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Cafcass HR director: HR has 'frequent inability' to be entrepreneurial

Manjula Suraj says:

Every business should first change its view on HR(Human Resources) to HC(Human Capital. With this change we can under stand that people of any organization are a capital and not just a resource. At the strategic level, when business models are set, Human capital will play a major role as capital investment, this will lead to HC being involved as a key business partner within the organization.

Government needs to consider childcare costs of disabled children, says Working Families

laura watts says:

We would like you to ensure that European Social funding made available to support access to employment and inclusion, fills the gap in specialist childcare for families with disabled children so that we can work. Why is this important? An investment in specialist childcare provision to remove barriers to employment for families with disabled children will save the local government TEN times their investment in reduced benefits. European Flexible Support Fund can be used flexibly by Job Centre Plus district managers to best meet the needs of the local population. One in four families in Birmingham has a child with More...

Should long service awards be renamed 'lethargy of service' awards?

Shoz Rahman says:

There aren’t compelling commercial reasons for offering Long Service award, in fact rewarding tenure is detrimental. Here’s why: 1. An employee with long service tenure isn’t necessarily loyal. 2. The employee may be loyal but may contribute little to the organisation. 3. Long Service awards reward presence, not performance. 4. By bolting down employees, inflow of fresh ideas and skills through recruitment of new employees is curtailed. 5. It creates a sense of entitlement among employees when long service awards signal to employees that long service is king. At the worst, an employee with long service tenure may be one More...

Cafcass HR director: HR has 'frequent inability' to be entrepreneurial


Dear Colleague, Its happening largely in India that HR heads in Indian MNC companies have proved to be good CEOs . I have given 30 yrs to HR profession and last 7 years I am Heading a Unit and have been successful in taking forward together each role as HR was my core.Of course, as an exceptional case , some may or may not embed HR dependinh his and his company's comfort. Best regds, RDS Yadav

CSR initiatives help boost employee engagement

elias says: agenda is to "sell" their services to the org and justify their overhead...evidence in survey looks a bit too convenient and simplistic...are we really still saying happier workplace is more productive...surely HRM theory has advanced a bit...much more complex situation these days and other evidence shows no variation in CSR perception across all age fact c suite level more aware and engaged as they set policy...HRM do policies and procedures mostly but as usual want to move up the value chain...this is the latest...wouldn't mind if they actually came up with concrete CSR initiatives and REAL evidence it More...

The business partner model: 10 years on - Lessons learned

Nkwocha Ifeanyi Oscar says:

HR Business Partners are relevant in adjusting HR strategies to respond to changing needs • Developing the next generation of leaders • Identifying critical HR metrics • Identifying new business strategies • Identifying talent issues before they affect the business • Prioritizing across HR needs • Redesigning structures around strategic objectives • Understanding the talent needs of the business • Assessing employee attitudes • Communicating organizational culture to employees • Communicating policies and procedures to employees • Ensuring HR programs are aligned with culture • Keeping the line updated on HR initiatives • Tracking trends in employee behaviors

Boosting skills essential for tackling joblessness and wellbeing, says OECD

Keith Appleyard says:

In some 30 years experience in Leadership, I would say I'd rather have an enthusiastic but unqualified employee who is willing to learn rather than have a highly qualified but inexperienced employee who is unwilling to listen. My best employees did not go to University.

Blacklisted construction workers set to receive compensation payouts

Ivana says:

Not surprised in the least because in the 2 yrs I spent in the GC/A&E/E&C industries I saw more disfunction than in my previous 12 years combined. Shocked not to see Samsung C&T in that list but thats probably because they have yet to win a project in the UK. If their 3 attempts in the US are an indication that might not be yielding much fruits.

Start training your future leaders early, says former Olympic Delivery Authority HRD

Cat Hirst says:

I couldn't agree more with Wendy Cartwright’s comments on the importance of training future leaders at an early stage within their careers. That’s why the UK Green Building Council has recently launched the Future Leaders programme, which focuses on equipping early-stage professionals with the sustainability leadership and innovation skills needed to tackle pressing issues within the built environment sector. Application are now open at Cat Hirst, Education Manager, UK Green Building Council.

Performance capped as UK firms struggle to convert employee motivation

Paul Stokes says:

Whilst employers could certainly do more systemically, there is a danger of talented employees becoming fixated on the barriers and challenges rather than their own proactivity and ability to make change happen. New approaches to executive coaching such as mindfulness coaching can help employees to become more self aware and less frustrated by their immediate organisational context. There is plenty of evidence to support coaching as a positive intervention in terms of employee retention, talent management and motivation.

Boosting skills essential for tackling joblessness and wellbeing, says OECD

Ivy says:

In my opinion,employable skills cannot be taught in university. Practises are vital to improve such skills. Thus, when making an interview, employer should focus on the interviewee's learning ability.

The HR profession: Our own worst enemies

Nick says:

I would suppose that author arguments would only stand true in the case of a traditional HR department. Reason being, we have seen the notion of strategic HR coming into play in recent years. And it is exactly the detachment between business objective and HR objective that resulted in the need for this strategic shift to align the two. Quoting an example, in a MNC company with respective sales department spanning geographical distance. Often than not there is the case of regional office etc in a bid to manage operations seamlessly. Else it would simply be a matter of time More...

Employee engagement invariably leads to higher performance – true or false?

rpo providers says:

It is important to recognize that Employee Engagement goes beyond program management. This is HR capability that cannot be created unless there is the right HR Leadership, which inspires the HR program manager and inculcates the spirit of the initiative.

Father of dead banking intern calls for employment law overhaul

Keith Appleyard says:

When the Working Hours Directive took effect in 1999, as a Manager of shift workers I welcomed the guidance which said that everyone needed a minimum of 10 hours overnight rest. We couldn't always comply with it, but I encouraged its use as a benchmark when deciding if anyone was being overworked (including myself). If a Senior Manager ever got pushy, I just used to phone them up on the hour every hour to tell them I was still working - really upset their spouses & kids trying to sleep!

HR should lead on employer brand management

Shankar says:

Ideally, recruiters are the ones who are supposed to know in and out about the company. They preach what the company is doing to more people directly than teh marketing department. They also interact with the leadership and employees consistently. Logically this should have led to recruiters taking care of social media efforts which has a direct effect on how the company is perceived by the outside world. Recruiters are still acting like it is 2003.

Diversity kicked into touch, leaders admit

Vernal Scott says:

Paying lip service to equality legislation could prove a costly error, and rightly so. Such legislation exists for good reason, and the wise employer will ensure that their efforts in this area has integrity and is at the heart of everything they do. Let them be warned, or better still, let them be trained! Whether via eLearning or face-to-face, equality training is now at everyone's fingertips. There is no excuse for lip service! Marshall ACM is a good place to start.

BBC HR director Lucy Adams steps down

Lucy No More Lies Around Here says:

Given all these comments and nasty newspaper articles it looks like I may need to think up a Plan B. It seems that my role is increasingly untenable. Oh well, I enjoyed the dressing up, the power, the travel and now the pension. On the bright side, I've finally got the time to finish off studying for the CIPD exams...

NHS Employers: "Unnecessary" 1% staff pay rise will cost NHS £500 million

pwmaher says:

My wife earns less than the average salary as a hospital secretary, she will pay an extra 1% to receive a lesser pension and will not get a meagre 1% pay rise next April, in effect making her worse off - how is this fair with the cost of food and heating spiralling?

Automatic bonuses now the norm for UK businesses

Paul Norley says:

I prefer to see bonus used as incentives or reward by exception. Salary rises should be used sparingly and should be limited to inflationary increments unless the employee's performance is such that their salary is no longer appropriate i.e. the position should be re-graded or the employee promoted.

Automatic bonuses now the norm for UK businesses

Paul Norley says:

I prefer to see bonus used as incentives or reward by exception. Salary rises should be used sparingly and should be limited to inflationary increments unless the employee's performance is such that their salary is no longer appropriate i.e. the position should be re-graded or the employee promoted

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