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Companies with high performing HR departments, enjoy 3.5 times the revenue growth

Andy Dobson says:

Whilst I can't disagree with the points in this article, I think it attempts to punch above its weight! So well run, collaborative, profit-making companies have effective HR departments which actively engage in the business. No surprise there!!

Trust is the key to well-being and performance

Martin Birt says:

I am not an academic. These conclusions are derived from a thirty year HR career in business preceded by ten years of army service. An employee's trust begins with the attention paid by the employer to SAFETY, ETHICS and BUSINESS CONTROLS.

Private companies should help 'failing' job centres, says think tank

GRH says:

With the above comments. I too had a spell standing in line. If this service is privatised it will be run for profit and get even worse. We are in a tick-box culture, no-one has to think - just recognise a learned phrase and tick it - job done. JCP is a depressing place to be and the people working there just want to get through the day and go home. Failing JCP are not the responsibility of private companies and there is no 'should help' about it. Surely private companies are in the business of running THEIR business not More...

Trust is the key to well-being and performance

Robert McNeil says:

This research seems to correlate nicely with Will Schutz's FIRO work, now known as "The Human Element." Trust is built through increasing self awareness, truth telling and personal choice. The behaviors are: Inclusion, Control, and Openness. Organizations that work to build self esteem build high levels of trust in the process. This leads to high performance and real sense of aliveness.

Private companies should help 'failing' job centres, says think tank

bj says:

Job centres need to do the job that they were designed for - finding jobs for people! Ever tried using a job centre to find staff? They are riddled with inflexible practices that create so many barriers that one is pushed back to the private sector. One can sympathise with the person above who correctly identified them as box tickers for benefits.

A rise in public-private partnerships will force both sectors to work together

Jill Miller says:

Really interesting to read your article. Indeed the scale and pace of change in the economy and world of work presents an urgent and critical need to ensure the ways we work, our workforces and workplace cultures are fit for today and drive performance and growth for the future. We are seeing organisations continuing to become more specialised, decentralised and networked in their operations. For example, a 2013 PWC survey found that significantly more state-backed CEOs (52%) expect to initiate a strategic alliance or joint venture over the next year, compared to 47% of private sector CEOs. As you say, More...

Private companies should help 'failing' job centres, says think tank

Julie A Brewster says:

I'm am HR professional who has unfortunately had 2 spells of unemployment recently. I was shocked at the lack of support provided by the job centre. Its a tick box exercise to get your benefits - not supportive or encouraging to get you back into work. Its a depressing place - I feel for those who are stuck there and don't know how to escape. The staff are clearly demoralised, maybe through the cuts, i don't know. Unless some drastic changes happen soon then Britain will not return to work.

A rise in public-private partnerships will force both sectors to work together

Wilson Wong says:

Perceptions of difference between private and public also reflect the damaging narrative played by the government that private sector providers are more efficient, productive etc. My research career has spanned private (including financial services), public and third sectors and the practice of HR often (not always) reflects the organisation’s raison d’être. In the private sector all roads lead to the bottom line and that level of focus is exhilarating. HR facilitates the movement and reward of talent and human capital. In the public sector, in the main, what I found interesting was the complexity of the stakeholder map and how More...

SMEs face heavy fines for auto-enrolment non-compliance

Simon Martin says:

This is a very insightful look at the challenge of pension auto-enrolment for SMEs. Getting these changes right, in the correct time frame and with minimal disruption to core business activities will be nigh on impossible for most businesses. Outsourcing this to a specialist employment provider like Originem should be a real consideration for decision makers.

Balance is key: between operations and innovation; staff satisfaction and productivity; and family and business

Phillipe Western says:

It's interesting That Aaron feels able to comment on business and innovation. Companies house shows he has registered and dissolved a good number of companies before accounts were filed. He and his associates Valery etc... seem to make a habit of such practices. Obviously there is no suggestion of anything untoward.

Major construction firms caught in illegal blacklisting still avoiding responsibility, Scottish Affairs Committee report finds

mark strachan says:

after reading the above statement i think this type of practice is immoral and illegal i have found myself blacklisted for my trade union activites and for involving trade union im my workplace.i am looking for others to that have been through this to contact the company i worked for wins major government funded contracts.

North Sea oil and gas industry facing 'recruitment crisis' as record numbers head for retirement

Phil says:

I understand the frustration of a number of 'qualified' candidates looking to get into the oil and gas industry but it's worth noting that the industry has changed and a couple of NEBOSH or IOSH will not fetch the role it used to 5-10 yrs ago...if you are opportuned to see the calibre of people applying for the same role with B.Sc. M.Sc and sometimes Ph.D, then employers will have to take the best candidates and prospects. NEBOSH and IOSH with 10-20 yrs experience may land you the job, but not just these certifications with no job experience...unless you're the More...

Tackling homophobia in the workplace

William Smith says:

Blimey, you don't see that too often. See above comment - employee calling out the writers of the article. You go girl! Tell it like it is. Does this bit of self promotion seem like a good idea now Charles Russell?

Should Government introduce a ban on zero-hours contracts?

J, Crawford says:

Such contracts should apply to seasonal work alone otherwise they can create much hardship

Trust is the key to well-being and performance

James Timlet says:

I have read the full report and having worked in senior people and OD positions for some time found the science really clear, and at last something to give a practical steer. I agree that it must be a leadership mindset - behaviours that influence culture but I can see how I can take into account the research when I am implementing strategy.

CEO views on engagement: symptomatic of a wider problem?

Nigel Girling says:

Good commentary Tom. I too was at the event (indeed I was one of the CEOs that was interviewed within the research). What strikes me forcibly from the report is the essential nature of many that are rising to the CEO position - for decades we have valued toughness, commercial obsession, data-focus and financial skills as the the key characteristics that get one to the top table. This report (and our own common-sense) tells us that we need to change the record. We need naturally engaging personalities, the ability to inspire with passion and enthusiasm and the ability to coach More...

Tackling homophobia in the workplace

Helena kubinski says:

I work at Charles Russell and no one has any idea of the comments I endure every day. Not directed at me but 100% in my earshot. Don't pretend to celebrate or support or understand diversity when you have no intention of doing so

Fatal workplace injuries on the decline

Richard Evens, St John Ambulance says:

It is encouraging to see that the number of workplace deaths in the UK has fallen significantly from 172 to 148 in 2012/13, however, despite this improvement, the number of needless deaths is too many. If UK employers want to continue reducing the impact of these tragic workplace incidents, it is essential that they provide basic first aid training and equipment for their employees, so that they can act in an emergency. In the event of an emergency, first aid can be the difference between life and death, so by providing employees with the skills to help, businesses can genuinely More...

Changes to whistleblowing law: what you need to know


I guess all we can do is to stand tall for what we believe is right and if that involves consequences, then we deal with that as long as it was in the best interests of the service. I was offered promotion and got a thumbs up, 2 months before i was suspended for disrupting a service that cares for vulnerable adults. I sleep very well though because I know the care for those adults is now being closely monitored, which enables me to deal with these silly allegations against me through the correct way. All we can do is More...

Changes to whistleblowing law: what you need to know


Well im not sure if this is encouraging or not. Im at the start of possibly one of these cases. Having gone to my divisional manager about my intent to report the area manager for incompetence and fraudulant activities that has put many vulnerable adults at severe risk, he then informed my area manager by email of my intentions that week my staff was telling me they had begun asking statements from them. Day after i submitted the actual grievance my works email account was stopped and the following day when i actually fell ill i got a phone message More...

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