UK graduate job opportunities to rise in 2013, IDS research finds

Tom Newcombe , 20 May 2013


Job opportunities for university students graduating this summer are set to rise, according to research published today from research firm Income Data Services (IDS).

The research has forecasted an 8% increase in the overall number of graduate roles being advertised over the next year. This comes after a rise last year of just 0.1%.

The retail sector is predicting the largest rise, saying it expects to increase graduate recruitment by 30%.

Despite the increase in job opportunities, the research showed average graduate starting salaries will remain at £25,500 until at least 2014, with 72% of employers imposing a wage freeze.

The research also found that based on analysis of more than 100 employers, the number of graduate roles would decline in traditionally high paying areas, such as finance and the legal profession, with a fall of 12% and 5%, respectively.

The legal sector remains the highest-paid industry, with average graduate starting salaries standing at £36,500, compared with £29,250 in financial jobs.

Nasreen Rahman, assistant editor at IDS, said: "Key graduate recruiters, like the legal and finance industries, are cautious about hiring large numbers of graduates, but are still offering competitive salaries to lure the cream of the crop."

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Great News

GRB 21 May 2013

This is great news for the class of 2013. Another bit of good news is that SMEs plan to create 525,000 new jobs over the next 12 months. GRB advise grads to think beyond FTSE100 and you'd be amazed the career trajectory you can take.

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