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UK leaders must change attitudes and cultures to help the economy grow, report finds

AFC says:

The report can be downloaded:

UK leaders must change attitudes and cultures to help the economy grow, report finds

Malcolm Whale says:

Where can I read the full report?

Burberry CEO becomes first woman to top FTSE100 pay league

Jon Ingham, Strategic HCM says:

Whilst good news for rebalancing from a more male centred to a more female centred or at least mixed world, not great news for rebalancing from an individually focused to a more socially oriented one. "She had "delivered record revenue and profit": really? I wonder if Burberry staff would have something to say on this and whether their performance would have been even better if they thought the results of their efforts were more fairly distributed?

Banking change must be about integrity more than rules and regulation, says ex-head of HSBC UK

Paul says:

One of the problems faced by the banking industry is a lack of experienced middle management. About ten years ago prior to the financial crisis many of the middle managers were culled to cut costs. This practice is still going on, the result of which is that direct leadership for banks newer entrants lack the skill in balancing morals and sales. The emphasis has been on sales and now the problems this has brought to the banking sector are becoming more apparent. It may be a good time to bring some of the more experienced and skilled players back into More...

Recruiting for 'engageability'

Sue Melone says:

Spot on, Kevin. I like to add sending a qualified candidate out on the sales/manufacturing/work space and let the team ask the questions...real questions. My experience is that the team has a good view of true "engageability."

Recruiting for 'engageability'

Inclusion Queen says:

Recruiting for engagability, what a jargonistic load of rubbish and sifting out that glass half empty peron....who exactly is this fictional person who is negative about everything all the time, sounds like a load of overgeneralised rubbish, exactly the kind of thing that results in bad recrutiment practices that miss out on talent and people who can actually do the job....

Innovation key to retaining skilled workers, report finds

Paul Rein says:

Please see this link to an open-access study into the barriers organisations are facing in driving innovation: Thought leaders in innovation representing companies including Thomson Reuters, eBay, Lloyds TSB, KPMG and Virgin have initiated the collaborative discussion - follow the link above to have your say.

Flexible benefits schemes receiving surprisingly low take-up

Kuljit Kaur, The Voucher Shop says:

The key to running a successful flexible benefits programme is to keep it simple and communicate the savings offer really well. At a time when many are paying more tax and not receiving a salary increase, employers should be helping their employees to see how the benefits can be used in full to increase their work package and remuneration. Organisations must consider how they will communicate effectively to staff what benefits are being introduced to ensure that they understand the advantages to them and what they must do to acquire them. This is particularly important not only for the launch, More...

Actively employing autistic workers could be a legal minefield

Patricia Chandler says:

I worked for Global Corporate America 23 years in this Country and They Used Me Up, from 1985-2008! SAP is linked to Tommy Hilfiger is linked to Autism Speaks. SAP did the math based on actual and projected stats for numbers of ASPs. Autism Speaks did the math on revenue generation from the Sweat, Blood and Tears of Autistic People like Me, 8 Years ago! Tommy Hilfiger is the Front-end, Look-Good, Fashonista Go=between. If SAP is sincere, they should hire me as the Primary Global and International Employee and Consultancy Firm, to head up this enormous recruiting, hiring, staffing, onboarding More...

Innovation key to retaining skilled workers, report finds

Jim Sproat says:

I'd just like to make a simple point regarding innovation: it tends to be incremental, as opposed to Eureka! Innovative companies create a culture which welcomes "the shock of the new" and have systematic ways to enable continuous improvement, which often comes from an idea that needs development and deliberation. "Dumb" ideas are therefore always welcome in the best companies!

Workers more 'at risk' of falling into financial difficulty as employee benefits fail to adapt

George Farrow, Client Services Director, Asperity says:

The Cass Research makes a valuable contribution to the debate on the state of employee benefits. However, its conclusions suggest a financial utopia that is no longer affordable. The problem is not employee benefits failing to adapt, but pensions and financial protection failing to deliver. Year after year, the gap grows larger between annuity projections, (assuming your pension pot has survived the global financial turbulence of the past five years) and the corrosive impact of inflation. And protection products can be an expensive lottery. One of the darkest benefits moments in my corporate HR experience was when I had to More...

Employers need to boost women's role in the workplace to help economic growth, report reveals

Gloria says:

I absolutely agree with Kathryn, hormonal change in women at their mid 40s going on is an issue so serious that it affects progress and promotion in the workplace. Men do not understand that stage in women's lives and they might still struggle to do so with education but lets try making them aware by bringing it on the table for open discussion plus building confidence in women who might be intimidated to move up very early on through Self Belief/awareness support such as mentoring. Self belief is key! Once we accomplish this early on i guess we will move More...

Recruiting for 'engageability'

Bay Jordan says:

Recruiting for 'engageability'! Please tell me that this isn't a lesson that HR professionals need to be taught! Surely it is a primary function when recruiting people to conduct profile tests? In which case - if the job is being done properly - it isn't a question of employees not having 'engageablity.' Nobody goes to work intending to do a bad job, and if people are not engaged, it is because something in the environment is debilitating them, diluting and destroying their energy, enthusiasm and enterprise. It is paramount that we stop considering employee engagement as a corporate project and More...

Financial sector rewarding employees for "inappropriate behaviour" as trust in the City remains low, says CIPD research

Bay Jordan says:

There must be others out there who are also tired of this 'rewards' debate, and questioning whether there is any real will to address the problem. People like Dan Pink have produced copious evidence that incentives only work for elementary mechanical tasks. Yet the crusade for "performance related pay" continues unabated, spreading to the NHS, education, law-enforcement and virtually all other public sector organisations. The problem is likely to get worse before it gets better unless we change the reward system. People get paid to do a job and that should be enough. If the remuneration is not enough the More...

Workplace pride continues to rise, report finds

Martin Alden, Wickes says:

The results of this survey are encouraging and should act as a prompt for business to continue to place employee engagement at the top of the agenda. One way of doing this is to consider employee motivation programmes. Staff rewards are a major contributor in boosting motivation and good feeling towards a business. However if businesses want to achieve real results with a reward, a gift that is long lasting will ultimately have greater impact. A trip to the cinema, restaurant or favourite shop is a pleasant experience for many, but one that is quickly achieved and easily forgotten. While More...

Sweet success: Interview with SK Sathyavrdian, VP HR at EID Parry

P.Dhivya says:

sir I know u very well.r u remember chandran in obl I am her daughter only u r a roll model for all new generation.and I am doing my MBA now my brother gone to oman and if u see ths means pls mail to me

Back-to-work mums 'held back' as career progress is hindered

Judy Newgreen says:

These figures are alarming and yet not surprising. Organisations that have effective flexible work arrangements operating, are, and will be, the winners. In my work I see women in their 20's and early 30's actively seeking out these organisations and planning their careers accordingly. Those organisations that fail to recognise the value of the talent they have, will lose.

Flexible benefits schemes receiving surprisingly low take-up

George Farrow, Client Services Director, Asperity says:

Truly one of the most insightful articles in recent memory in deconstructing the myth that Flexible Benefits are "flexible" or "relevant" to the majority of employees. When thinking about the impact of Flex, I'm minded of the HMRC jingle, "tax doesn't have to be taxing". In the case of Flex, the equivalent would generally be "Flex doesn't have to be inflexible, costly and difficult to communicate but it generally is". When facing the ravages of inflation and wage restraint, employees are much more enthusiastic about making savings on household expenditure now, rather than spending dead money on things that may More...

Employers need to boost women's role in the workplace to help economic growth, report reveals

Kathryn Colas says:

Knowledge reduces fear and it's a fact that women are missing out on improving their work status by not understanding how hormones are affecting their lives. With PMS and Menopause there is such a lack of understanding it's causing women to resign for 'work/life balance'. It's time to change working practices. Understanding hormone health will create a huge shift in women's ability to climb the corporate ladder if they want to or enjoy a better quality of life in any event. Win/win!

A quarter of HR departments are 'ineffective', say senior HR professionals

Sylvia Lee says:

Agree with first comment - HR needs to use leading indicators linked to business results. I've tried to make that happen, as an HR department leader, and been blocked by managers who clue in that such indicators point to their effectiveness too. After all, managing human resources does not happen primarily in the HR department. In one organization, where I had a team of over 50, establishing a clear purpose really did help bring the group from 6 siloed units into a team, but then our work got blocked as noted. Sad, very sad. Final thought - until we stop More...

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