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Behaviour, not technology, must be primary driver of change

Piers Bishop says:

We all need to feel connected to other people and to feel that we are doing something interesting and useful with our lives. Work that provides these things is highly prized and generates great loyalty. The NHS is ideally placed to provide such work, if managers will make time to talk to staff about the things that really matter to them. I agree that this is where tech can help - in finding out what's up so that management conversations are about the right things.

Behaviour, not technology, must be primary driver of change

Ewa at iRevu says:

HR is all about people and technology only needs to only support communication, training and enable future leaders. "Change doesn't happen when we adopt new technology, but new behaviours".

Does HR need a more artful approach?

Jon Ingham says:

Thanks Eugenio, Chris, Peter and Peter, I appreciate the comments, especially since they support the premise of this article! However, since nobody has made a robust challenge to this I thought it might be worth pointing out that I do think a lot of people do have the counter view. Eg when we tweeted the link to the survey we got a response that it wasn't going to do much for HR's credibility. Hence my point above about focusing on credibility in the longer-term.

Advertised salaries growing faster than inflation, says Adzuna

Nick Hart says:

Maybe so, but luckily there are recruitment agents on hand to negotiate salary expectations downwards, so that they can flog money-saving candidates to the client faster and meet their monthly placement targets. Hooray!

The changing tools of leadership

Ewa at iRevu says:

‘Little and often’ works well in HR in general: developing leadership, training, communicating or finally, evaluating performance. This shift away from the formal, corporate structures towards more practical, approachable modes of learning and communication, is certainly brought about by technology and mobile, and it is bound to make these activities more effective - once we adopt not only new tools, but new behaviours.

Finance directors concerned over losing baby boomer skills

Mike Minett says:

We have been saying for a while now... this is not a 'nice to-do' but a 'business imperative' and have used our 'Sleeping Tiger' calculator to illustrate the direct costs. I would appreciate any feedback or thoughts. We

Exploring four alternative leadership models

Robert Lamont says:

The spirit of your comments makes for interesting reading and would be interested to see what the final results are when fully implemented. I agree that we should all strive to test new ideas, explore alternative avenues other than those created by our Victorian workhouse forebears. And in the spirit of the model Zappo's are brave enough to try I still think there is a way to go in changing the mindset of HR. We (HR) May like to think we are the guardians of culture but if we are to adhere to the essence of this article HR must More...

Behaviour, not technology, must be primary driver of change

Jim Kurtz says:

Great piece. That blend of tech and face-to-face has to be the way forward, where the tech is an expert system that will take the busy line manager through the process and equip her for really a worthwhile meeting and subsequent coaching. New online systems like Performance Review Pro are doing that now

Interview with Tim Martin, founder of pub chain Wetherspoon

Victoria Fourie says:

I have been into more than 50 Wetherspoon pubs and drink my coffee...been my saving grace since being in this country from South Africa.I am a 72 y o female pensioner.... Had a bad experience...unresolved...and would do anything to speak to the big man himself.sincerely Victoria FourieF

The effect of virtual interactions on wellbeing


I have been virtually interacting (and still am at this moment) by letter, then phone,conferencing then telex/fax and now email, twitter, messaging apps. etc. What this is really about is 'control' and 'agency'

BITC announces winners of Race for Opportunity awards

kav says:

was a great evening...well done to Charlie from BP well deserved young man!

Vicky Pryce: Ex-offenders deserve level playing field

Anthony adiga says:

This is what you would expect an ex con to say? Right Vicky?? Banged up for only 3 days in a luxury prison and then walk into the job of your choicee.

Miliband pledges NHS jobs in conference speech

GRH says:

The politicians all talk about more doctors, nurses etc. They bang on about how many MORE people they have treated than the previous government and how many MORE people they will treat in the future as thought this is something to be commended, something noble. In reality, they should be talking about how many FEWER people needed doctors and hospitalisation because their policies had made a HEALTHY and ROBUST nation of people. Cognitive dissonance rules. WAKE UP all you people.

New model leaders: How leadership is changing

Bryce Biggs says:

If this quote represents the Prof's views I think he is mistaken. There are many great leaders we can admire from a distance but we may perhaps not have personally wanted to work with or for them - Steve Jobs being just one of a number who comes to mind. But if they had been "avoided" our history and record of leadership, innovation, and civilization itself would probably have been a far blander and poorer one.

Exercise helps staff deal with stress, says Thomsons Online Benefits MD

Julian Mack says:

I would wholeheartedly endorse what Chris is saying about paying more attention to the health and well being of employees. Talk is cheap we need more action. We see huge gains in self-esteem, sense of purpose and overall fitness from the type of events we build for clients. Julian Mack CEO Threshold Sports

CBI concerned about Labour's minimum wage plans

Banes says:

Agree with the first comment completely - the CBI always trot this one out whenever the minimum wage is discussed. We're talking about it rising £1.50 in the next 5.5 years - chances are just inflationary increases would make it rise that far in that time anyway - Labour are not particularly promising anything grand here. The CBI are always doom merchants when it comes to minimum wage (including when it was first proposed) - have they ever been able to provide any evidence that the minimum wage has led to job losses, etc?

New model leaders: How leadership is changing

Chris Roebuck says:

I don't believe what people want from their leaders has changed, its just how thats delivered, communicated and planned has changed with the times. People still want to be given the chance to do their best, to be encouraged, to me listened to, involved, to be treated with decency and to be developed for the future. That's always been the case - even back into the mists of history. That's what any human being wants through what they do in work and life. "Tell me and I forget, show me and I remember, involve me and I understand" Lao Tze More...

Engagement 'ongoing journey', says General Mills HRD

Barry Evans says:

There is no generally accepted definition of engagement and virtually no decent research supporting its benefits. It is a fad with little basis in theory. At best it is merely a re-labeling of such constructs as commitment and job satisfaction. At worst it is a destructive idea leading to work intensification and burnout. Yet the HR community continues to lap it as it makes them think they can have some form of influence in the work place.

EE to buy 58 Phones 4U stores, saving 359 jobs

Barry Evans says:

Wow! Gold medal to whoever works at the EE and Vodaphone press offices. EE spin this story from being part of the reason that Phones 4 U had gone into administration to 'saving' the jobs of some of those it was responsible for putting at risk in the first place.

HR Most Influential winners to be announced

Barry Evans says:

I have a saying perhaps some might care to consider when they are congratulating each other about how 'influential' they are tonight. 'Foolish names and foolish faces often appear in public places' HR influential?

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