How HR directors can make a success of going it alone

Katie Jacobs, 24 Dec 2014

Branching off on your own is not as easy as it sounds. As well as guts you’ll need to look at work...


The danger of overcommitment

Joerg Dietz, 12 Mar 2014

All organisations want their employees to be loyal and committed. The danger is that this can lead to...


To grow a brand, develop talent from within, says De Vere CEO

Robert Cook, 14 Feb 2014

Over the past 12 years, I have been privileged to run some of the most exciting hotel brands in the UK,...

Bridging the gap between HR and CIO

Eddie Kilkelly, 06 Feb 2014

High rates of project failure – particularly among IT projects – negatively impact corporate reputations...

Striking a balance: How to overcome global OD challenges

Arvind Hickman, 03 Feb 2014

Organisational design and development is becoming all the rage among the most savvy multinational companies....

Lynda Gratton: Companies must ditch outdated methods to jam with global workforce

Lynda Gratton, 21 Jan 2014

If globalisation has changed the way we work, it is also changing people’s attitudes to work, asks...

Nurturing the different for inside out change

Madhvi Pahwa, 10 Jan 2014

Organisations are increasingly looking for people with fresh perspective, who are able to challenge the...

The future of the HR industry: 2014 technology predictions

Andy Shettle, 07 Jan 2014

There are four key ingredients HR departments will need to embrace in technology, in order to remain...

Risk to employers of group announcements

Nicky Cranfield, 20 Dec 2013

In April 2013 Commerzbank lost its appeal against a High Court judgment that 104 of its bankers were...

Moonlighting: Secondary employment or primary conflict

Nick Hobden, 19 Dec 2013

Whether you are one of the unfortunate many who have seen their disposable income in real terms drop...

Why is HR a technology hot spot and what are the trends for 2014 and beyond?

Paul Finch, 19 Dec 2013

HR is currently regarded as one of the hottest areas in business by technology developers and, as a result,...

Can HR help sales to the top seat in the board room?

Philip Squire, 01 Nov 2013

Without doubt, the percentage of CEOs that come from sales significantly lags those with a finance, operations...

TUPE Changes: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back?

Mark Watson, 28 Oct 2013

Last January, the Government began consultation on a number of proposed changes to the Transfer of Undertakings...

Legal issues on employees working excessive hours

Ben Stepney, 03 Oct 2013

The Reading employment tribunal recently heard how socialite Countess Maya von Schoenburg (the respondent),...

OFT report into 'poor value' pensions: five key points for employers

Laith Khalaf, 20 Sep 2013

Yesterday, the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) published its report into the £275 billion defined contribution...

Consumerisation of the enterprise

David Cohen, 13 Sep 2013

According to a survey from PWC, talent acquisition and retention now consistently top businesses priority...

How the recession influences talent management practices in emerging economies

Prithvi Shergill, 12 Sep 2013

The recession of 2008 and its aftermath brought along a wave of uncertainties that left businesses with...

Cultural Intelligence and its impact on business

Kanan Thakerar, 12 Aug 2013

My recent experience while travelling on an international airline made me ponder the impact of cultural...

Employment tribunal fees: what price in place of strife?

Michael Bronstein, 30 Jul 2013

With the introduction of fees for the first time, the employment tribunal system has moved even further...

Removing the barriers that prevent employees from raising their voices

Annekathrin Hase, 19 Jul 2013

The global economic downturn continues over the last five years has meant that businesses have had to...

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