Are bosses ready to deliver the digital workforce?

Colin Sloman , 17 Jun 2015

Artificial intelligence, robots and smart machines. Will employees welcome these powerful innovations...


Should HR rebrand to talent management?

Jenny Roper, 17 Jun 2015

With talent management, attraction and retention becoming such important aspects of an HR role, should...


Ensuring your recruitment strategy moves with mobile

Daniel Finnigan, 16 Jun 2015

As technology takes over and our lives and jobs become increasingly mobile-oriented, recruitment for...

Talent management at Metro Bank

Jenny Roper, 16 Jun 2015

Using the word talent to define some or all of your workforce can be a tricky business. Metro Bank is...

We need a whole systems approach to talent

Katie Jacobs, 15 Jun 2015

What do we talk about when we talk about talent? It’s a pertinent question, given we can’t seem to...

What do we mean when we talk about talent?

Jenny Roper, 15 Jun 2015

Talent means different things to different people. But how you define it can have a major impact on your...

How to promote positive social dialogue in European organisations

Patricia Elgoibar, 15 Jun 2015

The recession has created many challenges for employment relations in Europe. In such challenging times,...

Why HR needs to develop itself

Jane Sparrow, 12 Jun 2015

I was bewildered to read recent research from Korn Ferry highlighting that a staggering 47% of companies...

Employers mustn't be afraid to recruit ex-offenders

Dominic Headley , 11 Jun 2015

We must re-examine how we treat ex-offenders during recruitment processes, or risk missing out on talent....

Rebuilding and strengthening culture in the financial sector

Kathryn Herrington , 10 Jun 2015

The global financial system has undergone severe shocks in recent years, from which it has not yet fully...

What the Conservative government means for HR

Hannah Jordan, 10 Jun 2015

How will the first solo Tory government in 18 years address the issues facing our country? Will its policies...

What to do during a FIFA-style scandal

Darren Maw, 09 Jun 2015

The football world has been turned upside down by the revelations and scandals coming from FIFA; the...

How to create a growth mindset across your organisation

Darren Cassidy, 09 Jun 2015

When I get to work each day there are two questions that are top of mind: how do we bring out the best...

Shared parental leave must match maternity benefits to truly foster change

Natalie Bickford, 08 Jun 2015

Shared parental leave (SPL) legislation is very good news for the UK. If we can make having babies and...

Organisations are at risk because of digital delusion

Steve Hearsum, 08 Jun 2015

If ever there was a word to spawn opinion without sufficient grounding in reality, digital is it.

How mindfulness can improve business productivity

Sharon Hadley , 05 Jun 2015

Mindfulness training is becoming increasingly popular across society and particularly more recently in...

Cary Cooper: Consider the impact organisational change has on employees

Cary Cooper, 05 Jun 2015

I first heard the term holacracy about 10 years ago. The idea of a world without managers has always...

Everything you need to know about vicarious liability

Liam Lane , 04 Jun 2015

Vicarious liability – the legal principle that makes an employer liable for its employees’ actions...

Ensuring fair recruitment practices for those with a facial disfigurement

Sally Mbewe, 03 Jun 2015

Employers and jobseekers are being helped to overcome barriers to employment in new guidance published...

What are an employer's responsibilities around mental health?

Paul Quain, 02 Jun 2015

Mental health has been gaining coverage in the news, with high profile events such as the crash of the...

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