Networking for jobs grows in popularity as newspaper job ads disappear

HR Editorial , 06 Jul 2011


After help from recruiters, person-to-person networking continues to be jobseekers’ most successful tool, according to a study by Right Management.

Traditional networking has been the source of new career opportunities for 26% of job candidates so far this year, while Internet job boards account for 17% of new positions secured.

According to the study of more than 13,000 respondents, in 2011 only 2% of jobseekers used newspaper advertising as a source of opportunities compared to 21% in 2008. More than a third (36%) continue to use recruitment agencies. Jayne Carrington, MD of Right Management, said: "The way people search for and apply for jobs is changing and some approaches are losing ground to others, but traditional networking continues to be a very effective way to find suitable employment.

"As the job search moves increasingly online, new technology and social networking is playing a growing role in the job hunt. In fact online networking cannot always be separated from traditional networking now as one will so often lead to the other. A job seeker can use the Internet to track down a former colleague or acquaintance and then they can reach out to them in person. The Internet is demonstrably an effective way to make contact with a prospective employer."

In 2010 for the first time "Online Network" was made a separate category in the survey and cited by 4% of the successful job candidates The data reveals that the job search continues to be a multi-layered and complex process. Carrington added: "Job candidates should try to use as many tools as possible, for research and to locate former contacts. The different approaches give job seekers every opportunity to reach out to people who may be able to help. "Nevertheless, from year to year the data shows that traditional networking is a very stable job search method. People continue to build their strongest career networks face-to-face."

The research analysed the responses of 13,404 individuals throughout the UK to whom Right Management has provided career transition services over the past three years.

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Networking and Job Search

Keith Busfield 06 Jul 2011

I couldn't agree more. My advice to all my outplacement clients is to network, network and network again. The hidden job market is of even creater importance in the current economic climate. One key point though in the above article is that "job search continues to be a multi-layered and complex process." A lot of people think of job search in terms of separate routes to market - it's either applying to press ads or online or via recruiters or networking or ..." The savvy and successful job hunter is more likely to understand the nuances and complexities of how to look for a role and then carefully tailors their approach accordingly.

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