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David Fairhurst, chief people officer Europe, McDonald's
"I enjoy picking up HR magazine and reading different perspectives and different ideas - things I wouldn't otherwise have thought of ... It often causes me to do an email or phone call to say, what are we doing about this, should we be doing something about this? That for me is the definition of a great magazine ... It creates stimulus and action for me as an HR director to do something ... HR magazine gives you that inspiration"

Clare Chapman, group HR director BT
"HR magazine has a real place in terms of what I do to keep myself up to date."

Will Hutton, executive vice chair, The Work Foundation
"It has a combination of news, in-depth features and comment and is very judicious. Events like the HR Most Influential are classic examples of what the magazine does ... I am pleased to say to people, read it!"

Lynda Gratton, professor of management practice, London Business School
"It really is important to get up to date information in the HR world and HR magazine does just that. So much is changing that a great HR director needs a constant source of information such as that provided by HR magazine."

Tanith Dodge, HR director, Marks and Spencer
"The reason I am a big advocate of HR magazine is the breadth of coverage it offers. There is always a good interview with an insightful view of an HR director and I learn a lot from that. It has lots of ideas - it's great!"

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