Staff tempted to look at colleagues' payslips, says CIPP

HR Editorial , 06 Sep 2011


More than a fifth of employees would be prepared to look at colleagues' payslips to find out their salaries, according to research published yesterday by the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP).

Out of the 380 employees polled last month online, 70% of people said they would not be tempted to have a look at other people's payslips, leaving a very curious 21% saying they would.

But 86% of people said they would report an overpayment to their line manager or payroll department. With employees having to pay overpayments back it's surprising that more than 6% of those polled say they wouldn't report it.

Karen Thomson is associate director of policy, research and strategic visibility at the CIPP, said: "Of course with overpayments come a host of complex pieces of employment law legislation. Depending on what the overpayment circumstances are will depend on whether the employee is due to repay, and possibly the terms of the repayment. It is always advisable to have robust procedures in force for dealing with overpayments as prevention is always better than the cure."

The survey also found discussing salary is still quite a taboo subject with 78% of respondents saying they do not mention their salary with colleagues; however 60% do discuss their salary with friends and family.


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Interested to know the reasons why

Jodie Roberts 19 Oct 2011

Interesting research. I would be interested to know why employees want to know what others are earning. Maybe they believe they are underpaid, or perhaps the curiosity of knowing what their line manager is earning. Either way if the company has a fair pay structure in place there should be no problem in knowing your colleagues' earnings.

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