Striking a balance: How to overcome global OD challenges

Arvind Hickman, 03 Feb 2014

Organisational design and development is becoming all the rage among the most savvy multinational companies....


Dean Royles: Some people are women, get over it

Dean Royles, 06 Jan 2014

EXCLUSIVE: NHS Employers chief executive Dean Royles rubbishes claims in the media that the growing feminisation...


How HR brings a sense of fun at Peer 1 Hosting

Katie Jacobs, 13 Jan 2014

A tree house, a slide and set of swings are common sights in a children's nursery. But at Southampton...

How to get the most out of global mobility

Rob Gray, 21 Jan 2014

With international assignments tipped to rocket, mobility strategy will be a growing concern for HR teams....

Increased immigration is 'the last thing' young British workers need, says Migration Watch

HR Editorial, 10 Jan 2014

Since 1 January, migrant workers from Bulgaria and Romania have had the same freedom of movement as all...

Counter-offers: Why money isn't always the best policy

Phillip Ullmann, 10 Jan 2014

"Show me the money" was a phrase that worked for Tom Cruise in the film Jerry McGuire but in today's...

Reward or lose them: where’s the smart money in 2014?

Deborah Rees, 09 Jan 2014

Well, for forward-thinking organisations it will be a year to be bold and make a play. With a stagnant...

SuperGroup's first HR director shares retail wisdom

Katie Jacobs, 23 Apr 2014

As Supergroup's first-ever HR director, Andrea Cartwright has had to achieve a delicate balance between...

What makes housing associations such great places to work: Part 2

Katie Jacobs, 22 Apr 2014

Following on from our earlier piece, we explore why housing associations are such great places to work....

Collective consultation: how the Woolworths case changed the law

Chris MacNaughton, 17 Apr 2014

Senior employment law consultant Chris MacNaughton explains how the Woolworths case changed UK redundancies...

Dean Royles: being transparent about transparency

Dean Royles, 17 Apr 2014

Dean Royles, chief executive of NHS employers blogs about transparency in healthcare. Can HR embrace...

Employee engagement closely tied to health and wellbeing

Rob Gray, 16 Apr 2014

Most employers know that an engaged workforce is more likely to be a more productive one, but less acknowledged...

Housing associations: why they are great places to work

Katie Jacobs, 16 Apr 2014

Housing associations are popular organisations to work for and are frequent recipients of people awards....

Is this the biggest shake-up to legal services in 800 years?

Katie Jacobs, 14 Apr 2014

Liberalisation of the legal services market hasn’t brought about massive change overnight, but it is...

Will France's 'right of disconnecting' actually work?

Zofia Bajorek, 14 Apr 2014

An agreement has been signed between French employers and unions that means engineers and consulting...

Gaps between strategy and operational delivery are risky business

Jabbar Sardar, 11 Apr 2014

Excitement might be building in Brazil ahead of the FIFA World Cup this summer, but early preparations...

Budget optimism moves candidate-driven market closer

Emma-Claire Kavanagh, 10 Apr 2014

The 2014 Budget has provided evidence of a significant economic upturn and points to the candidate-driven...

Is nepotism ever a good thing?

Gloria Moss, 09 Apr 2014

Many of you will have seen the photo of the new French Cabinet. It includes the new environment minister...

Performance improvement plans and the culture of fear

Stephen Bevan , 08 Apr 2014

As I’m sure you know, the term ‘decimate’ has its origins in the Roman army where, to snuff out...

Flexible working: dads want choice, too

Arvind Hickman, 07 Apr 2014

Flexible working, particularly in relation to child care, is heavily skewed towards mums. HR magazine...

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