Where next for HR technology?

Hannah Prevett, 27 Oct 2014

HR technologies are moving at a rate of knots. Mobile, video, big data and social media are currently...


The future of HR technology

Hannah Prevett, 23 Oct 2014

Technology is constantly changing, so how can HRDs stay ahead of the curve? Find out how to future-proof...


Mentoring: when is it time for the mentee to move on?

David Clutterbuck, 23 Oct 2014

Mentoring is all about transitions – foreseeing them, preparing for them, managing them and moving...

Cary Cooper: HR must stay focused on NHS wellbeing

Cary Cooper, 22 Oct 2014

Let’s dispel a myth about the recent NHS strikes; the willingness to protest doesn’t contradict the...

Breaking the business mould at Gentoo

Katie Jacobs, 22 Oct 2014

Peter Walls, CEO of social housing group Gentoo, is fighting back against miserable workplaces, one employee...

Picture perfect recruitment at Estée Lauder

Katie Jacobs, 21 Oct 2014

An inclusive approach to recruitment has seen Estée Lauder go from strength-to-strength. But diversity...

Attracting talent to the energy sector

Annamarie Petsis Jones, 21 Oct 2014

With regular media and public focus painting an often negative picture of the UK’s energy industry,...

Motivating innovation: why you shouldn't throw money at it

Richard Murkin, 20 Oct 2014

Business leaders agree that innovation is vital to the success of their business, but there’s confusion...

Egg freezing sends out wrong message on gender equality

Arvind Hickman, 17 Oct 2014

Businesses that are serious about promoting gender equality should focus efforts on providing agile workforces...

A medical perspective on egg freezing

Mike Crossley, 17 Oct 2014

Egg freezing has hit the headlines this week with news that Facebook is already paying up to $20,000...

Pensions update: what's changed since the Budget?

Hywel Roberts, 16 Oct 2014

Pension reforms set out in this year's Budget have caused both companies and staff to reassess workplace...

Kevin Green: The candidate experience is getting worse

Kevin Green, 15 Oct 2014

The experience employers give potential employees is getting worse. All the figures show that while we...

How to keep momentum in your mentoring scheme

Penny de Valk, 14 Oct 2014

Mentoring schemes are proving to be an increasingly valuable tool in the workplace, helping organisations...

If apprenticeships are the solution, don't create more problems

Matt Johnson, 13 Oct 2014

At this years' political party conferences, skills and training were the topics of the hour.

Helping HR to navigate auto-enrolment

Joanne Segars, 10 Oct 2014

More than 4.5 million people now have a workplace pension after auto-enrolment − marking for some the...

Do not fret – HR is the vibrant profession

Dean Royles, 09 Oct 2014

Non-stop debates about the purpose and value of HR can infuriate people. But, argues Dean Royles, this...

Using psychometrics in coaching

Mark Batey, 08 Oct 2014

Psychometrics can be used as part of coaching to make the whole process even more effective. Follow these...

Succession planning for the many, not the few

Helen Giles, 07 Oct 2014

Some years ago I visited my executive coach, a senior in the development team of a global pharmaceutical...

Tackling the UK's leadership lag

Chris Roebuck, 07 Oct 2014

A new world needs new thinking on leadership to deliver success, and gives HR an opportunity to prove...

Lucy Adams and the school of hard knocks

Peter Crush, 06 Oct 2014

In 2013, Lucy Adams became the face of the BBC payoff scandal. In an exclusive interview she explains...

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