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M&A deals should include HR from the start, say business experts

Andrew Lambert, Creelman Lambert says:

Gary Fisher is quite right to indicate this is an old, old chestnut. Back in the early 1990s, when I headed People in Business, we even toured the City explaining to venture capitalists and investment bank M&A teams how deficient their due diligence was due to lack of attention paid to culture and human factors. I also told the Take-over Panel that they should expect HR to be involved from the outset if the deal was to succeed. (They were of the view that CEOs/CFOs should keep matters tightly held.) Some did take notice, slowly, and the FT’s Lex column More...

Interview with Carola Nunns, HR director at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home

Jan Hopper says:

Very glad to see the high percentage going directly on animal welfare. I myself donate £20.00 per month to Bettersea and am always worried when donating (to any cause) that the money is spent wisely. Feeling reassured at the moment.

Striking a balance: How to overcome global OD challenges

Jon Ingham, Strategic HCM says:

Interesting article, and I'm also seeing increasing interest in both organisation design, and development. But this reads like two different articles - one on design (CRF) and one on development (Roffey) whereas what global and other organisations need to do is to combine the two - so that they're not just developing hearts and minds to support the structure, but are developing hearts, minds and structures to support growth and efficiency (and loads of other important objectives as well). So a look at the commonalities, similarities ad synergies between the two reports might have been even more interesting.

Record-breaking tribunals backlog pushes system to the limit

MLett says:

Surely, rather than excluding those who cannot pay for the service (since fees were introduced)it would be more appropriate to deal with the source of the problem. There is an obvious lack of communication as regards when a contract can be terminated. It can be an extremely lengthy process for employers to terminate an employee, at great cost to the employer. On the other hand there are employers that flout the rules and threaten termination as an alternative not to do as they wish, as they know the employee won't have the resources or stamina to fight it. Maybe a More...

Dean Royles: Let's challenge workplace alcohol habits

Richard Palmer says:

Interesting ideas in this article. The right policies are so important in helping a business operate effectively.

The HR guide to emerging markets: Part three

John Ludike says:

Now that general trends and demographics been explored as it relates to emerging markets it might be useful to provide more specific content as it relates to HR Function within emerging markets, how are they structured, what systems are used, what metrics, how effective, how are strategies same or different what about HR Practitioner competencies etc?

Train young talent rather than ‘buying in’ boosts retention, says Barclays’ head of early careers

Tarik Taman says:

Business practice and research today backs up these findings. Develop your own intake and they’ll be more loyal. And I think in 2014 as the economy heats up the practice will go further. As well as developing new joiners, organizations will be keen to develop other existing staff, aware that the buoyant economy makes this far more cost-effective in short term recruiting costs, and in long-term retention figures.

SMEs 'blocking' apprenticeships as NEET problem escalates

Tim Edwards says:

Our experience in Staffordshire with PM Training is very different, we work with more than 800 companies mainly SMEs who take the majority of young apprentice placements. We have some outstanding advocates for apprenticeships among this group and do not encounter the issues raised in the article, but do work closely to build relationships and support companies.

IHG HRD: Employer brand is secret to success

Debbie says:

It's true! I love working for IHG. Been here since graduation and its been 7 years now. :)

M&A deals should include HR from the start, say business experts

Mandy Fitzmaurice says:

I was really interested to read the article and couldn't agree more. Having been involved with many M&A deals, one of the key factors in every single deal was the nature and liabilities of the workforce that we would be inheriting. Taking time to understand the culture, working practices and personalities was key to ensuring that the business continued to operate with minimum disruption once the deal was all signed and sealed. Showing the new workforce that you take the time and effort to know what they do, who they are, how they work etc is so important as the More...

Barclays to close 400 branches

Keith Appleyard says:

I wonder what market demographic Barclays are focussing on? I would have thought a tie-in with Waitrose or Marks & Spencer would be more in tune with their profitable clientele they presumably wish to retain - would they be seen dead going into Asda? My nearest ASDA is 7 miles away, whilst my nearest Barclays is half-mile walk - but as an alternative I've got Lloyds, Santander, Nationwide and HSBC to choose from within a 100 yd stretch.

Miliband must stop 'demonising' the recruitment industry, says REC

Martin shaw says:

On too many occasions I have had agencies telling me that I owe them money. Why... Because someone I employed through them, often over three months ago, "belonged" to them. Regardless of the fact the agency hadn't placed them in work during the last few months and the candidate was now seeking a job elsewhere as they were out of work. Yet the agency still insisted they get paid a fee for their recruitment. In the end out budget could not afford their fee, and our company decided (after being harassed by the agency about breach of contract) that we More...

The HR guide to emerging markets: Part one

Vicki Lowry says:

Working in emerging markets is a great learning curve for a HR professional. Never a dull moment, but how true this article is when it says you need to be an "Honest Employer" Integrity, compliance and cultural sensitivity are key to lay a solid foundation and innovation and creativity. Great Article.

CEOs urged to be more sincere about gender equality

Tourism Tim Warren says:

I am fortunate to be around many women in leadership roles both as a consultant in the global adventure tourism and via my wife who is the founder of Women's Leadership Success Radio. I have found that working with women in the tourism business yields better long term actions and solutions. Both in internal customer service (staff) and external customer service. All business is ultimately about people and women I find are better "people persons". That's why I love to see women rock in leadership roles.

CIPD launches project to develop human capital framework

Carol H Scott says:

I wonder if the CIPD could find anything more off putting and likely to alienate the average employee than Human Capital and associated 'white noise' of words. Somewhere within this is a grain of sense, but it looks like another initiative designed to justify the HR department's existence.

The HR guide to emerging markets: Part one

Liz Gibson says:

This is a good article - I have a fair bit of experience in the emerging markets going back a few years too and it is all true, especially the brown envelopes - we did an acquisition where we had the list of salaries and on the acquisition happening, there was a lot of 'brown envelopes' payments we had no idea about and then had to handle - don't ask about the due diligence! It does take a different mindset and very clear business objectives and a lack of arrogance to make it work.

Adaptability is critical for successful organisations – but how adaptable is HR?

Mohammad says:

Dear Sir/Madam ; Would you please introduce me some useful sites or weblogs or notes all about "adaptability , models and mechanisms , etc .... in organizations " ? sincerely ; Abdolazimi

SMEs 'blocking' apprenticeships as NEET problem escalates

Jim Clarke says:

DISAGREE and AGREE. DISAGREE - Over the last 18 months we have, nationally, placed nearly 2,000 young unemployed from NEET into a job with an Apprenticeship and then 82% of them complete their Apprenticeship and remain in sustainable employment. THEY ARE ALL EMPLOYED BY SME's! AGREE - Many of our SME clients have said they will drop their young Apprentice schemes if they are to be given the funding direct as dont want all that red tape. If this goes through, Apprenticeships will plummet and NEET will climb even higher. Jim Clarke Chief Executive Key Training

Social media for employers

Sarah Hancock says:

Employers are already embracing new social media solutions and technology in order to leverage the benefits of the information on the web and are doing so in an entirely compliant way. Known as Online Social Profiling (Google it!) this type of technology and profiling can identify risks to a business from an individual's online profile (candidate, staff, business partner etc.) but more importantly it protects the privacy of the individual by giving the employer only the relevant information - keeping them free from discrimination claims. When a recruiter looks at information online they may be easily influenced by what they More...

Cameron to pledge £2,000 growth vouchers for SMEs

Ros Taylor says:

As an owner of a small business for many years I welcome any help I can get re marketing, sales and leadership. I don't think these skills are automatic. Also the more we can be creative in the UK with our businesses the more successful we can be. Doing things differently is what SMEs should focus on and frankly I help others to do this but rarely take time out for my team as we are so busy. A growth voucher would enable this to happen. Great idea.

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