Employers 'ill-prepared' for Incapacity Benefit review

Joe Williams , 06 Dec 2010


Employers have not prepared sufficiently for the Government's review of Incapacity Benefit, according to research released this week.

As more recipients are assessed under stricter Work Capacity Assessments (rather than the old Employment and Support Allowance tests), the Department for Work and Pensions expects three-quarters of the 2 million recipients to found ‘fit for work’.

Research conducted by Group Risk Development (GRD)—the trade organisation for the group risk industry—suggests that 38% of employers are ill-prepared to accommodate these changes, with almost one in five (18%) citing obstacles to bringing people back into the workplace and only 8% will accommodate a return to work for those whose Incapacity Benefit is withdrawn.

Katharine Moxham, spokesperson for GRD, said: "Viewed as part of the framework of Welfare Reform, the review of those on Incapacity Benefit is an important step towards creating a system that fosters greater personal responsibility and more positive behaviours among employees.

"But effecting a change of this magnitude will have major implications for both those directly affected and their potential new employers."

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final solution

tony 24 Oct 2011

I am one of the many who had the misfortune to be forced to go throw the process of the supposed "medical assesament" and been transferd from incame support to the new ESA,even having cronic serious health problem.However just came to my attention that just because you have been moved from incame support to ESA your claim will be considered a new claim and in doing so you will lose 3 days of payment as any new claim will start 3 days from the date the claim began

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