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Many high-potential programmes not fit for purpose, CEB says

Dave Mettam says:

There may be some indications of what is going wrong in this link! In the three places where leadership is addressed most people only consider the first two (individual and team) - few initiatives consider the organisational context. What does the organisation allow (enable) the individuals to actually do? (We have know of this for years as in, "Hope you enjoyed your course - back to the real world . . .")

BBC offers to fund Lucy Adams libel action

Benny Profane says:

As per the comment above, I trust that any award will be reinvested in high quality programming.

BBC offers to fund Lucy Adams libel action

Andrew Mayo says:

I presume therefore that any award will be passed back to the BBC....

REC chief calls for traditional recruitment firms to change or 'struggle'

Alison Humphries says:

My observation from working with hundreds of recruiters is that the most successful know people, not just CVs. Recruiters must be able to add to CVs, not merely forward them. By the same token, hiring managers should give face time to recruiters if they want value for money.

Does HR need professional standards?

Paul Kearns says:

As Chair of the UK HR Standards Committee I would be interested to hear what standards, or evidence, Nick Holley/Henley would offer to back up their claim to be a "Centre for HR excellence"? If it is convincing we would like to learn from it.

HSBC boss criticises bank as 'too pale and male'

jon says:

If this statement wasnt so sad it would be comical. HSBC's problems run much deeper than women in senior positions. On this note alone, various HSBC CEO's have made noises about how bad this situation is yet none of them have done anything about it. It isnt due to them not trying it's due to them knocking the stuffing out of all their staff! male and female alike. When Bill Dalton was the leader the organisation was dedicated to doing the right thing for the customer, developing the staff and teams to run an ethical bank and was determined to More...

Charisma can go hand-in-hand with being influential

Joe Winkler says:

I wrote recently on how charisma combined with data go hand-in-hand for HR reps of the future. The customer-centric approach to HR is what gives the best HR reps their prowess in my opinion. My article can be found here:

CIPD 2013: 'Phoney' war for talent is over, says Barclays head of early careers

David Shindler says:

Glad to see this Mike, as there has been too much emphasis on talent 'management' for the few, the high-fliers, and not enough about liberating the talent of the many. Primeast has developed and helped apply the talent liberation philosophy with clients globally. Youth-friendly employers are those that invest in potential for sustainable futures.

CIPD 2013: Listening to employee voice the best guard against reputational risk, says Nita Clarke

Jonathan Hemus says:

As someone who provides PR (not "expensive", just extremely valuable!) to help people prevent and deal with crises, I wholeheartedly agree that employees should be your first line of defence. Open channels of communication and employees who are encouraged to highlight problems rather than ignore them (or worse, cover them up) allow organisations to deal with issues before they become crises. A culture which stifles the voice of the employee is one which offers a fertile breeding ground for a major crisis. Jonathan Hemus

CIPD 2013: Listening to employee voice the best guard against reputational risk, says Nita Clarke

David Marklew says:

From someone with his roots firmly in the Operations camp I can't tell you how delighted I was to read that the lack of HR force has been identified as a key factor in the disgraceful failings in NHS and banks and the universe - at last someone's figured out whose to blame for absolutely everything. I'd so love to agree but sorry HR professionals - it's tosh! By all means go and be full of force but you can't take the glory for abysmal leadership, weak operators, ill advised performance targets driving malpractice, functional directors sitting around boardrooms fiddling More...

Shoesmith case an important lesson for employers

Robert Williams says:

What the hell was Ed Balls doing? And where were those 'special advisers' when they might have actually had something meaningful to advise on? A little bit of patience, and less playing to the gallery of public opinion, and this could have quite easily been handled without this awful cost to the taxpayer. A nice little investigation, hearing (let her have her say) and then out you go, as we have lost trust and confidence in you as the leader of this incredibly important department. No tribunal would have considered this an unreasonable course of action and 600K saved. Muppets! More...

CIPD 2013: Peter Cheese sets out 'new framework' for future of HR

Roger Davies says:

Well said Andrew. I think your underlying message is the same as Peter's, simply more direct. There is nothing new about the opportunity ahead of HR and the lack of universal nettle-grasping in the past, for which the CIPD should take much of the blame. Job #1 has to be to get HR everywhere to brave it out in the choppy waters in the line rather than staying in the comfort of their offices. The signs are that the function has a business-focused champion in Peter who, like you, is advocating time on the shop floor to learn first-hand about More...

Labour pledges living wage tax breaks for employers

Keith Appleyard says:

I'm already paying the Living Wage, but as a Charity I'm also exempt from Corporation Tax. So I'd like to see more details on how I would be reimbursed through which Tax system, and whether I would be reimbursed if I'm already paying the Living Wage, or is it just for new people who sign up - in which case I lose out both ways.

CIPD 2013: Peter Cheese sets out 'new framework' for future of HR

Andrew Mayo says:

Peter Cheese has a great opportunity to move the profession forwards, by shifting emphasis, new initiatives etc. But there is nothing new about the opportunity that HR is presented with. It is one that many continuously fail to grasp. That is to see our added value as helping managers be more successful in their achievements, through better people management, as opposed to always pushing our own agenda. Peter needs to correct the fundamental weakness in the current "standards" which is about business and financial knowledge. If I were in Peter's shoes I would be advocating HR secondments to the line More...

Charisma can go hand-in-hand with being influential

Chris Pyle says:

I recognised "love/resentment" as one accurate summary of what it can be like to be close to a charismatic leader! The etymology of the word is from grace or gift - so it is interesting to think about the extent to which charisma is a 'given'. I wondered if charisma is always associated with speech. When we think of the charismatic leader, do we always think of them in speech or them in conversation? (Can anyone be charismatic in text or on twitter?)

CIPD 2013: 'Phoney' war for talent is over, says Barclays head of early careers

Lisa Gibson says:

Refreshing to hear from the top about engaging with 'digital natives' but in my experience a fresh approach to recruitment upsets the equilibrium of middle managers. How do they manage and engage with 'digital natives' when they may not understand their language. It will be interesting to learn how Barclays have been able to reduce thei high levels of turnover through their on going engagement strategy and the development of their managers to deal with the changing profile of new staff.

CIPD 2013: 'Phoney' war for talent is over, says Barclays head of early careers

Satish says:

Inclusive culture is wide term indeed, going by its significance and meaning as quoted. Let's see how Barclays do it !

CIPD 2013: 'Phoney' war for talent is over, says Barclays head of early careers

stephen moreton says:

Good to see the message coming from the top of the corporate ladder. Stuart-Kotze and Dunn (2008) “The ‘war for talent’ is a phoney war” in that “it’s not talent that’s in short supply; the shortage is in people that know how to manage it.” 60-70% turnover in call centres says it all.

Companies must understand cultural differences in international expansion, or risk prosecution

Risk Culture Builder says:

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