The end is nigh?

Holly Crane , 02 Nov 2011

Holly Crane

We’ve now had our last residential. It seems really strange, particularly as while that brings one key part of the course to a close, we still have a large chunk of the written work to complete and get signed off within the next – gulp – few months.

And the final residential certainly sent that part of things off with a bang. Our speakers and facilitators spanned the breadth of science and art this time, with a neuroscientist coming to give his profession's perspective on human nature on the one hand, and a theatre expert from Olivier Mythodrama running a half day workshop on leadership lessons from Shakespeare.

Both were great, and left plenty of food for thought for the group - but touched on almost polar approaches.

The caused quite a stir by arguing that if you couldn't see your soul on the MRI scan then he wasn't convinced it existed. I wasn't entirely sure how seriously he was proposing this as he seemed to have rather a dry sense of humour, but it certainly caused some lively debate amongst our group.

At the other end of the spectrum, in the Shakespeare leadership workshop our facilitator (who hadn't, incidentally, been at the earlier neuroscience talk) referred to a quote attributed to Einstein to illustrate one of her points: "Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted."

We were lucky enough to have Mee-Yan Cheung-Judge as a guest speaker, who pulled the two sides together nicely with a pragmatic but heartfelt and inspiring view of the field, and a look at the importance of continuing to work on your own self-awareness in order to be the best practitioner you can be.

There was also an optional evening event for those in our cohort who have worked for themselves to pass on tips and advice to those interested in setting up their own businesses or working as self-employed for the first time. A few of the cohort have recently left - or are about to leave - their current roles, mostly to move on to something a bit more 'OD'

It felt kind of sad to end this time, but we'll still have the final meet up in February though, so it's not as though it's the last time we'll spend time together as a larger group, outside our sets. And it's certainly not the last we'll see of the written work anyway.


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