Employee trust is key to overcoming the NHS crisis

Rosalind Searle, 26 Jan 2015

Trust is an important commodity for any organisation, but particularly in the high stakes world of healthcare....


Getting social media recruitment right

Scott Beagrie, 26 Jan 2015

Social networks are everywhere these days. Whether for professional or personal use, they're more popular...


Achieving change – time for HR to be courageous

Chris Roebuck, 23 Jan 2015

HR needs to listen to what leaders and others in their organisation think and want. But not everything...

Pret's people management secrets

Katie Jacobs, 23 Jan 2015

As Pret a Manger expands its global reach, the focus is on building and maintaining a happy workforce....

Young Enterprise CEO: We need clearer policy on apprenticeship funding

Michael Mercieca , 22 Jan 2015

Dealing with proposed changes to the government’s apprenticeship and traineeship scheme should be on...

Gratton: Why is complex collaboration so tough?

Lynda Gratton, 22 Jan 2015

Organisational charts often mask informal networks that cross functions. By understanding how these relationships...

Putting marketing diversity on the map

Gloria Moss, 21 Jan 2015

New research outlines the strategic benefits of employing men or women in decision-making roles.

HR needs to reinvent performance management

Jabbar Sardar, 21 Jan 2015

HR has failed to build performance management systems that benefit the organisation and its people.

HR missing out on integrated reporting benefits

Katie Jacobs, 20 Jan 2015

The integrated reporting movement is gathering pace, but is HR missing an opportunity to link people...

McDonald's HRD: Take action on 'soft skills' now

Jez Langhorn, 20 Jan 2015

I believe we need to do more to recognise the importance of so-called soft skills – the vital skills...

It's time to connect public and private sector pay

Peter Smith, 19 Jan 2015

Remuneration issues raised in the Corporate Governance Code are certainly relevant to public services,...

The challenges of retail leadership

Simon Hayward, 16 Jan 2015

Is successful turnaround dependent on CEOs? To an extent, yes. However the most successful business transformation...

Hot topic: Automation and the rise of the robots, part two

Angus Knowles-Cutler , 16 Jan 2015

With research from Deloitte suggesting many lower-skilled workers may lose their jobs to machines in...

Hot topic: Automation and the rise of the robots

Shaun Simmons , 15 Jan 2015

With research from Deloitte suggesting many lower-skilled workers may lose their jobs to machines in...

‘Not our employees, not our problem’ is unsustainable

Tom Player, 15 Jan 2015

In recent years, companies have been paying increasing attention to developing global business and human...

What's the evidence for... Evidence-based HR?

Rob Briner, 14 Jan 2015

In the first of a series of columns, Rob Briner, professor of organisational psychology at Bath University’s...

Evidence-based HR in practice

Katie Jacobs, 13 Jan 2015

Maxime Loose, internal HR and OD consultant at the Government of Flanders, shares how he has used evidence-based...

Reshaping employee benefits in 2015

Andy Philpott , 13 Jan 2015

According to Edenred's annual benefits provision research, the year ahead will see a major overhaul in...

Evidence-based HR: Under the microscope

Katie Jacobs, 12 Jan 2015

The evidence-based management movement has HR in its sight. But is the profession willing or able to...

Informed and engaged employees impact performance

Rich Webley, 09 Jan 2015

Recent research from Hay Group, derived from their database of 7 million employees globally, provides...

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