Companies failing on employee wellbeing strategy

Tom Newcombe , 27 Sep 2012


Only a minority of organisations are strategically committed to employee wellbeing, a survey claims.

The online survey of almost 200 senior HR professionals: Health and wellbeing at work – where we are at and where we need to be, by employee benefits provider, Edenred and health improvement company, energiseYou, finds while many organisations (66%) make the link between employee engagement and wellbeing, not many follow through with a wellbeing strategy in their business (33%).

While nearly half (47%) of the HR professionals surveyed said the health and wellbeing of their staff is good or excellent, this contrasts with employee research, which finds a large majority (80%) of workers score just 40% with regards to their health and energy.

Andy Philpott, sales and marketing director at Edenred, said: "There is an opportunity for organisations to work harder to personalise and communicate wellbeing activities and benefits much more effectively. This will help strengthen the impact of the investment and deliver much better return on investment."

Another issue in the survey was a lack of clarity as to whether objectives were being met.

Fewer than half (46%) of organisations believe their health and wellbeing activities met their objectives, while 11% say they didn't and 39% just don't know, suggesting more work can be done to ensure objectives are set and to measure the return on investment of wellbeing activities.

Managing director of energiseYou, Oliver Gray, said: "Quite often, HR and employee benefit professionals sense that they need to do something when it comes to the health and wellbeing of their staff."

He added: "With sickness absence and stress levels rising in UK workplaces, employee health and wellbeing can no longer be left off the agenda."

The online survey of HR managers and decision-makers was conducted between August and September 2012.



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What to do

Peter Marno 27 Sep 2012

This article provokes many questions and some will focus on what to do. There will be some who will push their own agenda - gym membership, screening, healthy eating, cycle to work etc. Providers, of course, will be promoting what they do as the panacea for life. I believe, that as each organisation is different they should, anyway to start with, look at what internal data and information they have and only when they have done their research look to deal with the issues that have been highlighted - always remembering that those who most need to improve their health are likely to be the ones who do not come forward to avail themselves of the health initiatives!

Companies failing on employee wellbeing strategy

vasantha 15 Apr 2013

it is very good. i need more articles on employee health & safety.

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