HR Technology supplement June 2014

HR Tech Supplement 2014

  • Going Forward: Over the past 10 years, talent management has made a critical shift from an art to a science
  • Blurred lines and empowerment: The prevalence of smartphones, ubiquity of social media and desire for an ideal work-life balance are combining to force a change in how firms operate, both internally and externally
  • Clear line of sight: Data analytics is not for the faint-hearted, so we have compiled a step-by-step guide to getting it right, from establishing objectives to presenting findings
  • Winning the game: Gamification is a vibrant way to engage employees, reward performance and boost results, especially among younger generations.
  • What does HR look like in the future? HR seems to be in a constant state of flux, and those who witnessed the rebranding from personnel may be wondering if another seismic shift is around the corner, driven by technology.
  • The right tool for the job: Spanning L&D, performance, workforce management and engagement, real-time technology allows HR to immediately identify issues and act
  • Head in the cloud: The rise of cloud-based HCM apps provided by external third parties, rather than the internal IT team, means more power for HR to take control
  • Ride the wave: The digital revolution is at the heart of changes in most industries and is profoundly changing the relationship that businesses have with their consumers.

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HR eBook: What’s next for HR?

Dave Ulrich, professor of business administration, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan and partner, RBL Group, writes this ebook exclusively for HR magazine


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