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UK near bottom of employee engagement ranking

Tom Barry says:

Two startling statistics emerge from this survey. Firstly, how low down the international league table the UK stands. If there is a direct link between employee engagement and productivity (which there is), then we are in internationally competitive trouble. Secondly, and more worryingly, is the fall in all (not some, but all!) key engagement indicators from last year to this year. With our economic statistics showing we’re moving upwards, it suggests that we’re relying on new hires for our growth or extracting growth from an increasingly disengaged workforce. It can’t go on like this. What might we do as employers? More...

Motivation initiatives worthless without employee engagement

Simon Larcombe says:

Check-out this presentation on Employee Engagement:

Opportunity Now survey reveals gap between policy and reality for women at work

Geraldine Gallacher says:

Helping managers to understand their unconscious bias is a must. Too many make massive assumptions about women's career engagement after they have a baby. This alienates women at a time when they need re-validation that hanging in there is the right choice.

12 tips for handling a harassment claim

Safia Boot says:

Thank you Michelle for sharing some excellent practical points. Whilst a PR Strategy to consider implications for organisational reputational damage is important, the key is the internal communications and management of confidentiality and how to avoid risk of collusion and source of independent, confidential support to the parties during an investigation as well as providing regular and appropriate updates to those that need to know how the case is progressing so that no one feels the need to go externally to the press. Often going to the press is a last resort when someone feels the matter has not been More...

Flexible working: dads want choice

Sara Horsfall says:

This is an excellent article, I couldn't agree more. In today's economic climate and changing dempgraphic, there are many reasons to request flexible working. From parenting, to phasing into retirement, to further education. Men and women should be empowered with more career choices and businesses should not have to compromise on productivity. With the right matching and education, Jobsharing is the win win for everyone.

12 tips for handling a harassment claim

Dave Ratchford says:

However, whilst congratulating you on a well written, instructive article, I feel I must say I raised an eyebrow at the PR strategy point (where I think a more straightforward point about being clear where you stand and being durect and honest might have sat better with me personally) and that, again, for me personally, I have deep concerns about the use of mediation to resolve a situation of harassment which us, by default, an allegation of an abuse of power and a matter of justice. Either Mr Smith DID steal from the till or he didn't. We don't mediate More...

Tips for SMEs: Time saving technology tools for HR

VidCruiter says:

Great article! A typical hire can cost companies so much time and money. At VidCruiter, we knew that was a significant problem so we created a digital interview software to fix it! With video recruiting, it guarantees ROI. It also provides branding for your company throughout the whole process! Check us out to learn more VidCruiter

Education system failing to prepare children for employment

Ian Butcher says:

The education system has been failing Students and Industry for a very long time and there is not a quick solution. There are a number of challenges to be addressed including a curriculum that prepares for the future, allowing teachers to get on and teach without constant interference and changes in direction, better career support and advice in schools, parents taking more responsibility, funding, University fees, Schools Industry liaison etc etc. This needs a long trerm strategy and not constant changes every few years.

Are interviews necessary in recruitment?

Carol H Scott says:

Bill Boorman is a social media recruitment expert so he got a nice bit of publicity from this .... My rule is never recruit from a CV, use them for the first sift - lets face it everyone can look like they run the CBI on a CV.... Then send out application packs with full JD. Those who are interested in the role having read the JD will complete the application pack and return. After that take your pick of how you want to engage with them ...

Business must move from discussing the ‘why’ to ‘how’ of diversity, leaders told

Simon Hollington says:

Am I the only one who is confused? Every time I see an article about diversity it morphs into an article about how to get more women into top jobs by the end of the first paragraph! I'm all for that but since when did diversity become gender diversity and forget ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation?

Ignorance over careers in science contributing to skills shortage

Gary Riccio says:

Thank you for addressing this important topic. It seems that many young people don't pursue a scientific career because they think it involves an early commitment to a particular subject matter or sub-discipline that they will be stuck in for the rest of their lives. In reality, many scientists have had careers with lots of twists and turns, and they wind up in situations or areas of research they never could have anticipated. The longer one is in science, the more flexible they become and the better they become as life-long learners. Probably more than anything else, science itself demands More...

HR ‘will die in its current form’, says HR technology expert

Adam Hale says:

Agree with the change imperative required. Existing HR Systems do not enable this change - they are domestic not global, desktop not mobile, and so poorly integrated they put companies into "spreadsheet Hell". Three quarters of businesses are actively planning to change to an integrated cloud based HR system as a result.

Business must do more to lead sustainability, says BITC panel

Victoria Ward says:

At Fujitsu, we focus on Customers, People, Results and Society. All are vital to our success, and are measured in our business results and employee survey. Society is taken so seriously, I am one of four people seconded this year to BITC as a Business Connector to make a difference to local communities, not always the ones we are doing most of our business in.

Is it time to give up on performance appraisals?

bhagwan gaikwad says:


Flexible working: dads want choice

Dillwyn Rosser says:

This is a very well written article and it shows the reaction of the legal experts who try to frighten us to use their services and the attitudes of some employers who see any change as a problem rather than an opportunity. Well done

The rise of the stress industry

Paul Gotro says:

I absolutely agree with this commentary. The whole "stress/self-esteem" issue has gone way overboard. I taught high school for 30 years and for the entirety of those years, I had two banners above my chalk board that read "It's not the size of the dog in the fight that counts, it's the size of the fight in the dog!" and "Self-esteem is not given here; it is earned!" I used these as the main principles of thought in everything that happened in that classroom... with wonderful and positive results, I might add. All too often, as the author suggests, we More...

HR technology tools for SMEs

Andy Shettle says:

A good read Scott. Another technology area that SMEs, though more the 'M' can benefit from is semi automation of employee relations management. This allows for organisations who may only have one or two HR staff to manage ER cases more efficiently and ensure they keep on top of their cases. ER Tracker by Workforce Metrics ( offers this ability to manage ER cases.

Lack of networking culture a 'missed opportunity'

Jon Ingham, Strategic HCM says:

I think it's the term and associations which come with 'networking' that put people off. It's why that in ConnectingHR we prefer 'connecting' to networking -

Shadow justice minister: 'I'd favour contractors that offer opportunities to ex-offenders'

Andrew S Hatton says:

Please correct the spelling of the first word so in the title so it reads 'Now'

Shadow justice minister: 'I'd favour contractors that offer opportunities to ex-offenders'

Andrew S Hatton says:

So far Sadiq Khan has ignored questions about a Labour party commitment to unified local probation services wholly in the public sector. Here he seems to suggest that he will continue with privatised services and not seek to bring them back into the public sector, even if they do then contract some services to private agencies and commission others from non government funded charities.

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