Is business drowning in paperwork?

Becky Frith, 02 Mar 2015

The government promised to reduce the burden of bureaucracy for businesses. With the election round the...


Employment tribunal fees: putting a price on justice?

Hywel Roberts, 15 Jan 2015

Since the introduction of employment tribunal fees, claims have dropped noticeably. Are they a barrier...


Where does HR stand in NHS pay debate?

Hywel Roberts, 18 Nov 2014

Strikes over public sector pay have hit the headlines recently, but is it still business as usual for...

Living wage debate heats up

Hywel Roberts, 20 Oct 2014

The living wage is a contentious issue in business and parliament. But why are SMEs reluctant to join...

Campaigns: CSR success from staff pride

Marie Sigsworth, 25 Sep 2012

Staff involvement makes the difference in corporate social responsibility (CSR); it evokes pride and...

How can organisations improve employee engagement, customer satisfaction and business performance?

Jack Wiley, 21 Oct 2011

Here’s a question: What is the most important thing you want from the organisation for which you work?...

Beyond Olympic hurdles: A headache for HR or an opportunity to change for good?

John Blackwell , 13 Oct 2011

Between July 2012 and September 2012, the London Olympics and Paralympics will see the already-congested...

Abolition of DRA – The University of Cambridge perspective

Indi Seehra, 13 Oct 2011

The abolition of the default retirement age has meant many organisations have opted to merely ‘do away’...

Disciplinary procedures land employers in hot water if staff feel their human rights have been breached

Laura Kearsley, 13 May 2011

Should employers be concerned that their disciplinary processes may land them in hot water if an employee...

Why are employers cutting back on training when they should be investing in learning?

John Edmonds, 12 May 2011

'My training budget is under pressure - or has been slashed or frozen completely. It’s not fair. Training...

Is your HR policy outdated?

Christian Toon, 11 May 2011

With smartphones, tablets and other consumer technology devices entering organisations and employees...

Equality Act 2010: pre-employment questionnaires and contractual secrecy pay clauses

Darren Clayton, 11 Nov 2010

On 1 October 2010, the main provisions of the Equality Act 2010 came into force. In this, the second...

The Apprentice: Hasta La Vista Alex

Praveen Bhatia, 11 Nov 2010

As we reach the half-way stage in the job interview from hell, episode six saw Apollo and Synergy duelling...

Get ready for the April 2011 changes in maternity/paternity and flexible working rights

Piers Leigh-Pollitt, 10 Nov 2010

Over the past decade, there has been a steady improvement in the rights of families at work. Up to a...

Staying within the law on longer, fully-paid maternity leave and dealing with the cost implications

William Granger, 09 Nov 2010

Last month, the European Parliament agreed proposals to amend the Pregnant Workers Directive, including...

Employers must think now about the implications of the proposed abolition of the default retirement age

Jessica Corsi, 09 Nov 2010

Most employers will have pricked up their ears when the C Government announced its proposals to abolish...

Can David Cameron Rebalance the economy?

Alison Clements, 02 Nov 2010

David Cameron is talking up manufacturing as a way of rebalancing the economy. But can a manufacturing...

Hopes are pinned on the Cotswold Geotechnical Holdings case clarifying the scope of the Corporate Manslaughter Act

Bill Dunkerley, 14 Oct 2010

The Corporate Manslaughter and Homicide Act 2007 came into force on 6 April 2008. This Act makes it an...

HR and finance directors are left dazed and confused by NEST and pensions overhaul

Neil Gough, 14 Oct 2010

In two years' time pension provision within UK companies is due for the most radical overhaul ever seen,...

Liberal Democrats Conference: Lib Dem activists could still make life difficult for the leadership on issues including pensions and retirement age

Mihir Magudia, 27 Sep 2010

The Liberal Democrat conference in Liverpool this year was far busier than it has ever been before. Security...

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