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TGI Friday's MD: my people management secrets

John Ludike says:

Not much new in this approach and largely copied from Yum and their CEO David Novak of " Taking People with you fame" . Not well known in UK but behind KFC and Pizza Hut Brands .

Employers must adapt global mobility strategies as millennials shun emerging markets, study warns

John Ludike says:

Their is absolutely no shortage of local talent in 23 countries in Africa, Middle East and Asia we operate in as HR largely decentralized to in country HR Execs who use local incentivised employee referral schemes and many a millenial who studied in USA, Europe etc only to happy to be repatriated back to home country. In these markets however its all about the " collective community" hence leverage of these vast family networks.

Osborne's shares for rights scheme could help SMEs attract top talent

Professional Paperweight says: forego your rights for shares and then are sacked for something that could be considered unfair dismissal if you still had rights. Do you get to keep the shares? Would it not make for an uncomfortable AGM? Surely if a person is suitably aggrieved they may seek to cause trouble for the company.

Osborne's shares for rights scheme could help SMEs attract top talent

GRH says:

how this is going to make any difference. It seems to me to be just a back-door means of taking way peoples rights; especially so when you realise that new employees may have to sign up for this scheme as a matter of course. And what use will these shares be? Can you buy more and own the company? What rights will you have. More likely they will be non-negotiable like the tokens used to pay people before the Truck Act. In short it stinks. But then it is designed by a rich person with no doubt shares in companies More...

Employers must be aware of change in school leaving age, say business leaders

Peter Copping says:

Could we please stop talking about 'The School Leaving Age especially professionally Learning for Year 12/13 must take place in a School/College or on a training contract in employment. (a zero hours one?) Will those not on such a contract or or registered at school or do not attend find their parents are arrested.

Osborne's shares for rights scheme could help SMEs attract top talent

Peter Copping says:

What rights do 'employee'shareholders have as SHAREHOLDERS? Who knows?

Osborne's shares for rights scheme could help SMEs attract top talent

Tom Toher says:

The erosion of employment rights simply does not attract talent. The evidence is that people, particularly senior people, are becoming increasingly risk averse and less likely to move unless they have to or have already been made redundant. Logic dictates that if you have a big mortgage or maybe even have large school fees to pay, you are less likely to work somewhere that does not offer some kind of long term stability and fair, decent working conditions. More rights are the answer, not less.

BBC HR director Lucy Adams steps down

Robert Williams says:

I too have worked in a number of large organisations where unnecessarily generous 'compensation' payments were standard practice to rid the firm of poorly performing senior staff. When I attempted to challenge this I quickly found out there was no appetite at all for such a change. Other senior staff knew that it could be them in line for the push at some point in the future so why put a stop to the payouts.

Research project: Is the employee survey dead?

Craig says:

I absolutely believe this is something that needs to be explored. Having worked with 'future of work' research departments, my organisation is shying away from the focus on a survey and understanding how joining up a variety of measurements can be utilised. I think the article is spot on, we need to question and explore what else is out there.

Cross-generational conflict caused by communication breakdown, says Peer 1 Hosting HRD

mb.soebehle says:

Irealy agree with the the cross-generation conflict as it at times caused by staff expertise used by companies in the department like HRD. I think it would be fair and assisting the young generation if companies can be so kind to give a chance like brought in student after finishing thier studies a very practical period not just giving them a job just because of the qualifications they have.

Employers failing to sustain change management initiatives, study finds

david rigby says:

As a re-engineering /change specialist I observed many times the failure to implement recommended changes. That is why I also developed exec coaching skills. There is a process to go through to implement change which is about recognising the fear in people to change, staff who were experts no longer are and fear loss of face and status. Communication is one essential but getting at the hearts and minds of those who are having to change is not just about telling them they have to

Employers failing to sustain change management initiatives, study finds

Melissa Samuelson says:

Although most people are reluctant to change, it can be good for an environment. I believe if the objectives and desired result are always clearly defined to the people you are asking to change it can be managed. Ultimately, it is the leadership who is responsible for managing how effective change is to a company.

Recruitment strategy: A call to action

Piyal Salwathura says:

Good article; what is most like is that the writter mention about seeling oppertunities; also I like the things he has written about Exit Strategy

Research project: Is the employee survey dead?

Gareth Jones says:

Im sorry but the research industry didn't get smarter and embrace this stuff years ago. The key elements here - real time feedback and unstructured data - are still only relatively new. We have only had a meaningful number of individuals using social tools - internal or external - for 4 years max (actually no where near that internally) and whilst some of the research organisations are doing stuff, their processes (and beliefs) have changed little. its the new businesses that are making inroads. Couple that with the fact that most organisations are way off the mark still in this More...

Would you take legal advice from a high street brand?

GRH says:

Tesco Finest* Legal Advice - for those of discerning taste and needs. Tesco Everyday Value Legal Advice - cheap and cheerful at a price you can afford. Remember - Clubcard points on every case we handle. Every Little Helps! I don't see why not.

Employee engagement invariably leads to higher performance – true or false?

david mccracken says:

well said sharon- precisely what I was thinking as I waded through all the gobbility gook and jargon inthis article and comments

Research project: Is the employee survey dead?

Rochelle Levy says:

I think this research project is a great step in helping make employee research more well rounded and keeping up with our market research counterparts. Being on the client side for a global financial services firm, we face a number of data and employee feedback challenges. There are some instances where we need to fix the basics (i.e. having good data), moving from reporting data for making HR recommendations and decisions. My gut feel is that there are a lot of organisations who don't make use of the data they have, possibly dont look at predictive modelling, forecasting or trending More...

Research project: Is the employee survey dead?

Sarah Wzolski says:

Confirmit is the biggest online research company in the world! We've used them for a decade. Research (customer and employeee) became smarter and embraced this stuff years ago. This makes obvious click bait but is hopelessly out of date.

The business partner model: 10 years on - Lessons learned

Luciano Cauiane says:

I was so glad to read about HR business partnership role and noted that, in fact, there is a large number of HR professionals that would concentrate their attentions on the Administrative side of it, but through my reading today I have learnt to look at the HR roles from the business partnership perspective, rather than the Administrative one.

Care workers paid below minimum wage, says thinktank

Keith Appleyard says:

I run a Nursery in Brighton, and my staff get paid their full normal rate of pay (more than the Living Wage) from when they arrive to set things up to when they leave after doing the cleaning. Staff meetings are held after hours say between 6-7pm, and staff are paid to attend. If we hold open evenings or daytime events for parents they get paid. If they go on training courses we pay their fees, their travel and for attendance. I also pay them 13 weeks holiday pay a year when the schools are closed. Everyone qualifies for Sick More...

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