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Is an employer entitled to dismiss an employee based on a third party's allegations alone?

julie says:

I av accepted redundancy on sick but on displinary next mon can employer stop redundancy pay if dismissed never had warning in 5 yrs .

Disengaged employees and poor health cost UK economy £6 billion

Kate Smythe says:

This is true, I've completed lots of really good projects and received compliments from clients etc. But have no pay rise for five years and no reward, comments from my employer. I only stay in the job because it's ajob that fits in with my family commitments and sometimes it looks like it could 'take off' and become really intersting. I don't take time of sick, but I do sometimes feel well and truly unmotivated. This is a subect often talked about but which employers never address.

Autumn Statement: Employment at "all time high"

Jo Pierre says: So more people have work... but for the first time, there are more employed 'poor'(below poverty line) that unemployed

Car hire firm embraces home-working

Heleni Lindsell says:

Thanks Leigh for writing this article. I was able to use it for my University assignment on 'flexible working practices'. Samantha Meredith kindly pointed me in this direction. I adapted the concept behind it to some case-study consultancy work with a struggling call center.

Heart foundation calls for healthier lifestyles

Shoz Rahman says:

Lifestyle and diet choices are the employees responsibility, and employers should not waste effort and resources on promoting employee well being. Everyone is aware of health issues associated with certain diets and lifestyles, and despite this, many people don't appear to be concerned. They continue to indulge. So it's not at all likely that an employee will decide against chips and a burger for fruit and say "I'm doing so because my employer said". With vast media campaigns, health advice and incessant news features on healthy eating having no effect on lifestyles and diets, why do some believe that employers More...

HMRC U-turn will protect staff using salary sacrifice for pensions, post auto-enrolment legislation

Charlotte says:

Having left my employer before the qualifying 2 years, I was recently told I don't qualify for the pension scheme and despite having paid over £100 a month on a 'salary exchange scheme' I am not entitled to a refund because the payments are classed as employer contributions... I received no 'benefit' other than reduced NI and Tax. Can this be right? I feel like I've been conned.

Autumn Statement: Support for apprenticeships, removal of uni cap

kelly says:

I will never understand why mandatory work experience and careers services such as Connexions were scrapped. While some schools (and employers) do an excellent job in their absence, others do not. Some of the few things in place that supported young people, and which they could access easily were removed and now young people are paying the price. These services supported many of the NEETs who were considered a lost generation, but with their removal, these NEETs have simply been lost in the system and many may be prepared for a life of unemployment.

Autumn Statement: Support for apprenticeships, removal of uni cap

christopher B says:

Totally agree with the above comment. To steal a phrase total smoke and mirrors. The very fact this cap is removed will simply make it harder for those who aren't the most talented or rich will struggle. Just like the way HR goes on about finding the top talent, the rest will simply be left to fight for the scraps of employment and poorly paid jobs!

The future of business education is ‘blended learning’, experts agree

Valerie Hickey, M.Ed says:

Agreed, blended learning in business schools is the way of the future. Pay attention to transfer of learning which means after the blended learning event is 'over' what does the institution or organization do to have them apply it? New delivery methods are good and right.Sustainment is the perennial challenge. Otherwise focus on delivery trumps impact.

Who develops the developer or trains the trainer?

Chris Davies says:

This article is a good reminder that as HR professionals we need to look in all directions when considering our own L&D. The points are very valid and offer a spread of options to allow us to make best use of, what can sometimes be, limited resources.

Interview with HRD Amnesty International: Managing change in a tough environment

yossarian says:

This man mangles the English language almost as much as he mangles healthy industrial relations.

Autumn Statement: Support for apprenticeships, removal of uni cap

Ian Butcher says:

Having totally destroyed the education system in UK this is just too late. Just look at where we rank for Reading, Writing and Maths. Lack of investment in education over many years means we are no longer at the leading edge. There is grave shortage which also means working longer and Universit fees have discouraged people going. Really concerning that we do not have a pipeline of talent from our education system. This announcement is just smoke and mirrors to hide this.

Autumn Statement: Employment at "all time high"

Ian Butcher says:

Statistics are wrong. Numbers claiming benefits are down is not the same as unemployment. There are loads that cannot claim. How do you count them?

Autumn Statement: Gen Y won't receive pension until 70

Ian Butcher says:

This is so wrong. It seems that retirement gets further and further away and for anyone who has worked all their lives (never claiming any benefits)and contributed fully to the tax/NI system that they are being penalised for all of their hard work. MPs get massive pay outs after just a few years - it seems wrong to me that the ordinary working people in UK are treated in this way. All talk of Engagement in workplace should apply to a Country as well as this totally disengages your citizens - Why work hard if that is what you do More...

Autumn Statement: Gen Y won't receive pension until 70

MLett says:

As years progress people look forward to being able to spend some relaxing time at retirement. The light at the end of the tunnel is being switched off. Its ridiculous having to work to 70 and beyond. Make Pensions enrolment compulsory and increase the contributions. We deserve to retire at an age where we can still enjoy it.

Who develops the developer or trains the trainer?

Ian Butcher says:

This is a really great article and reflects my strong belief that it is not just L&D but the whole of HR that are often overlooked when it comes to development and learning. But it is responsibility of individuals to seek out opportunities. I have had some great Mentors and my best learning has come from them, being a School Governor, networking and using Social media. We just need to embrace new ways of learning there is so much out there.

Most workers happy on zero-hours contracts, says CIPD

David Hugh Meagher says:

With all due respect “2500 workers" is less than 0.25% of the "over one million workers on zero hours contracts" out there, as referred too within the article, which is hardly indicative of the majority feeling about said contracts? I would be very curious to see figures to about the “2500”; were they management or non-management staff for instance? I would also be very curious to know who funded the research, i.e. is there a prejudice towards a certain outcome of the research? I think Mr Skinner has a very valid point too.

Business leaders call for shake-up of UK education system

Rudy Haugeneder says:

NOT to worry. Within twenty or thirty years artificial intelligence will have surpassed the human maximum, been incorporated into almost everything we create and use, perhaps even implanted into newborn children allowing them to later communicate electronically but not at a higher level than so-called machines which control everything, thereby eliminating the need for improved math, science and reading skills by our species. About the only thing we humans will, by then, get better at is restoring our currently lower talent for expanding superstition and spirituality which AI, wisely, will regulate.

ING chooses Chris Roebuck as global head of performance management

Nigel says:

Congratulations on your new appointment, Chris.

CIPD's Valuing your Talent project gets mixed reception

Peter Copping says:

I tried to read the report on line but like most CIPD reports its is over- designed for print. and no 'print' version is provided. The unintended message is clear though. Don't look too closely just admire the presentation.

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