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Number of companies failing to comply with auto-enrolment could 'rise sharply'

Henry Tapper says:

Glyn mentions three challenges- I'd like to add a fourth- finding the right workplace pension for the employer and for the staff. Employers can always use NEST but the challenge is to explain to staff why they didn't look at other providers and to explain how they came to the decision they did! Sadly, in our rush to be compliant, we sometimes forget that the workplace pension is what this is all about!

Reliance on recruitment intuition harms diversity

Victor Nkomo says:

Hiring always constitutes a risk, question always is: will risk materialise? Only time will tell, always!

The Byron interview served with extra relish

Eugenio Pirri says:

Very good article and solid plan for the future - good to see L&D strategy on the table as part of the entire strategic plan!

Reliance on recruitment intuition harms diversity

Gary McQuade says:

A recent survey from careerbuilder showed that in the UK, the cost of making a bad hire can be as high as £50,, it is even more amazing that Behavioral Profiling is not as widely implemented as one might expect! The combination of Behaviors,Skills, Expertise & Experience, is surely the key to risk free hiring. our work with 'i-D from F10' in discussing exactly this type of hiring methodology is proving this very point.

Royal Mail to axe 1,600 staff

MLet says:

Its difficult times with cuts everywhere and people losing jobs. Unfortunately, in these times companies such as Royal Mail need to be able to compete with other companies or we are going to lose it which would be a great loss to the country. The government are gradually privatising many areas by chipping off the block. A 30% hold on Royal Mail is a token hold so they can say they haven't totally privatised it. They are doing this all over, including the Health Service!

The 10 social tools you need

Dabe says:

What about social HR platforms, like Bitrix24 or TribeHR?

Adams admits 'should have pushed harder' against BBC payoffs

Michael Powell says:

What did Lucy Adams do for £320,000 that she wouldn't have done for £160,000? Or £80,000? Apart from her dismal performance in front of the MPs, she completely failed to understand the ethics and culture of the Corporation. But what do you expect from someone with a background in money-grubbing outsourcing companies?

Katie Hopkins: ‘HR needs to stop ticking boxes’

Nicholas J Higgins says:

Interesting comments from Ms hopkins. She has some strong observations. Not sure why some people reject her criticisms/ comments. It's her experience. Is it the fact that it doesn't chime with 'accepted wisdom' however myopic that may be? NJH

CMI accuses managers of thinking 'robotically'

Abraham Cohen says:

Well done, though long overdue, article about the sad state of affairs, whereby managers evade their professional and ethical duties to pass judgment based on merits. Instead, large number of managers hide behind "following procedures" to avoid taking responsibility. They do this blindly and blinkered ignoring the fundamental principle that substance should override form. In doing so, they unwittingly and unwisely declare their incompetence and unsuitability for their roles. More importantly, they cause injustice, suffering and pain to people who do not deserve these. Managers, please be humane with your dealing with people and you would discharge your duties more More...

Dean Royles: Some people are women, get over it

Inge Woudstra says:

So good we are having this argument out in the open, as many people are thinking it: why invest in women, as they will not be able to give you the same return on investment. In addition I would like to highlight that women indeed do bring something unique to the profession. In my opinion we should make sure there is a good balance of men and women, thus reaping the benefits of what both genders bring. I am currently researching how managers can be more Gender Intelligent, and make sure organisations get the best out of both men and More...

Companies face 'nightmare' delivering pensions advice

Lauren says:

It will be important to ensure the advice is appropriate, reliable and properly communicated. These changes are the biggest for 100 years and many people do not fully understand drawdown. Individuals should approach specialist income drawdown advisers who often provide free first meetings or no upfront fees.

Budget means £165 billion of pensions 'not fit for purpose'

MLet says:

The headline just promotes panic stations. The people who have "Lifestyle" pensions still have them and the value has not decreased any. People prudent enough to save in this manner will still have the "Open Market Option" to decide when and how they take their pensions. Annuities are a way of ensuring a reliable source of income in retirement and I am surprised that the government have done this. In one hand they have brought in auto enrolment to encourage people to save and on the other have said well you can take it out when you want.... talk about More...

Interview with Tim Martin, founder of pub chain Wetherspoon

Robin Ranson says:

Tim is a man of my heart. you are only as good as the people who work for you, so treating them as friends is the key to success, as Tim seems to do. l have worked for similar people e.g. Freddie Laker who would take us seniors to the local pub for a pint when visiting. His treatment of the work force was excellent. well done Tim. I will be a regular at your new pub in Whickham.

Four common NHS myths busted

Rifat says:

Thank for acknowledging the BME workforce shortfall. BME and a woman....double jeopardy. The question is why is nothing being done to address this

Employers should work together to develop a skilled workforce

Roger Davies says:

Well put David. If the surveys are right (and I don't doubt them for a minute),75% of employers have problems recruiting skilled workers. That gap can only get bigger as growth comes back into the markets - in a nutshell we need more talent to go around. Companies and Government investing together to develop wider skills has to be a great solution.

Employers should work together to develop a skilled workforce

stuart woollard says:

"The supply chains driving these organisations are enormous, and it takes only one of the links to fail 
to dent the customer experience." I agree David - and those more mature organizations that see suppliers as 'Value' chains (as opposed to supply chains) e.g Toyota, Waitrose, understand that it's not just about skills either. Suppliers have to fit seamlessly into their systems and align with their values too, further blurring the boundaries of the firm but helping to deliver quality and avoiding bad outcomes. Does McDonald's choose suppliers based more on value or on cost?

Low income parents 'better off' sticking with childcare voucher schemes, says tax expert

KiddiVouchers says:

The benefits of the new scheme are being widely reported, however a vast number of parents who are in the current childcare voucher scheme will make bigger savings by remaining in the employer-supported scheme. Parents currently save at least 32% of eligible costs but the new scheme only offers savings of 20%. We recommend parents sign up for childcare vouchers before 2015 to preserve their ongoing savings. It is not only parents who may be worse off in the new scheme, employers are due to lose the NI savings they currently make in the salary sacrifice scheme. These savings, in More...

Katie Hopkins: ‘HR needs to stop ticking boxes’

Nick Dietz says:

Having read and then re-read this article and the comments I am struggling to understand what the message is and what value it has added. The only thing I can conclude is that it detracts from the standing of HR Magazine as a valuable source of comment and information. As the Guardian (substitute your newspaper of choice) is to The Sun then likewise People Management is to HR Magazine?

Budget: Big changes to rules on pensions

Steve Herbert says:

The Chancellor apparently trusts savers to make the right decisions with their retirement pots. This is a leap of faith, and one that could yet go badly wrong for all concerned. And with changes starting from next week it may not take long to find out...

Budget: Big changes to rules on pensions

compton says:

I am not the only pensioner facing a mortgage repayment deficit. I would willingly forego my pension pot if I could use it to repay my mortgage. It's a no brainer, the pension investment return is significantly less than the mortgage cost. Furthermore we could sleep at night without having to worry about being foreclosed.

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