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Employers should work together to develop a skilled workforce

Roger Davies says:

Well put David. If the surveys are right (and I don't doubt them for a minute),75% of employers have problems recruiting skilled workers. That gap can only get bigger as growth comes back into the markets - in a nutshell we need more talent to go around. Companies and Government investing together to develop wider skills has to be a great solution.

Employers should work together to develop a skilled workforce

stuart woollard says:

"The supply chains driving these organisations are enormous, and it takes only one of the links to fail 
to dent the customer experience." I agree David - and those more mature organizations that see suppliers as 'Value' chains (as opposed to supply chains) e.g Toyota, Waitrose, understand that it's not just about skills either. Suppliers have to fit seamlessly into their systems and align with their values too, further blurring the boundaries of the firm but helping to deliver quality and avoiding bad outcomes. Does McDonald's choose suppliers based more on value or on cost?

Low income parents 'better off' sticking with childcare voucher schemes, says tax expert

KiddiVouchers says:

The benefits of the new scheme are being widely reported, however a vast number of parents who are in the current childcare voucher scheme will make bigger savings by remaining in the employer-supported scheme. Parents currently save at least 32% of eligible costs but the new scheme only offers savings of 20%. We recommend parents sign up for childcare vouchers before 2015 to preserve their ongoing savings. It is not only parents who may be worse off in the new scheme, employers are due to lose the NI savings they currently make in the salary sacrifice scheme. These savings, in More...

Katie Hopkins: ‘HR needs to stop ticking boxes’

Nick Dietz says:

Having read and then re-read this article and the comments I am struggling to understand what the message is and what value it has added. The only thing I can conclude is that it detracts from the standing of HR Magazine as a valuable source of comment and information. As the Guardian (substitute your newspaper of choice) is to The Sun then likewise People Management is to HR Magazine?

Budget: Big changes to rules on pensions

Steve Herbert says:

The Chancellor apparently trusts savers to make the right decisions with their retirement pots. This is a leap of faith, and one that could yet go badly wrong for all concerned. And with changes starting from next week it may not take long to find out...

Budget: Big changes to rules on pensions

compton says:

I am not the only pensioner facing a mortgage repayment deficit. I would willingly forego my pension pot if I could use it to repay my mortgage. It's a no brainer, the pension investment return is significantly less than the mortgage cost. Furthermore we could sleep at night without having to worry about being foreclosed.

Budget: Big changes to rules on pensions

MLet says:

If only the majority of us were lucky enough to have sufficient pension savings to worry about the extra tax charge....

Budget: Big changes to rules on pensions

Dave Whelan says:

So finally personal pensions have more flexibility. Lets hope public sector workers aren't too jealous. They still have pensions, us in the private sector can only dream about.

Budget: Big changes to rules on pensions

GRH says:

will be tears before bedtime with this. Lets hope that the 'savers' will have some savvy by that time and not blow it all on sweets and toys. It all sounds rather jolly but I see shadows lurking in the background and I don't think their intent is good.

Shared parental leave legislation may breed resentment

Carol H Scott says:

Gazing into my crystal ball I see this will all be a great big non event with low uptake but designed to get the Mumsnet votes!

Katie Hopkins: ‘HR needs to stop ticking boxes’

Carol H Scott says:

As a female, an HR professional and a Non Exec of a very successful organisation, I agree with much of what Katie says and there are a whole plethora of HR people doing non-jobs, in roles that block and stifle. As an employee commented to me in a company I was delivering training in, HR do all this to keep themselves in a job and justify their existence. The CIPD have a lot to answer for too....

How to build trust in organisations

Chloie Brandrick says:

You may find this discussion on LinkedIn interesting:

Motivation initiatives worthless without employee engagement

Darren Tracey says:

The point here is that employee engagement is not the same as motivation. Engagement is broadly about getting employees onside with organisational goals. Motivation, on the other hand, sits on a solid foundation of engagement and is about firing up employees to achieve specific goals such as sales targets or service levels. HR professionals and senior management are increasingly recognising that they need to get to grips with employee engagement as a discrete issue.

Katie Hopkins: ‘HR needs to stop ticking boxes’

Arvind Hickman - Editor says:

Thank you for your feedback, it is most valued. When this opportunity was first presented, we had similar reservations about featuring someone so divisive and far removed from our usual range of HR leaders and commentators. However, after reading some of Katie's views, we felt that she was making a genuine attempt to challenge some of the prevailing HR thinking on diversity, workplace flexibility and maternity leave. While this magazine does not agree with any of Katie's views, they are not uncommon in business and we believe in providing a broad range of voices (even if the person delivering them More...

Katie Hopkins: ‘HR needs to stop ticking boxes’

Greet Brosens says:

Very disappointing article. A reality TV star does not make an expert in HR policy. The issue of gender balance in organisations is more complicated that what Katie Hopkins makes it out to be. In fact, all she does is reinforce stereotypical thinking that is already out there. I have been studying the causes of gender imbalance in engineering for a long time now, and there are many factors at play. Changing the words in advertisement can indeed help to attract more capable women, who would otherwise not apply. How is that skewing the process? The process was skewed in More...

Katie Hopkins: ‘HR needs to stop ticking boxes’

Ralph Edwards says:

The most important thing any senior manager can do is demand criticism and dissent from their staff. Always be open to listening to those who criticize. Those who reject Katie's right to voice her opinions are falling into the trap of confusing the message with the messenger.

Katie Hopkins: ‘HR needs to stop ticking boxes’

Peter Hinkson says:

My instinctive reaction before reading the article was to respond in the same way as Mark and Ian have done, and I don't disagree with them. However, I chose to check what I was responding to in case there were some gems of wisdom that I had not anticipated. Sorely disappointed. Yes, HR needs to strengthen its ability to apply common sense and understanding of people to contribute to individual and organisational improvement. However, it worries me that our reality TV culture will encourage equally misguided and less discerning individuals to believe the half baked opinions derived from regurgitating consultant More...

Katie Hopkins: ‘HR needs to stop ticking boxes’

Ian Butcher says:

Yes I agree why are you giving a "Z list" Celebrity space here. Why do you not interview Katie Price next - do we really care what Katie Hopkins thinks! I thought this was a professional publication - obviously not! I have watched the Apprentice and over the years can honestly say I would never employ any of them. That is "entertainment" in weakest sense of the word.Please stick to interviewing people that we would respect and value an opinion from.

Katie Hopkins: ‘HR needs to stop ticking boxes’

Mark Eltringham says:

I cannot understand why you are giving this person any sort of platform. She is not 'politically incorrect' or 'controversial'. She is gratuitously offensive for money. There is a difference. You cannot expect to have things like this taken seriously by using rent-a-gobs.

Motivation initiatives worthless without employee engagement


'P&MM account director for motivation Adrian Duncan told HR magazine employee engagement and motivation are two completely separate subjects.' I don't know whether to laugh or cry......

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