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Integrated reporting requires influential HR

Paul Kearns says:

Jon Ingham is obviously in the 'you can't measure it' faction if he believes he can be "influential by explaining that the right things often can't be measured". On what basis does he know what the right things are? At IHRM we are resolutely in the evidence-based measurement faction and the only evidence we are interested in is societal value. The Integrated Reporting (IR)faction seem to want to confuse matters with more 'capitals' than you can shake a stick at. Yet the human capital reporting question is actually very simple - does your organization get the best value from your More...

Create HR policies that get the best out of staff

Helen Menhenett says:

Actions speak louder than words - too often managers espouse empowerment and then impose excessive controls or implement performance management systems but don’t apply the process to themselves.

Create HR policies that get the best out of staff

Michael Moran says:

Theresa Thanks for your feedback. It is much appreciated. Michael

Ten trends that will reshape the future of HR

Chris Minett says:

For HR leaders not looking at and addressing the impact of their ageing workforce and employee family ageing issues (on employee engagement, retention and productivity), they are in the words of one client "ignoring the sleeping tiger". Our ageing society and ageing workforce is a massive long term trend that is only just starting to present some significant challenges for businesses in the UK and abroad. Ageing issues already impact businesses not just in the context of older workers, but also those in the Sandwich Generation (35-55yo), working carers and expats (or those living away from ageing parents). Not forgetting More...

Integrated reporting requires influential HR

Jon Ingham, Strategic HCM says:

This seems to suggest there being two main needs - to be influential by focusing on the right things, and to find consistent, business-like, financially oriented ways to report on these. I'd suggest there's a third - built on the other two - being influential by explaining that the right things often can't be measured financially. This isn't, or shouldn't be seen as, factionism - it's just the way things are. We don't produce tangible outputs that have a direct financial value so there's a limit on how much we can learn from Finances' established ways of reporting. I don't More...

Flowers case highlights need to tackle psychometrics malpractice

Anisa Zulfiqar says:

Psychometric assessment results should always be used in conjunction with other recruitment techniques. Such as analysing the resume, behavioural interviewing, and reference checking. The assessment results should only form part of the picture in the recruitment process, never the whole picture.

Create HR policies that get the best out of staff

Teresa Ewington says:

Loved the common sense Loved the simplicity Wished more firms did this. I left my last place because these things didn't happen. It was as easy to read as my salad was to eat over my lunch break. thanks

Cary Cooper: Flexible working should be open to everyone

Brian Kent says:

'Management again?' - Do Companies have 'Boards' that 'direct' anymore?

Young fathers most resentful towards employers about work-life balance

Dickon Moon says:

According to the Office for National Statistics, the number of fathers who have chosen to look after home and hearth has doubled in the last 20 years, from 111,000 to 209,000. This makes men to be among 10% of those who stay at home to care for the children while their spouse/partner is the sole wage earner of the family. Experts initially attributed the role reversal to the rising rate of unemployment and the fact that in many households it was the woman who was the higher earner. However sociologists are of the opinion that the decision to stay at More...

Lawyers welcome High Court tribunal fees ruling

Deborah Driscoll says:

I am an employment lawyer and I did not welcome this ruling. Employers have had the ability to apply for strike out of unmeritorious claims for some time now. The fee regime is not about weeding out weak claims, it is about dissuading people from going to the tribunal in the first place.

Time to get serious about staff loyalty

joon says:

The concept of job has changed from permanent position to career development. So it is common for employee to move to another company. But, it is not effective for the company. Because high turnover rate causes the company to recruit new employee and train them, this process requires HR team time-consume as well as the cost for it. This article introduces an unnamed company from Fortune which overcame the risk of high turnover rate by implementing a motivational program. This case must be an excellent example for other company in same situation to make the employees increase the loyalty for More...

Boards on the brink as executives lack skills to lead

joon says:

This article shows only 7% of leaders have all the skills required to be successful in today's demanding work environment. Besides, since the level of executives is older generation than other employees, it is hard for them to catch up with the new technology and market change. But the competency of leader is really important in corporate circumstance. Thus, the division of HR development in corporate should provide them with training to help them to have the ability to build strong networks within their business based on autonomy, empowerment and collaboration, as well as the traditional skills of organizing and More...

Companies not using HR data for business decisions, says study

joon says:

We have learned that the HR system helps employees to work effectively and it makes the organization perform well. This article shows how much using recruitment and employee data works in the real field. According to the article, Most of companies collect employee performance data, but only half use it to improve talent acquisition efforts, and one-third do not examine employee data in any way. Because many studies have demonstrated the HR System is beneficial for running corporates, the CHO and stakeholders should try to apply the data collected on employees such as performance appraisal ratings and hire retention.

Ten trends that will reshape the future of HR

Simon Hayward says:

I welcome the insight here and in particular the way leaders and HR working together can create increased agility and respond to the increasingly complex and digital world. The era of the connected organisation has arrived.

Directors' pay rises 14%, but bonuses fall, research finds

Joon says:

One of critical issues in HR is the payment system. The survey referred in this article says the pay for directors or top bosses is far higher and increase faster than the average workers. Most people would admit the payment system affects the worker’s performance. Like the phenomenon revealed in this survey, if the gap between directors and average employees keeps growing, the average employees could lose motivation to work hard. Therefore, company’s HRM team should make partnership with finance team to consider cash bonus and long-term incentive as well as regular salary.

Is HR ready to help ensure sales growth?

joon moon says:

As this article says, it is an ongoing topic of controversy whether HR performance really affects to the profit and how much it is. Many trials to figure the ROI on HR have been operated by HR team in many companies. But because the effect of HR performance is variable and takes much time to see the result, it is really complicated to estimate the effect. However, in the case of sales professionals estimating the result from HR initiatives is kind of obvious compared to other job position. This article shows the example in which a company achieved huge growth More...

Employers have a duty of care to make business travel stress-free for employees

Yiannis Pelekanos says:

Thank you, this post was so useful, I didn't realise that the days lost was so high. We used quoted you in a post a about accommodation for staff /a

Bridging the gap between HR and CIO

Richard Tate says:

Hi Eddie, Great article and absolutely on the pulse of today's fast moving companies. I myself have recently been meeting with a lot of CIO's and CTO's and I couldn't agree more that there needs to be a more streamlined and effective way of bridging the communication gap between HRD and CIO/CTO. Something seems to get lost between the technical requirements and overall project goals and the procurement planning and delivery. It would be very good to hear more from some senior HR Directors or Internal Recruitment people on this issue. What challenges have you faced? Richard 01444 447 229 More...

What can the commercial sector learn from not-for-profits?

Jan Levy, Three Hands says:

The importance of this point cannot be over-estimated. Business has so much to learn from charities. As well as everything mentioned in the article, charities know loads about social issues that businesses need to know. TV companies need to understand visual impairment, life insurance companies need to understand the effects of cancer, banks need to understand financial (il)literacy, retailers need to understand community deprivation - and so on. And it's charities, of course, that have this knowledge. But they need to value their knowledge; indeed they need to deal with their knowledge just as businesses would - in commercial ways. More...

Lawyers welcome High Court tribunal fees ruling

Adam Creme says:

This piece is not even close to either being balanced or correct. The vast majority of employment lawyers and law firms, including those who mainly act for employers consider the syatem to be hugely unfair and wanted us to win. We wouldn't want the truth to shine into a good story though would we?

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