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Fathers not taking up offer of extra paternity leave, says TUC

Andrew Mayo says:

..that most fathers do enjoy working and would be bored crazy by being at home for weeks on end...and that social engineering by governments, especially in Brussels, does not coincide with human nature....

The Work Programme is 'giving hope' to the unemployed, says minister for employment

John Wittam says:

The Work Programme has led to an increase in unemployment, not only because its success rate is 2.7% less than doing nothing, but the Workfare element is taking paid jobs away from those in work.

Student work experience placements should be relegated to history, says McDonald's chief people officer

Maureen Scholefield says:

We have a moral duty to invest in our young people. It is a two way street. They bring energy,a different way of looking at the world, interest in new approaches. We offer our experience, our knowledge, our business savvy. I agree that a two week slot in June is not long enough and a blended approach is better. I have created a project for young people in Haywards Heath offering just such an approach Our community is benefiting as one intern has just completed a month at St Peter and St James Hospice - he has been helping More...

The Work Programme is 'giving hope' to the unemployed, says minister for employment

Anthony Barrett says:

How many more times do we have to hear supposedly intelligent people defending this deeply flawed scheme in the face of all evidence to the contrary? I feel sorry for the staff at my Work Programme provider because they have neither the manpower nor the resources to help the poor souls who have the misfortune to be enrolled on this ludicrous government propaganda wheeze.

CEOs still failing to see connection between engagement and the bottom line, Ashridge research reveals

Peter Brown says:

Some useful material here

CEOs still failing to see connection between engagement and the bottom line, Ashridge research reveals

Shaun Rogers says:

Along with the 16 CEOs involved in this research, I was also searching for more insight into the connection between engagement and the bottom line after reading this article. It's an important finding, however, what are the implications for engagement practitioners if this is indeed true? It's all about the evidence. The MacLeod Report and organisational case studies such as the one below can go a long way to turning around this headline.

Are women doing enough to push age discrimination cases?

Linda says:

Interesting timing, as we do finally seem to be seeing rather more women presenters who are allowed to appear over 40. Suspiciously rapidly on the heels of a well publicised discrimination suit. So many decades after Equal Opps legislation was brought in (mainly, no doubt, to ensure the baby boomer women will have earned their own pensions by now) is womens' suffrage still necessary? Do women still have to make a song and dance to be treated equally? BBC application forms are pretty Equal Opps. friendly. It is a step further for BBC HR/Management to actively monitor employment data, highlight More...

Boris boosts apprenticeship funding for London SMEs

Chris Beesley-Reynolds says:

Well done Boris Johnson, once again he is trying to do something positive. Now all we have to do is get the rest of the Country to follow his example. Chris B-R

Poor leadership planning leaves many employers facing a crisis

@profmcghee says:

The article does not appear to give the UK figure for the main comparison. It says "Only 4% of HR directors in the USA and 7% in Canada felt their current leadership pipeline can cover most of their business needs. [... ]In Singapore, 30% of senior HR directors feel that they have an adequate leadership pipeline; in Japan 26%; and in India 27%" Is the UK figure the 27% mentioned earlier? (That seems to refer to those who see talent pipeline as their biggest problem, not the the percentage who felt they could rely on internal candidates). Can one of More...

Buyer's guide: Corporate eyecare - Those offering eyecare will beseen as employers of choice

James says:

Not all Opticians were created equal. Some bring years of professional experience to bear on treating patients who work with computers all day. Research has shown that even minor miscorrections can cost up to 10% in employee productivity. Which things the Optometrist should be testing for can be found here:

CEOs still failing to see connection between engagement and the bottom line, Ashridge research reveals

Anne Stenbom says:

The findings from the research do not surprise me. I am involved in the global roll-out of coaching skills training to 7,500 managers world-wide for a global corporation. The aim is to equip managers with the skills they need to empower and engage their people. A coach approach to leadership is just this - holding back on delivering the answers, trusting people can bring their own ideas (and being aware enough as a leader to know your own won't always be as inspirational!) It also means ongoing feedback and the ability to deliver tough messages in a respectful way. The More...

CEOs still failing to see connection between engagement and the bottom line, Ashridge research reveals

Peter Brown says:

Didn't the MacLeod report adequately demonstrate the correlation with the bottom line back in 2009?

The 'war on talent' is still a danger to staff retention levels, says Kelly Services HR director

Sophie says:

I'm not surprised this is still a big issue for companies, and I think it will continue to be for the foreseeable future as we begin to recruit in a global environment. The good news for business is that globalisation, technology and increasing migratory workforces will provide companies with opportunities to source highly skilled talent. The challenge however will be attracting these candidates in the future as so many businesses will be competing for them – competition that many multinational organisations will face, as local, fast moving and ambitious companies have more pulling power as they have a better understanding More...

Poor leadership planning leaves many employers facing a crisis

Danny Kitchener says:

Without an impartial 'objective' approach to staff capability measurement leadership pipelines are purely speculative. Managers are usually responsible for appraising staffs capabilities but 86% of managers have "worked" their way to their position - eg. best sales person promoted - and not been appointed based on their leadership or best practice knowledge. So how can they appraise effectively? Most don't! And how do they appraise impartially? They can't!

TUC calls for Government to review zero hours contracts

Ralskol Abertay says:

Given the current uncertainty in the economy it is not surprising that employers are using contracts which allow for fluctuations in demand. The increase in zero hours contracts is seasonal which is not made clear by trade unions - there is a useful Parliamentary Briefing which includes relevant data. A large proportion (up to 100,000 of the 200,000) of zero hour contracts are found in nurse banks which, according to research by the Institute for Employment Studies, are seen by those workers to be more favourable to working as an agency nurse with more predictability. This is not to say More...

TUC calls for Government to review zero hours contracts

Tom Toher says:

Zero hour contracts are indeed often exploitative but at least when they do work they get paid. The use of internships is also subject to wide abuse and not just by private companies. The experience of my niece and nephew is that they were doing responsible jobs with fixed hours. My nephew did not even have his fares paid by a well known "respected" publishing company. No training or mentoring either. Both these practices should be outlawed but with Adam Beeston as a government advisor it won't happen any time soon.

North Sea oil and gas industry facing 'recruitment crisis' as record numbers head for retirement

John baig says:

Dear HR magazine, I'd say you probably need to look at this again..

Jo Swinson: Equality is good for business and business is good for equality

Jean garrod says:

What metrics are being used to assess the contribution of improved diversity practices to business in all sectors?

Number of over-65s in work tops one million

Jean garrod says:

The number of over 65s in employment rises. Youth unemployment rises. Is there any correlation?

Review of pension master trusts reveals a transformed and competitive market

estate Plan says:

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