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GE HR director: HR must 'embed' L&D into business culture

Chris Roebuck says:

The fact that a senior director said this in 2013 is actually very frightening. It shows how even in "good" organisations senior leaders are ignorant of much of what HR can do to drive organisational performance.Its staggering that neither HR nor senior line mangers have got this fact despite all the evidence accumulated over the past 50 years ! I just wonder if its HRs fault for not making a clear case or CEOs for not listening or asking. In 1999 I was on an expert panel reporting to Government on how to develop leadership in British Business for competitive More...

Maternity leave discrimination

steve says:

As a father of a 14yr old disabled child and a 20 month old, I currently can take up to 8 weeks per year as unpaid parental leave (4 weeks per child max per year and max total of 36 weeks). But you say females risk redundancy or are overlooked for promotion? As I work in a predominantly male enviroment where no-one takes parental leave, I'd be a fool to take parenal leave.

The HR profession: Our own worst enemies

Tara Daynes says:

I firmly believe that HR has a lot to offer organisations, IF it is implemented effectively by competent people with the right mindset. The problem isn't with the HR function, it's with many of the professionals (& I use that term loosely) in it. I had my own soapbox rant about this a few months ago, with an almost identical heading - - seems I'm not alone in my views there!

The HR profession: Our own worst enemies

Steve Chilcott says:

Spot on as ever Helen.

Call for Government to offer 'proper paid' work to unemployed

Steve Skinner says:

The government tells us that over a million new jobs have been created since the coalition came to power. The problem is they don't say what those jobs are. In which industries are they, in which geographical areas are they, how many are minimum wage and how many are real jobs rather than zero hours contracts? If those without a job do not have the experience or even aptitude for the vacancies in their area then no amount of training will make them attractive to a potential employer.

Diversity kicked into touch, leaders admit

Jane Preece says:

If you work in social housing, an article in Inside Housing addressing E&D in the sector is here

The HR profession: Our own worst enemies

Tim Parry says:

Ms Peacock is spot on The damage done by Adams is terminal. It is function that is trusted by no one and could not run a business let alone itself

The HR profession: Our own worst enemies

Stsn Hornagold says:

Thank you for a thought provoking article and for making me laugh out loud at some of the anecdotes. I think that HR is full of babble, but no more that other functions. Look at finance or marketing for example. I feel that HR lost all arguments about "being at the top table" when it changed from "Personnel" to "HR". Have you yet met a person that wants to be called a "Human Resource"? I haven't! Then why have a department that looks after a group that doesn't exist? If we think of people as though they were money, a More...

Miliband must stop 'demonising' the recruitment industry, says REC

peter ainsley says:

I read EM's speech after coming across this article. I'll be brief but if you are one of the agencies who are in any way threatened by his diatribe then good riddance. If you are one of the agencies who are likely to suffer or be forcibly retired then all the better. If you are one of the agencies who can't do business without operating in an unethical manner then you deserve Miliband's boot to stamp you and your dinosaur breed out. I welcome the kind of industry wide regulations which are likely to kill off the business' which makes More...

Labour pledges 25 hours of free childcare a week

Keith Appleyard says:

Nice idea - I run a not-for-profit Nursery and the Governments' idea of what an hours childcare costs is nearly £1 less than what I have to charge the other 50% of my fee-paying parents to make up for the government shortfall. If I took any more Government-funded places I'd be bankrupt. For 15 hours I get £57 - for 25 hours at break-even I'd need £110 - nearly double!

A fifth of workers fear they will never retire

Paul Smithson says:

An excellent article that provides yet another insight into the total disregard that people pay to long term financial planning. Personally, I don't feel it is up to the Government to legislate for this kind of thing, as education would be a far more preferable option. Alas, it seems financially educating the nation has not worked and so legislation is the only option, which is a shame as it burdens small businesses with yet one more thing to sort out for their employees rather than focussing on the business itself. Luckily, IFAs are becoming far more focussed on good overall More...

Government crackdown on firms that fail to pay minimum wage

Keith Appleyard says:

I'd like to see a crackdown on firms who don't give the right amount of holiday leave. I know people at a local Security firm on 10 days holiday a year who say they daren't complain because they'll lose their jobs.

The future of employee engagement surveys

Samantha Arnold says:

Thanks all for your comments on this - I've reflected on a few of these recently and have a few other observations. @Jo: I agree in principle about response rates but it isn’t good practice to encourage unhealthy competition as you want authentic feedback from employees. Ultimately, if you’re demonstrating that you’re acting on employee feedback, this should encourage even the more sceptical ones to participate in the next survey. @Piers and @Dallas: It’s true too that the level of response to a survey will often reflect how clearly the programme has been run and communicated. You might find the More...

Unions call for blacklisting to be made a criminal offence

Judith Pidgeon says:

This is exactly what has happened to me. I went to University for 4 years and did a Post Diploma in Human Resources Management HRPA is investigating me for the College of Nurses registry that says my RN license was suspended for mental incapacitation in 2009. I sent documentation to HRPA in June 2012 in order to have extra time for my NKE exam as I had extra time in College and University as I have PTSD(2004) not Bipolar as diagnosed in 2008. Shame on them. I am about to file my 3rd Human Rights complaint. I self disclose and More...

UK suffering one of worst skills shortages in Europe, says study

Peter Collis says:

UK skills shortages suggest a long-term problem that is likely to require a long-term solution. And long-term means achieving consensus amongst political parties as this issue is going to require a longer period than a single parliament to resolve. Although numbers of graduates have risen significantly in recent years, there has been a woeful shortage of STEM skilled entrants to the employment market which means that many STEM-based industries are experiencing difficulties in hiring. The issue needs to be addressed on many levels; better teaching, better marketing of STEM careers, greater incentives to study STEM-based degree courses, appropriate salaries for More...

CEO Sodexo UK: Introduce quotas for women on boards

Kevin Robson says:

Has Sodexo officially introduced quotas for women on its board? It seems not. These are the personal views of one of its employees, albeit it its CEO, but still an employee. Whatever one thinks about board quotas for women, has the board of Sodexo made such an announcement? No. Does Ms White not realise what effect this sort of behaviour could have on people's investment in the firm? This is a highly contentious issue that could seriously affect the value of a publicly listed company, especially as there is now a plethora of sound, solid evidence from the Norway experience More...

Half of British women admit it's impossible to 'have it all', O2 study finds

Geraldine Gallacher says:

I find it surprising that technology hasn't succeeded more in encouraging more women to successfully combine work and home life. The trouble is too many companies, run by men, fail to trust that people can work effectively, remotely. It's remarkable that people today still have to pitch up at a certain time in the office irrespective of what they have on.Both men and women want to be trusted to manage their workload - having 9-5 contracts is fatuous nowadays. We need to move to outputs.

CEO Sodexo UK: Introduce quotas for women on boards

Mike Buchanan says:

Later today we're going to issue a public challenge to the CEO of Sodexo UK. The evidence is perfectly clear from longitudinal studies that driving up female representation on corporate boards leads to corporate financial decline: The CEO of Sodexo is advocating a direction of travel which is clearly against the interests of her company's shareholders. Studies that suggest more women on boards lead to higher financial performance (McKinsey, Credit Suisse, Reuters Thomson... even Catalyst 'Bottom Line' reports!) always make it clear (usually in the 'small print') that they're reporting correlation not causation, and all these reports (to the More...

UK suffering one of worst skills shortages in Europe, says study

Andrew Gee says:

Businesses need to reconsider their approach when it comes to recruiting and developing talent, particularly young adults. When it comes to young people and employment, we know that the stats paint a bleak picture - in the second quarter of 2013, 1.1 million 16-24 year olds in the UK were not in education, employment or training (NEET), 15% of people in this age group. Tapping into the large number of unemployed young people gives them the break they need and brings fresh thinking into a business. It’s an issue that Barclays has really taken on board with the development of More...

UK suffering one of worst skills shortages in Europe, says study

Tom Toher says:

Instead of stigmatising the unemployed workfare and importing people, why not offer grants and employer tax incentives so people can retrain for different or higher skills where appropriate? There are plenty of trained people with the wrong skills and experience for local job markets and nobody seems to be addressing this at all. Might be an idea if the government also actively enforced age discrimination legislation too.

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