UK workers unhappy with their employers for having ‘More money than sense’, survey of 1,000 shows

David Woods , 28 Mar 2012


UK employees have demanded a shakeup concerning the way corporate money is spent, according to a survey by conference call company Powwownow, which highlights almost a third of UK workers feel dismayed by their companies’ overspending.

The same figures reveal employees are equally critical of their boss's personal spending habits and would rather see the money spent on directors' salaries reinvested by their company in to more staff and training.

A cross section of 1,000 UK employees were asked the question, 'How they perceived the spending habits of the company you work for?' to which a disagreeable 30% of respondents indicated "too much" or "excessive".

According to the Employee Engagement Report, 74% of European employees polled trust their manager, but only 51% trust their organisations senior leader.

Powwownow's insights expose the relationship between salaries earned and inequality felt. For example, only 2% of workers earning over £80,000 felt their boss or company had 'more money than sense', whereas that figure rose dramatically to 23% for those who earn under that amount.

Powwownow's survey also revealed if employees were to take things in to their own hands, 38% of respondents said they would spend more money on training and a further 30% would spend more money on staff.

Powwownow co-founder Andrew Pearce, said: "All business are being asked to do more with less staff and less money, whilst still trying to maintain a profit," says, "And although we understand there are many happy offices in the UK, an increasing number appear to be plagued by a employee resentment at either their company's and/or boss's over-spending"

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