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Youth Contract branded a 'disaster' after only 4,690 young people find work

Peter Copping says:

The scheme pays a wage subsidy to employers if they hire a out of work 'youth' but only if they are still in employment there after a period. Would you risk it.... well a lot did . Good for them!

How HR can master strategy

Will i am says:

In response to the final statement in the contribution above. Actually it is perfectly possible to reach a correct conclusion from an incorrect premise. Just as it is possible to reach an incorrect conclusion from a valid premise. The interaction between premise the process of argument and the conclusions reached are more complicated than the notion that if you ask the right question you get the right answer. Oh, by the way. HR strategy is nonsense. Just do your best to contribute to the overall business strategy and stop trying to sound important.

Youth Contract branded a 'disaster' after only 4,690 young people find work

K Grant says:

There is a significant gap between the level of influence that employers have on government policy and their willingness to contribute to the achievement of the goals that they have persuaded the government to pursue. Promoting interest in, then supporting people to actually participate in, something new is time consuming but essential if you want to achieve change. You can't just say "Make it so." Perhaps if more people in government actually had experience of work they would know how to persuade, how to implement change and innovate effectively? Would anyone like to offer an MP or civil servant a More...

How HR can master strategy

Bay Jordan says:

Despite being a comprehensive article with a number of thought-provoking comments that cover a range of issues, I am not convinced it contributes anything that will ultimately address the issues that it depicts. Why? The opening sentence gives the clue: "HR should play a pivotal role in business strategy, PARTICULARLY in organisations that consider their people a key asset." This misses the key point that strategy is only a dream unless it is implemented, and this requires people. Thus the statement would have been far more helpful if it read: "HR plays a pivotal role in strategy BECAUSE people are More...

How HR can master strategy

Jon Ingham, Strategic HCM says:

Can 'HR strategy' even be pinned down? Not by these commentators unfortunately, none of whom mention the need for HR strategy (or any strategy) to deal with business competitiveness (or its not a strategy.) So it can't just be about enabling business goals, it has to focus on creating value from our employees which means our businesses can achieve more or different things. Otherwise we're just being a more proactive support function. So out of all the comments I liked Mike Haffenden's suggestions around social sciences best as this provides a real opportunity to create this new value. Whether we More...

Stress and presenteeism "sapping UK productivity", says research

Jo Howarth says:

I agree with the above comments wholeheartedly. And the cause of the illness itself in the first place is, more often than not, stress! The issue of stress is becoming more and more prevalent in this country and yet companies still seem happy to brush it under the carpet instead of recognising the real business value that can be gained by doing something about it.

Stress and presenteeism "sapping UK productivity", says research

Michele Starr, PES says:

With the economy really squeezing the purse strings of many, many people feel they can't 'afford' to be ill. Many SMEs are unable to offer additional sick pay due to restricted budgets - so employees can take a drastic hit to their take home pay if they have more than a day or so off work. And this situation can only add to the stress already being felt by employees in the workplace and in the pocket!

UK workforce facing savings crisis

Steve Milner says:

How to 'recognise the value of saving'? Inflation is currently 2.9%, interest rates half that, at best, before tax. The value of saving is therefore around -2%. The cost of not saving if one ends up paying silly interest rates to borrow might be more, although there are plenty of good mortgage deals around. Then again, we've always been suckers for the never-never in the UK, individually and nationally with spendthrift governments....

Legal implications of zero hours contracts

Paul says:

A firm using Zero hour contracts is generally seen as having poor employee loyalty and frankly unreliable. Add to this the horror stories of people being blacklisted when not available at short notice, it is no surprise that what you end up with is disinterested unmotivated temporary staff. Core staff (in both manufacturing and service trades) often find themselves losing hours and therefore wages as contracts are speedily progressed using "temps". This breeds core workforce disharmony and ultimately quality and quantity suffers. Whilst it may be advantageous to a tiny if not minute number of people there is a growing More...

The benefits of hiring an army reservist

Julian Osborne says:

I do wish people would stop automatically linking the term "Reservist" with "Army"! There are Navy and Air Force Reserves too - making equivalent contributions to their bigger, greener colleagues - and arguably their skill-sets are more highly specialised.

Leadership lessons from the Round the World Yacht Race

Seshagiri Rao K says:

An interesting article, rousing curiosity to learn Management in an environment of 'stress', that which is very different from management in 'a smooth sail'. Wish the study would further come out with the strategies and ways adopted by the winners in achieving and maintaining the 'togetherness of the team - crew'

Sports Direct employees to receive record share windfall

Michelle says:

Considering the sheer number of Sports Direct employees and the small number set to receive this bonus I can't see the benefits being reaped by all. It would surely make more sense to increase wages throughout the company or spend more on employee benefits to keep the staff teams happy, motivated and fair treatment for all.

Employers and employees divided over value of vocational training, says research

Seshagiri Rao K says:

Have either Employers or employees provided any statistical data in support of their claim. Has the data been subjected to verification? Perhaps, this data, duly verified, would establish the truth which somewhere the two divergent views.

Protecting your organisation from data theft

Andrea Bridges-Smith says:

This is a terrific article with a lot of great suggestions and things to think about. One thing I'd add is that every organisation needs a robust backup and recovery solution so that if something does go wrong, you'll be able to recover from it quickly.

BBC HR director urged to step down over severance payments scandal

Peter Copping says:

This is what the NAO said 'The savings the BBC has made by reducing senior manager numbers exceed the cost of severance payments; and the BBC has proposed capping redundancy payments at the lower of £150,000 or 12 months’ salary, which is well below the maximum that applies to senior civil servants. However the BBC has breached its own policies on severance too often without good reason resulting in payments that have not served the best interests of licence fee payers. Weak governance arrangements have led to payments that exceeded contractual entitlements and put public trust at risk. Severance payments More...

Sports Direct employees to receive record share windfall

Neville Gaunt says:

Dave Forsey's comment says it all. Keeping employees engaged and working with you is easy when you know how. Well done to the Board for getting it right. Hope you keep doing more 'radical' work and innovating further. What they've done is common sense, but not common practice.

BBC HR director urged to step down over severance payments scandal

Keith Appleyard says:

I'd go further than Carol Scott - I'd say that everyone in the food-chain who had any input on these outrageous pay-offs, anyone who was a co-signatory, should all be fired - and that includes Chris Patton, who seems to be paid a large amount yet be responsible for nothing? I see the BBC Trust were recruiting this week - £32,000 for 2 days a week?

BBC HR director urged to step down over severance payments scandal

Colin Souter says:

Lucy Adams noted a culture "which clearly did not deliver value for money".Now theres a priority that she should have given some thought to! The BBC seems still riddled with Old School, University and family nepotism.Why on earth do we even consider paying failures a penny more than has to be paid

Diverse teams make better business decisions and therefore do better business

Pete Quinn says:

Good to see E&Y taking a lead here. I have concerns that talented disabled people are being hampered by lack of aspiration from society, education and families. Anyone with examples to allay my concerns?

Sports Direct employees to receive record share windfall

Jon Ingham says:

And perhaps that's (part of the reason) why they've been so succesful

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