Charity launches technology to ensure staff take all their holiday entitlement

David Woods , 11 May 2011


The human rights organisation Christian Solidarity Worldwide has put technology in place to make sure its employees are taking their entitlements to holidays and days off.

Like many non-profits and charities, CSW is finding employees are working over and above the hours they are paid for. One of the challenges for the organisation has been to ensure fairness its  employees.

Jane Bave, PA for Christian Solidarity Worldwide said: "We have very dedicated people who regularly give many more hours than they probably should do. Unlike some regular business organisations, we actively encourage our staff to take holidays, to take time off.

"We now use a software package to keep track of what members and advocates are doing, and to make sure they are properly and fairly rewarded for their time and effort."

The package they are using is Holiday Scheduler - an excel-based system developed by software company MTIS. The software gives managers and HR staff simple and accurate updating of employee holiday and absence records within a highly-customisable interface.

Bave added: "As well as being able to track where advocates are at any one time, I can instantly see whether there are employees who should have taken time off, but didn't."

Christian Solidarity Worldwide works to provide 'a voice for the voiceless' around the world, speaking up for people suffering religious persecution.


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Great twist

Doug Jenner 06 Jun 2011

A great twist on the usual uses of such a package - to actually MAKE employees take their holidays. Love it!

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