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Is it time to give up on performance appraisals?

Needing Improvement says:

It's definitively time to give up Performance appraisals. They’re not only a waste of time, they’re actively harmful to motivation and happiness at work. They are also career damaging if your manager usually without people's skills rate you as not meeting requirements and setting a goal for himself to improve you as his employee gaining his own success and ruining you as a person and ruining your career. The result is people are unhappy and they have to leave their job and we all know it's not easy to find a new job and when you have to do it More...

Employers value attitude above qualifications and experience

Jacqueline Gold says:

Candidates have a whole life to lead. Qualifications may lose value in the eyes of the employers but they add to the self esteem and confidence of the candidates. The qualifications gained help them to recognise their potential to try anything.

HRD at heart: Fil Adams-Mercer, CEO of Parcel2Go

Sheila says:

I sent a parcel on the 10/12/14. Accoring to the tracking information it would be delivered NO LATER than 24/12/14. I got a bit concerned as it was still showing as not delivered only to be told it would be next week. I have sent xmas gifts to be delivered next week? I said the least they could do was offer mypayment back and I was shocked to hear 'It is not a guaranteed service so we will not be able to refund any money' This is unacceptable and I will never use your service again. I still maintain that More...

HR's place at top table brings two-way benefits

Hafiz Faheem Altaf says:

What a great effort, i admire the way they progress and their contribution in a href="" training and development /a sector, well done guys.

HR directors must point out irrational leadership decisions

Julian Burton says:

David, I agree-The HR directors relationships with exec team members are a critical tipping point for success or failure. Though speaking up and giving voice to the irrationality you write about can feel the most difficult thing to do in the world, a potential CV moment! In my experience, "attempts” at honesty are often seen as a an identity attack, and trigger some well honed defensive moves like bullying or denial. An HR director can have a single strategic conversation with a CEO that can be a game changer, not only for their relationship, but for the whole business. Its More...

Wincanton's route to success

B Fellows says:

As you state, Wincanton won the Everywoman of the year award two years running, but deserved winners have since left Wincanton, one for better career prospects and one was sacked! Big believer in Women in Logistics!

Six steps to supporting employees through bereavement

Dr Amy Armstrong says:

Thank you Chuck and Gina for your feedback. I very much appreciate you taking the time to offer a critical evaluation as this helps me to find different lenses through which to view my work.

UK pay still among lowest in Europe

Arvind Hickman says:

Hi David, Thank you for your feedback and taking the time for a considered response. I'd be happy to answer you in more detail via email. My address is We do cover pay issues a lot, such as executive pay, NMW, living wage, gender equality and so on. We certainly do not have a corporate bias and I am interested in why you've perceived this. Please send me an email and we can discuss it further. We take feedback seriously and always want to hear what our readers think about our coverage. Kind regards, Arvind Hickman, Editor

Employee engagement in a democratised workplace

Chris Schmid says:

Great article pointing out exactly what the reality is: people are motivated per se and don't need to be motivated. But their work accomplishments need to be acknowledged in a meaningful and honest way. We developed with a SaaS Platform for instant recognition which exactly addresses this current need of modern organizations and provides them with the much needed possibility to recognize any employee's great effort instantly.

UK pay still among lowest in Europe

David C says:

I would like to know HR magazine’s editorial stance on these issues as you report stories like this then constantly feature CEOs, HRDs and stories from big businesses Am I right in thinking you are quite a right-leaning publication which will always land on the side of the employer? If you are more neutral I would love to see some sort of campaigning towards issues such as fairer pay. You write a lot of stories regarding women in business which is great but then regular feature companies that won’t show transparency on gender pay and never ask them the question. More...

Clear line of sight

Anthony Carnell says:

The article is fine as a starting point. However, the Talk Talk example is simply HR Metrics. The term 'big data' is still formulating as a definition. However, the smallest sets of data I have seen referred to as big data is 10TB and emanating from a wide variety of sources. Usually we are talking of much larger data quantities which could sit on tens or hundreds of servers. Will HR ever need 'big data'? Probably only rarely if ever at all. Unfortunately this term is incorrectly used within HR and just serves to 'muddy the waters'.

Dave Ulrich: Companies should be rated on leadership

stuart woollard says:

We already rate organization maturity (a much broader analysis of value from human capital, including the impact of leadership). This was developed in conjunction with a major credit rating agency and the Maturity Institute. More info at

Dave Ulrich: Companies should be rated on leadership

Philip Paczynski says:

Classic Ulrich at his best. Can't wait to see what this looks like in practice and try to implement it.

HR at times 'too close to management', experts warn

Adeyemi Bamisaiye says:

A good HR ought to know what it means to listen and talk to employees; whilst constantly seeking ways to genuinely align their (employee's) agenda with the overall business strategy.

Labour would make use of migrant labour to undercut wages illegal

John Wastnage says:

From the press notice distributed by Labour today: "To prove that a criminal offence has been committed, evidence would have to be provided that some abuse of power had occurred and that migrants were employed on significantly different terms to local workers. For the first time, it means that undercutting of wages and conditions, although it will not be sufficient on its own, can be used as a piece of evidence of exploitation."

Labour would make use of migrant labour to undercut wages illegal

John Wastnage says:

Richard, not all jobs create equal value and not all roles should be paid the minimum wage. What this proposal seeks to prevent is a hypothetical situation in which a migrant worker is paid less for doing the same job in the same way that it is illegal to pay different rates of pay according to gender. E.g. support staff at a law firm, where UK workers are paid £7 an hour and a migrant is paid £6.50 for the same job. The difficulty is proving that the different rate doesn't relate to differing skills or experience, but at first More...

Interview with Michelle Luxford, HR director at Travelodge

Christianne says:

This is a awfulll company. They should be investigatied by the police because they harass people. I am going to make a complaint to HR at least management get investigated. If nothing works I go to the police. Really bad company. Bad role models.

Labour would make use of migrant labour to undercut wages illegal

Richard Pennington says:

But surely this is the point of the minimum wage ie. to establish a base, minimum wage level that employers must pay. Doesn't this suggested approach tend to indicate that the National Minimum wage is set at the wrong level or is Mr Milliband attempting to avoid this particular debate?

Employers urged to upskill employees for sustainability

Nisha Postlethwaite says:

I totally agree on this - businesses that want to survive in the competitive markets of today must upskill existing employees. Training and developing existing employees has so many fantastic benefits - employees feel valued and are more motivated, productive, and likely to remain at the business and their potential increases . Upskilling staff will also allow for more flexibility in terms of work rotas. Businesses must focus on updating existing staff’s skills to ensure they have the most up to date skills in the industry and to retain their top talent.

UK firms must make fitness accessible for staff

John Hulme says:

Good day, we are the inventers and owners of The Diet Plate® which is the ONLY clinically trial product of its kind in the world. By using it you are 6 time more likely to lose weight and 3 times more likely to take control of type 2 Diabetes, this is what the trial concluded. We would be happy to brand the plate for a company so they can have it in their canteen to assist serves in delivering the correct portion size and nutritional balance. This lends itself perfectly to the well-being corporate responsibility that a lot of companies More...

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