Dean Royles: maintaining employer-union partner relationships is critical

Dean Royles, 28 Aug 2015

The future of industrial relations is far too important to let it be shaped by the poor experiences of...


Working Families award winners: Deloitte

Jenny Roper, 28 Aug 2015

Deloitte was a joint winner of The DTCC Best for Innovation award at the 2015 Working Families' Top Employers...


Flexible working: the best of the bunch

Katie Jacobs, 27 Aug 2015

Increasing numbers of employees are requesting flexible working. But which organisations have the right...

The corporate face of activism

Florian Wettstein, 26 Aug 2015

Some outspoken companies are reinterpreting their role in society and coming out in support of certain...

Savvy sustainability strategies begin at home

Maurice Daw, 26 Aug 2015

The leaders of tomorrow expect businesses to work profitably, innovatively and responsibly. Therefore...

The growing role of big data in reward strategies

Scott Beagrie, 25 Aug 2015

'Big data' presents both a challenge and an opportunity for reward.

Plugging the skills gap of Britain’s ageing workforce

Matt Crosby, 25 Aug 2015

There’s been continued discussion about Britain’s ageing workforce and demographic time-bomb. What...

The new reward professional

Nick Martindale, 24 Aug 2015

The evolution of reward is bringing a new kind of professional to the fore.

Are your employees seizing their last chance to cheat?

Daniel Effron, 24 Aug 2015

Do you scrutinise contractor invoices more closely toward the end of a contract? Do you ask your accounts...

The power of introverts in innovation

Matt Chapman, 21 Aug 2015

The majority of people are primarily either extroverted or introverted. Unfortunately for introverts,...

HR's role in keeping 2012's legacy alive

Jenny Roper, 21 Aug 2015

London Legacy Development Corporation’s HR director Sally Hopper shares the story of her organisation’s...

Don't mention engagement

Vlatka Hlupic, 20 Aug 2015

'Employee engagement' is an American term that has been reluctantly but gradually adopted by British...

HR reaching for the stars at Amec Foster Wheeler

Jenny Roper, 20 Aug 2015

The HR chief of engineering group AFW on why the company's technical feats all come down to having the...

The evolution of executive search

Jane Kirk, 19 Aug 2015

Resources dedicated to new hires can be significant, but how is the outcome evaluated? Does it go beyond...

What the private sector can learn from public sector HR

Jenny Roper, 19 Aug 2015

Three HR experts from the public sector on what the private sector could learn from public organisations....

Public sector HR: A PPMA Rising Star perspective

Jenny Roper, 18 Aug 2015

Imogen Denton, winner of the PPMA’s Rising Star 2015 competition, which saw each entrant judged on...

Fewer appraisals, more legal risk?

Charles Wynn-Evans, 18 Aug 2015

Increasing numbers of organisations are considering moving away from formal appraisals. But in doing...

The future of public sector HR

Jenny Roper, 18 Aug 2015

Although the public sector has weathered the storm of austerity measures, it's not out of the woods yet....

Five ways to win the talent war

Dan Bobby, 17 Aug 2015

The key to attracting the best talent is to use your existing culture and employees to do the work for...

The warnings of 'Why We Hate HR' are worth revisiting

David Fairhurst, 17 Aug 2015

In August 2005 Fast Company magazine published its infamous ‘Why We Hate HR’ article. It’s only...

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