HR directors on their fantasy political policies

Katie Jacobs, 27 Apr 2015

As political parties continue to woo the business community with their policies, we asked HR directors...


The HR policy guide: Green party

Gabriella Jozwiak, 24 Apr 2015

With one MP and three representatives in the European parliament, the Green party has began to appeal...


Tullow Oil's CHRO on talent, CSR and the oil price crash

Katie Jacobs, 23 Apr 2015

As oil prices plummet the oil and gas sector must weather the storm. Tullow Oil's CHRO Gordan Headley...

The HR policy guide: UKIP

Gabriella Jozwiak, 23 Apr 2015

While UKIP has mostly been a fringe party, it has been gaining popularity in this year's election; appearing...

Getting to grips with shared parental leave

Hannah Prevett, 22 Apr 2015

Shared parental leave offers a tantalising opportunity for true equality between working parents.

The HR policy guide: Liberal Democrats

Gabriella Jozwiak, 22 Apr 2015

On day three of HR's pre-election policy guide, we explore the Liberal Democrats' policies.

What every HRD should know about board governance

Helen Pitcher, 21 Apr 2015

A place at the boardroom table has long been seen as the ultimate goal for HR professionals. The reality...

The HR policy guide: Labour party

Gabriella Jozwiak, 21 Apr 2015

The second edition of HR magazine's daily, pre-election guide to the main parties' employment and HR-related...

The HR policy guide: Conservative party

Gabriella Jozwiak, 20 Apr 2015

With the general election only weeks away, HR magazine is cutting through the hot air to bring you a...

HR is failing to engage employee hearts and minds

Jabbar Sardar, 20 Apr 2015

The UK has an engagement issue. Only 37% of workers say they feel encouraged to be innovative, and just...

How closely should employers monitor staff?

Bernard Marr , 17 Apr 2015

Employers have been using analytics for some time to understand what makes their staff tick. They have...

How to create unified CSR in a multinational business

Srimathi Shivashankar, 16 Apr 2015

Co-ordinating CSR across multiple countries and diverse workforces presents a unique challenge, but can...

Fit for Work: Is it fit for purpose?

Jonathan Tilley, 16 Apr 2015

The Fit for Work scheme is meant to be simple, but experts are predicting issues for both businesses...

Close your classrooms and embrace modern L&D methods

Michael Moran, 15 Apr 2015

The provision of good learning and development opportunities is an imperative for retaining and engaging...

How can we kickstart investment in human capital?

Stephen Bevan , 15 Apr 2015

At certain stages in the economic cycle it is widely regarded as important that as many employers as...

What is the point of human capital reporting?

Paul Kearns, 14 Apr 2015

The need for a method by which companies can report on their human capital has been acknowledged for...

Human capital ratings index launched

Katie Jacobs, 14 Apr 2015

The Maturity Institute is attempting to rank the FTSE 150 on its approach to human capital and overall...

Trust is key to good leadership

Katalin Illes, 13 Apr 2015

Declining levels of trust in society show that we are not relating to each other in the right way.

Who should be CEO of the UK?

Thomas Mason, 09 Apr 2015

The main party leaders all exhibit very different leadership traits. But how do they measure up for the...

Lessons from marketing: Talent as customers

Ian Lee-Emery, 09 Apr 2015

HR teams can improve talent management by borrowing five techniques from marketing.

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