, CCO at Ceridian discusses some of the changes he is seeing in HR and wider business practice....

Why isn't wellbeing a boardroom issue?

Katie Jacobs, 18 Jun 2014

Research conducted by HR magazine reveals worrying trends in businesses’ attitude to wellbeing. Why...

Should obesity be considered a disability at work?

Sara Barrett, 17 Jun 2014

The European court will soon hear a case that could radically change equality and discrimination law....

Vineet Nayar: The topsy-turvy leader

Katie Jacobs, 16 Jun 2014

Vineet Nayar is one of India's most successful exports, thanks to his 'upside-down' management style....

The case for collaborative learning

Michael Moran, 16 Jun 2014

The way we design and structure training courses is in a state of flux as we move into the e-learning...

Pensions auto-enrolment: What SMEs can learn from larger companies

Clare Abrahams, 13 Jun 2014

Clare Abrahams, head of auto-enrolment (AE) at Lorica Employee Benefits shares the lessons she's learned...

Why wellbeing drives profit as well as engagement

Andy Chappell, 13 Jun 2014

Making a profit and ensuring the wellbeing of staff are not opposing goals. Andy Chappell, managing director...

Our guide to managing the World Cup

Hywel Roberts, 12 Jun 2014

At HR magazine we don't really believe the economy will grind to a halt over the next month. But let's...

Stay on the ball – HR office issues during the World Cup

Peter Byrne, 12 Jun 2014

As the football World Cup tournament approaches, Peter Byrne, head of HR Legal Service, explains potential...

Nationwide's HRD on reward and doing the right thing

Katie Jacobs, 11 Jun 2014

Post-financial crisis, is building society Nationwide emerging as a credible challenger to Britain’s...

HR excellence and the Ulrich model – deja vu?

Chris Roebuck, 11 Jun 2014

A recent report on the famous Ulrich model has reignited debate around its effectiveness. Chris Roebuck...

Employment law: Is there protection for British workers overseas?

Andrew Knorpel, 11 Jun 2014

UK workers are protected from discrimination by the Equality Act. However, the Act is unclear on whether...

How to prevent your business falling off the 'workforce cliff'

David Fairhurst, 10 Jun 2014

David Fairhurst, chief people officer for Europe at McDonald's, explains how HR can deal with the decline...

Is your company ready for the practical demands of flexible working?

Annabel Jones, 10 Jun 2014

With the new changes to flexible working legislation coming in on 30 June 2014, HR teams must be prepared...

Harnessing the power of HR within organisations

Gerry Miles, 09 Jun 2014

It never ceases to amaze me how much power HR can have in an organisation when leaders get it right....

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