Employers take decisive action to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Tom Newcombe , 29 May 2013


A group of leading employers led by Ernst and Young and supported by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) and the CBI has announced the launch of a National Equality Standard (NES).

The NES is the first diversity and inclusion (D&I) initiative developed by businesses to bring clarity and consistency in their efforts to tackle inequality and promote inclusion.

Harry Gaskell, managing partner of Ernst and Young's UK and Ireland advisory practice and head of D&I believes the "biggest strategic challenge" for employers in the next 10 years is D&I.

"As global business challenges become more complex, solving them requires calling on the widest spectrum of views and opinion to offer diversity of thought and perspective."

To be awarded the NES, each company will undertake a robust assessment against a defined set of criteria across seven standards. Trained NES assessors will then review documentation, ensure legal compliance, conduct comprehensive interviews and sample staff through in-depth surveys.

Gaskell added: "We believe that as the world becomes more complex, no individual can know all the answers, so building diverse teams becomes more important and helps us win in an increasingly globalised market.

"Beyond that we want to reinforce our commitment to help our clients create sustainable, high performing environments for their people."

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diversity + inclusion standards

p 30 May 2013

But - where can we read these standards to judge if they truly have any worth?

Program Director, D & I

Carole Weinstein 30 May 2013

Please send me more information about the NES as I may want to have you present about it at the conferences I plan with the Conference Board. I am based in NYC and welcome all information and contacts. My next event is coming up June 25, 26 in NYC. And I have some in the fall and into next year I am working on.

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