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Jobseekers to be punished for refusing zero-hours contracts

Tom Toher says:

How a failed TV presenter is qualified to make decisions about a key business decision such as hiring staff, I do not know. Surely no employer, zero hour contract or not, wants people forced North Korean style to take jobs with them. Don't they want motivated employees who are there because they want to be? I thought these people were supposed to understand business and its needs. The cynic in me knows that this is just another way of massaging the unemployment figures and to further stigmatise the poor, by an out of touch administration more concerned with winning an More...

Jobseekers to be punished for refusing zero-hours contracts

Charles Dickens says:

This latest legislation will not improve employee/employer relationships. The HR community should be striving to eradicate Zero hours contracts from the UK workplace in order to foster better working relationships with employees (new or existing).

Jobseekers to be punished for refusing zero-hours contracts

Steve Skinner says:

I have read about this elsewhere. If I have understood it correctly, anyone taking a zero hours contract will not be any worse off financially because Universal Credit will adjust, automatically, to reflect whatever earnings the contract produces. Unfortunately the "teething troubles" experienced already with Universal Credit and the news reports of jobseekers' benefits not being paid on time are unlikely to fill one with confidence! On the other hand a cynic might wonder if, perhaps, the government had woken up to the fact that, in some areas, there aren't the "proper" jobs (of any description)for jobseekers to get. If More...

Stephen Bevan: financial rewards don't motivate workers

Jon Ingham Strategic HCM says:

I do think investment banking is different, but only because of the culture which investment banks leaders and HR functions have created, which is why comments like Anthony Jenkins reference to a death spiral are so depressing - there doesn't yet seem to be any real will to try to break free of this straight jacket - i.e. finding people whose engagement drivers haven't been perverted by these dysfunctional environments, and starting again with new ways of working for this new crop of bankers.

Appraisals can work

Tom Widdall says:

Totally agree. Particularly with the emphasis being on employees AND managers needing to buy-in to the appraisal and see the benefit. I believe many (not all) do see it as a tick box exercise simply because they've had experience of their line-manager not seeing the benefit themselves or in the case of a managers exp' the employees not being on board. Personally I've experienced both; a manager who buys-in and one who doesn't, whilst working for the same company. Expectations were set prior to the appraisal, targets and 'what if' scenarios clearly defined (in the format which best suits the More...

Failure to tackle depression will harm UK business, says KPMG director

Heidi De Wolf says:

The more trickier issues are raised by other mental health conditions, such as narcissistic personality disorder. Many top positions in organisations attract individuals with this disorder and can create some serious toxic environments. While people with depression can move towards self-awareness, the person with narcissistic personality disorder is - due to the condition - not able to embrace self-reflection and is highly defensive to feedback. They have an inability to trust others and show no empathy. HR is not, nor should they be, equipped to diagnose the condition but can help to hold all people accountable for their behaviours, and More...

The HR guide to emerging markets: Part one

Marcus Bean says:

Having worked in many emerging markets there's always been problem of retaining talent, especially when HR is lead from overseas dictation. Although Europe and the Americas are gradually more aligned - Africa and Asia are still quite difficult to manage [from my perspective]. I spied this conference on Talent in Emerging & Growth Markets and wondered if anyone else was going to the event?

HRD at heart: Fil Adams-Mercer, CEO of Parcel2Go

janet coward says:

completely useless unbelievable they lost my parcel at depot didnt get any further than that, yet quickly took my insurance to cover this important parcel to a friend in Australia worth £4oo and are now stalling over paying out, claim started on the 8th april now 3rd may and still nothing, awful awful company untrustworthy and don't give a damn about the upset they cause, thank god for facebook , twitter and Trustpilot at least we can warn people to use a responsible courier company if you are sending contents that are important to you as the upset they cause More...

Learning styles not linked to age, says Santander HRD

Tessa Hilson-Greener says:

The most successful people I have ever worked with are the ones who are constantly learning. They do not limit themselves to a particular learning style. A learning sponge.....I think the differences in generations is minimised when a true passion for learning is in place whether 22 or 50 years old if you love to learn how you do it makes little difference.

Employee dishonesty: do you know your staff?

Keith Appleyard says:

There's nothing worse than weak management who are unwilling to confront theft - especially when its theft from other members of staff, especially when 'everyone' "knows" who the culprit is.

HR 'can do more' to ensure effective communications to staff

Matt says:

I totally agree with this article, having been the Internal Comms manager for a large corporate who housed 80% of staff in its down town headquarters, and the other 20% spread out across several sites around the country. The most common complaint was from the satellite offices saying they weren't getting the engagement from the company that they wanted, or worse than that, they were getting the communications that were going out to all staff, but these communications were only relevant to head office (ie, morning tea is served downstairs). To get around this we installed a internal communications software More...

Lucy Adams: ‘appraisals don’t work’

John Machin says:

Wow, do HR managers really need neuroscience to tell them that annual appraisals hardly ever work? Just ask the workers. And what's all this talk of employees being scared of them? Bored to death, maybe. I don't think I've had a useful annual appraisal in 32 years in broadcasting - and I wrote 90% of them! Hardly anyone in my team ever got accurate feedback on their performance. The odd 'herogram', but even these were often wide of the mark, praising people for simply doing their job, just because it happened to come to their notice on a Monday, when More...

How HR can drive sustainability

Muhammad Usman Mazhar says:

Excellent article from an HR Manager. I am really impressed, being a PhD researcher, looking at strategic carbon management in higher education sector organisations. I have been thinking the same that HR has a very important role to play, but unfortunately, they do not understand and do not practice it. Well done!

Disciplinary action over social media doubles

Andy Cast says:

Employers are right to be putting in place social media policies, not just to protect themselves but also protect their employees. I wrote this article a few months ago about a head teacher who got herself into trouble on Facebook...

Businesses increasingly measure ROI on L&D, says CIPD study

Paul Kearns says:

If the CIPD knew anything about measuring the ROI from learning they would realize that a large percentage of spend on learning (approx 70%) cannot be 'ROI'd'. They should read their own textbooks to find out why - "Evaluating the ROI from learning" (CIPD, 2005)- page 82 - by yours truly.

Seven recruitment tools you need

Online RECRUITMENT tool says:

Now a days digital recruitment is uprising industry and growing rapidly. Some of top most video recruiting tools are Skype, LinkedIn, Interview Vista- video interviewing platform ans many more. thanks for your informative stuff.

'Clearing the dead wood': how to make room for new talent

Peter Kizer says:

Simple, Nick: just move the jobs. The "dead wood" - the ones who are committed to the success of the company, and who are committed to where they live, won't move. The the so-called "new, bright, energetic talent" (that is already known to have no loyalty to either their current employer or where they live) will just snap up the opportunities. Hopefully before they realize that if the jobs can be moved from Point A to Point B, they can also be moved from Point B to C.

Performance improvement plans and the culture of fear

Michelle Russell says:

Dear Mr Bevan, Your assertion that GE uses forced distribution to cull the ‘bottom 10%’ of its workforce every year is outdated. Back in the Jack Welch days, there were admittedly ‘targets.’ But Jack Welch left in 2001, and Jeff Immelt phased out forced distribution and rank and yank very early in his tenure. About a decade ago. But we do live in a performance culture. This is how it works in theory and in practice. Regardless of what GE business you’re in - be it GE Healthcare, Energy or Capital - and what country you are based in, at More...

Rules for long-term unemployed come into effect

Keith Appleyard says:

I concur - when I was on Contributions-based Job Seekers Allowance (valid for 6 months) it was less than £70 a week, but it cost me £2.80 for a return trip on the bus to the Job Centre (too far to walk, I don't own a bicycle, car parking would have been more expensive. If I had to do that daily, it would have cost 20% of my JSA. No-one at the Job Centre ever told me about any free transport benefits.

HR directors: What makes an HR leader?

Shiren Bamboat says:

Article valued & contributes in a real way.

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