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Last chance to nominate for HR's Most Influential Thinkers 2014

Sandy Thomson says:

For pushing through and inspiring others, I nominate Kate Granger #hellomynameis Sandy

Last chance to nominate for HR's Most Influential Thinkers 2014

Pippa Kelly says:

Dr Kate Granger for #hellomynameis. Simple. Powerful. Personal. Game-changing.

Last chance to nominate for HR's Most Influential Thinkers 2014

Gill Phillips says:

Simple and truly inspirational! :-)

Remote working can help introverts into the boardroom

Elena Salomon says:

This is clearly the trend of the modern world where you do not need anything else for your "office" but telephone, e-mail and skype. Working from home will become first of all cheaper: no travel expences, no additional rent to pay for, conference calls and visio-conferences - what else would you need... In fact, well, corporate culture and communication with colleagues is one challenge but in my opinion not the biggest. The one even more important is self-organisation and discipline. Many of us think we are capable of doing the same old thing without any supervision or external control, but More...

Last chance to nominate for HR's Most Influential Thinkers 2014

Fiona Murphy says:

On behalf of millions of patients worldwide I nominate Dr Kate Granger for her inspirational ,simplistic #hellomynameis initiative - thanks ! You have made a difference that's insurmountable .

Last chance to nominate for HR's Most Influential Thinkers 2014

Kim Maddison says:

I would like to nominate Dr Kate Granger for #Hellomynameis making a huge difference to patients

Last chance to nominate for HR's Most Influential Thinkers 2014

Sally Margerison says:

I would like to nominate Kate Granger and her #hellomynameis campaign which singularly can make a difference to EVERY patient in the delivery of their care

As CEOs, I believe it is our responsibility to help young people into the workplace

Trisha Proud says:

Having spent many years within the Hospitality industry I take my hat off to Lexington Catering for driving through this worth while and much needed initiative; hospitality plays a huge part in the British economy and people that work in it are so often under valued. We are no longer a nation of manufacturers; we have over recent decades become a service orientated nation, therefore if organisations such as Lexington are not taking time out to develop the next generation this will impact heavily on both the economy and employment rates. Well done Lexington, I only hope that others will More...

Whistleblowing and employment law – what you need to know

John McDade says:

From the whistleblower point of view the matters raised are not 'employment' matters. Good employers will investigate, report, adapt etc involving the whistleblower. Bad employers investigate the whistleblower. Early intervention is key, the tide will change when the law recognises whistleblowing is not employment law and whistleblowers are protected from reprisal and detriment.

Eight in 10 candidates recount poor recruitment experience

Bob Gately says:

Eight in 10 employees self report that they are not engaged. Eight in 10 managers are ill-suited to managing people. Therefore, we should not be surprised that eight in 10 candidates recount poor recruitment experience.

Development is key to staff retention, according to research

Theresa Marks says:

Have been interviewing today and one of the questions I am asking is what will keep you motivated and will bring out the best in you? - answers are 'being developed' 'keep learning' 'doing new work'. Keeping an employee motivated and learning is ever more so a necessary skill in a manager's tool kit. Managers should always be thinking what is the next task I can give my employee.

Development is key to staff retention, according to research

Jan Shankar says:

Agree wholeheartedly with the points in this article - in addition it is vital for organisations to make the most of their spending on learning and development by using various practical ways to keep the learning alive afterwards. True development is about the ongoing discussions and 1-1 coaching - this is what enables individuals to put what they have learned at any training events into practice.

Social media still not widely used for work, says CIPD

Marcus Body says:

They aren't saying anything publicly, but TechCrunch are reporting rumours (see link below). A platform already familiar to many of your employees might improve uptake by businesses wavering on the topic.

Critics of Ulrich Model ignore new progress, says Dave Ulrich

Gary Wilson says:

Much of the main thrust of the Ulrich model, namely HR Business Partnership, is a worthwhile concept that is often mis-applied to a particular business unit. The main complaint from our clients who operate an HRBP structure is that the HR understands who within the Business Unit is a high potential and can build talent management around them, but those outside the BU do not know. Companies seem to be losing talent who see limited career opportunities within their BU and often do not have either the time nor the inclination to be proactively seeking opportunities in alternative BUs within More...

Development is key to staff retention, according to research

Peter Dean says:

It goes to show how times have changed. Not too long ago folk were happy with a new job title, but now they are thinking further down the line. It is a positive thing though, if staff are keen to learn new roles/skills, then surely their individual input to the business will rise proportionally and with it the productivity of the business as a whole. Great article and rather an eye opener I will admit.

Social media still not widely used for work, says CIPD

Teodora Todorova says:

As a social media manager within a 35-year old organization, I definitely see it is an essential tool. The problem most companies have with it is measuring the ROI and coming up with a strategy that really works for them. Social media is all about innovation. It's had an exponential growth and companies that don't make use of it, will continue to be missing out on some pretty big conversations. And let's not forget that social media is a great listening tool as well. It's not just about jumping in the middle of all conversations, it's about listening to what More...

Using wellbeing as an engagement tool

Stephen Turnock says:

Makes sense that wellbeing, even pastoral care must have a direct impact on success, just as you are what you eat.. an organisation is the sum of many things positive and negative [the disconnects, the disenfranchised]. A lost opportunity i'm sure for many businesses to grasp for the empowerment toolbox. Most ‘best to work for’ accolades focus seems to be centred on perks, money and training [important] ~ but with little attention to wellbeing. Lets have more of this!

Employment groups welcome flexible working changes

Right Hand HR says:

Many of the news pieces on flexible working seem to focus on the difficulty to implement the changes. At Right Hand HR we think that employers are better off thinking about it as a great opportunity to engage the skills that they need for the time that they need them. By considering job-share arrangements, reviewing the scope of the roles, redeploying talent, outsourcing and generally being flexible and innovative in their approach employers are much more likely to achieve great business solutions and retain talent! More at

Court ruling clarifies legitimacy of caps on redundancy payments to employees nearing retirement age

Bill Hill says:

Many public body VS schemes incorporate a tapering of VS payments after the age of 58 on the basis of the "assumed" oncoming "retirement age" of "65". What case law is there to support / reject this as a "Legitimate Aim" or "Proportionate Means"

SAP uses HR team members as sales force

Robert LoBue says:

This is a very creative way to increase the career exposure for HR professionals. As SAP sells products core to HR processes, it provides for very credible testimonials from within SAP's own operations. But it must be difficult also to coordinate, as HR is often very 'resource-bound' so time away with customers can mean less time for employee relations. When it is scheduled as a development experience without sacrificing HR service level standards, it should be very powerful.

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