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Success and sustainability in mediation

Toyin Oshaniwa says:

Highly educative and clear illustration of one of the future tool of building a sustainable community. Thanks

‘Grab hold’ of analytics or get left behind, HR warned

Adam Hale says:

Couldn't agree more. Our experience of talking to mid-size enterprises correlates this view; some organisations are just not ready to implement the analytics or more advanced leadership development initiatives that are available to them. Their HR tools are domestic, poorly integrated, manually intensive and act as a barrier to growth, when the trend of organisations and the way people work is going in the opposite direction – towards globalisation, engagement, and working in the cloud.

NHS will be tested by 1% pay rise, says Dean Royles

Steve Skinner says:

There have been so many conflicting statements from the government that it's virtually impossible to know the true situation. First the country is "broke" then it's "a wealthy country". If it's the latter why can't it afford to, at least, allow NHS staff to keep up with inflation? Certain ministers - Duncan Smith and May in in particular - have said they "believe" certain things although they had no facts to back them up. On that basis I "believe" that the paltry increase proposed is through choice rather than necessity. I could be wrong, of course. Could it have become More...

Using technology to attract staff presents ageism risk, warns recruitment expert

Jason Lightman says:

I see the potential problem of not getting older more experienced employees because of there lack of technology knowledge but I disagree that the trend needs to change. Most companies today either need to innovate or they will no longer be around for long just do to the fast changing environment. Even in the most secure industry like energy this should be a concern because all that needs to happen is one of there competitors has to come up with a better energy solution. While that might not be today or tomorrow it will happen so I think employers should More...

Create HR policies that get the best out of staff

Jason Lightman says:

I completely agree that in order to run a successful business you need self driven employees because other wise your be sitting there micromanaging to get things done. The article mentions that companies put to much focus on the bottom 10% performers I disagree because under performers will lower the motivation of your entire workforce as the other 90%. The alternative being firing the them which would be advisable for two reasons, first being the expense which on average is $10,000 with many spending more. The second reason is once you remove the bottom 10% its only nature that someone More...

'World moving from economic capitalism to people capitalism,' says Valuing Your Talent lead

John Ludike says:

Like the expression false dawn however my pennies worth would be to have more MBA's and or executives with solid business operational experience heading up HR as when last was your HR Head in business or managed a P&L etc.

How to manage recurring sickness absence


Great article and should be practised by HR departments. I know a case whereby the employee had an excellent attendance record. Took sick leave and on the third day salary was suspended. No contact was made to the genuinely sick employee. Sick certificates not forwarded to pay roll on time. The sick employee never returned to the workplace. HR refused to discuss the matter and allowed false information to be entered on the employee's personal records. Employer was RBS !!

'World moving from economic capitalism to people capitalism,' says Valuing Your Talent lead

J Gillen says:

Agree another silly idea and just plain daft. I feel sure that when this professor retires and looks to the fund manager who pays out his pension, he will be looking for good old hard edged CASH. that will come from financial performance. And not some pipe dream such as this nonsense.

'World moving from economic capitalism to people capitalism,' says Valuing Your Talent lead

Tim Parry says:

Wishful thinking Another crank who does not understand how capitalism operates Why does HR always seek false dawns

City bonuses rise for top performers

bj says:

We really do live in a sick society! We punish people for misdemeanours, no matter how small - overstaying parking time even - yet let others who created havoc in the financial sector and destroyed countless lives in the process, continue to thrive - wrecking even more lives on their way. Wouldn't it be nice to see justice handed out to those who deserve it? But maybe I'm wanting the impossible.

The danger of overcommitment

Robert Christensen says:

Not only do I agree completely with Mr. Hirth's comments,I would like to further point out that no individual partner or employee was convicted of a crime relating to Enron. I think a retraction of Ms. Tofler's factually incorrect statement is in order. Does this publication have editors and fact checkers?

The danger of overcommitment

Robert Hirth says:

REGARDING: "Barbara Lee Toffler noted the illegal conduct of Arthur Andersen employees during the Enron scandal: “Their behaviour - their overarching commitment to the firm and what it stood for - and the firm's efforts to shape that behaviour were, to me and to many others, cult-like. It would never occur to employees to question any practice, despite the cosmic changes taking place both inside and outside the firm.” - 1. The US Supreme court overturned the verdict against Arthur Andersen- so seems like saying there was illegal activitiy is rather completely false- and Ms. Toffler is also not a More...

CBI calls for Government to address careers advice mismatch

Peter Copping says:

If the CBI is so keen let why does it not put in bids to offer a service to schools or LEA'a or even HE establishments. I would save moaning

RMT leader Bob Crow passes away

Carol H Scott says:

I have sincere sympathy for his family on their loss. However Bob Crow caused untold misery for thousands of other workers by calling strikes, forcing those who work in the city into having to take a day off work unpaid, or a day holiday, or spend additional time and money getting to their place of work, as well as the negative impact on business. Not only that but his members lost money when they went out on strike while he, like his hero Arthur Scargill, continued to be paid in full. The complaints that he was 'rubbing members noses in More...

RMT leader Bob Crow passes away

John McCann says:

In reply to Jon Milner, the article doesn't say the mebership 'doubled' it says it 'increased'. Even if it did 'mistakenly' say doubled, did you really think it was necessary to leave a comment and not even mention the bloke that it was written about despite the fact that he's died suddenly !

RMT leader Bob Crow passes away

Jon Milner says:

Doubling membership from 57,000 is to 114,000, not 80,000 - you might want to check your facts.

RMT leader Bob Crow passes away

Safia Boot says:

The importance of an alternative stakeholder view in our democracy in today's challenging times should not be under-estimated. It is a sad day for the Trade Union movement to hear of the loss of Bob Crow but his achievements will leave a strong legacy for others to build on. I send my condolences to his family.

Embedding CSR in business strategy

stuart woollard says:

If your organisation has a true societal value motive then CSR should take care of itself. Those organisations that understand this will also be more successful (including financially) over the long term - a nice example is Patagonia. Conversely, those organisations that lose sight of this (the vast majority!) will see societal (and their own) value erode or be destroyed (NHS, Police, Pharma etc. - see

Companies need to broaden language on diversity, says EY

sasha scott says:

Well said Liz Diversity for me is a wide spectrum of difference. The gender debate is now an industry in its own right Similarly the unconscious bias focus is in danger of creating a breed of 'consciously incompetent ' leaders. Caution is advised and a much broader perspective within business around mind sets and behavior.

HR salaries to increase by 10% in 2014, says report

B.L.Narasimha Rao says:

your are discussing about soft ware companies but other sector is not that much potential ti hike the pay

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