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Unemployment fall could reignite 'war for talent'

Isobel Burns says:

The shift towards a candidate driven marketplace began late summer last year and has gathered pace at an astonishing rate. In response many firms have been startled in to making counter-offers to retain employees. This rarely works in the long term as once someone has mentally 'checked out' of their role they are thinking about more than just what they have been offered. We are finalising our annual Market Report that is based on information gathered from 2013's job seekers. This year contrasts sharply with the previous three with a far greater emphasis on the full package (work/life balance, softer More...

SMEs 'blocking' apprenticeships as NEET problem escalates

Fred the Red says:

The reality is that for an SME taking on an apprentice is a far greater risk than for large companies. The resource to support and mentor the apprentice simply isn't available and the associated costs both in terms of money and time don't stack up. The Govt is looking to pass on the bulk of the cost of an Apprenticeship onto employers and this will only serve to further put off SMEs

Amazon boss Bezos tops Xinfu's CEO list

Andrew Lambert says:

While I don't know how robust Xinfu's assessment process is - a lot of these rating processes can be pretty flaky - anyone who has kept up with news abut Amazon will be aware of the in-depth exposé before Xmas into the dreadful operating conditions for employees at their despatch centres. I'm sure there are some in Amazon who feel very positive, but there are also many who evidently feel nothing like the 'owners' Bezos claims (in Amazon's annual report) he has tried to make employees feel. I for one remain unconvinced that 'soft' factors - and their people performance More...

Make your experiential learning process real

Nigel Rayment says:

Completely agree with Sam about the centrality of reflection to effective experiential learning. And yet, of course, it's this element of much that passes for experiential learning that tends to get overlooked. As Boud, Keogh and Walker observed 30 years ago: "The skill of experiential learning in which people tend to be deficient is reflection." It's one thing providing memorable experiences which CSR often does; quite another to provide the space and expertise to support a learner to reflect and transfer their learning to other contexts. We have just started an open Linkedin group entitled "Experiential learning & the C21st More...

The big changes in employment law for 2014

Chris The Comic says:

Its simple ETO plays up front for Chelsea and TUPE is a typo for DUPE which is what the guy ot gal that wrote this hokumm dir to this site!!!!!

How to get the most out of global mobility

Larry Brouder says:

There are some great points here. We are seeing some supporting volume increases, especially in developing markets. Policy consulting/reconstruction/analysis is on the increase too, and we are coaching on incorporating the agility without abandoning support for both longer-term and localization programs. Also, there is (finally) getting to be a more involved/integrated effort between HR/IHR/Comp/strategy. Good Article.

IHG HRD: Employer brand is secret to success

Tatiana Rudinger says:

So proud to be part of the IHG family!

CIPD launches project to develop human capital framework

Teresa Ewington says:

I'm not sure now if I'm 'human capital', 'real or unreal' or just plain 'messy' after reading this. When did the language all get so weird? Is there any chance that seeing none of us are actually aliens we could talk about ourselves in a better way? Problem is it gets in the way of what sounds like something good to talk about.

IHG HRD: Employer brand is secret to success

Karin Knecht says:

I'm proud to be part of the team! IHG is truly a great company to work for! I'm looking forward to continuing the journey.

Dean Royles: Some people are women, get over it

Anne Thompson says:

Thank you for a very thoughtful reply to a highly insulting article . You give a very balanced reply.Also doctors in training work much longer hours than other professions .I have practiced 27 years and have only had 26 weeks maternity leave for 2 children in that time .I worked the old rota system of 1 in 2 or 1 on3 on call during y trainig. I have reached my LTA in my pension .Have I repaid my debt? I think so.

IHG HRD: Employer brand is secret to success

Lianne Corriette says:

Great article! It's fantastic to be part of the team that continue to bring this promise to life and work with thought leaders in the industry!

Auto-enrolment fees cap delayed

Steve Herbert says:

It's unlikely that the charges cap will just drop off the radar - as it's important to ensure that employees are not enrolled into schemes that are not suitable. Yet this delay is not helpful to employers who are seeking to comply with AE legislation which keeps changing. The sooner we have certainty here the better.

IBM leads talks to tackle India's gay sex ban

Samapathik Trust says:

Samapathik Trust (Pune) works with LGBT on health and rights issues in Pune, State-Maharashtra in India. We have planned a session for Corporates on IPC377 related issues on 21st Feb 2014. We need to invite corporates like IBM(Pune,India) who have offices in Pune. Our kind request to you is please assist us in getting their Contact for sending the invite to them.

IBM leads talks to tackle India's gay sex ban

Owais Khan says:

Dear HRMagazine, Through your good offices, I'd like to send a message to Ms. Brind-Woody... As a person who has worked extensively in both the IT Corporate World as well as in LGBT Advocacy, I'd like to extend any and every assitance to this initiative. You can check out my profile at and let me know how I can assist. I'd like to make it clear that this is an offer of pro-bono work from my end. I can be reached on +91 90 09 42 40 88 and on Thanks and Regards, owais.

IBM leads talks to tackle India's gay sex ban

David A Likins says:

Well said Claudia. Our corporate brands and straight allies need to band together to promote, at a minimum, the removal of the "against the law" backwardness of dealing with LGTB relationships. As the Partner lead for our Straight Ally program at IBM please feel free to contact me here in the U.S.A. if you have any questions on how to approach a straight ally program for your company. All the best.

Doug Sawers: HR analytics can drive value, efficiency

Vinay Johar says:

Doug, you have touched right topic for linking HR Analytics -- in scope of employee and customers. As both are linked but very tough to analyze. I like to add some more dimensions to this, if I know my client industry and any change in industry and its impact on my client, will impact to my employee too . Analytics is now getting bigger and complex. we are working in this domain, and its really exiting. Vinay

Resilience to become key attribute of future employees

The HR view says:

Great article and comments. When it comes to resilience I think training is key. As was mentioned you have to provide the employees with the tools to be resilient. Expanding training modules, get people involved in teams outside their normal routine, etc. can really help build someone's perspective and allow them to take ownership of the problem solving process and therefore allow them to be more resilient.

Recruitment agency fees are a rip-off, say employers

Georgeta says:

With a huge number of people on their books, recruitment agencies sometimes just need to contact a few to get to the winning professional. Sometimes they receive a good recommendation that brings them a generous fee but give nothing back to the person that made the recommendation. At Contractor Club, members (interim professionals only)advise their peer interims of contract requirements from their clients. Clients don't pay a penny for finding their interims that way and the members reward each other too! It is really a win-win solution for everybody that is involved. I mean, can you see a downside?

Resilience to become key attribute of future employees

Mark Black says:

Great article and an insightful comment as well. Too often the burden falls on HR to assess and/or train employees to be more resilient. Resilience is innate in some, but for the most part it is something acquired and learned. In the work I do with organizations around the world, I try to help people in management understand that you can TRAIN people to be more resilient but you have to give them the tools. Hiring naturally resilient people is always a good idea, but providing the environment, and the tools, necessary to develop and hone their resilience, is the More...

Resilience to become key attribute of future employees

Libby Hood says:

This article provides a very good start in the discussion about the need for resilience in staff. However, it seems to suggest that companies need to build resilience in their staff, and to offer more support. Sometimes, this isn't easy ... the article mentions the fact that there are fewer people doing more work - and that applies in HR, too. We are still working under financial constraints and sometimes it is not possible to offer the support suggested, including flexible working. What I would like to do is to be able to measure resilience in the staff we are More...

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