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Five tips on managing a diverse workforce

Naveen says:

You bring in a very valid point jennifer. While we all learn to see the diversity that Millenials or others bring, your thought about one size does not fit all fit all is exactly what I advocate. The dilemma for any organization is standardization Vs bespoke. And how many "real" engagement drivers of an employee are made bespoke.

Five tips on managing a diverse workforce

Jennifer Bryan says:

Although I agree with the principles and recommendations of the article regarding how an organisation fosters the Gen Y, I would like to add that is also still needs to recognise the other generations within the workforce. We can't just approach the diversity with a one size fits all, as that goes against the concept of diversity. We need to make sure there are a number of options for each generation.

A million public sector workers go on strike

Ian says:

Surely MPs are also Public Sector Workers as well - so why did they get 11%. It just seems to me to be double standards and personally I would like to see less MPs and more teachers, fireman, doctors, dustman etc. At least I can see the value they add.

HR industry's first price comparison site ready to launch

Michael Muise says:

Hello, is this just pricing for Europe? I'm trying to get pricing comparisons on hr software suites here in North America... Can anyone help? Thank you.. Michael Muise - Consultant Vanguard/Vgtech technologies

Dealing with TUPE - a users guide

Amarvir says:

Your first example of TUpe applying should this read seller to buyer and not buyer to seller?

Employment groups welcome flexible working changes

Marylou Lousvet says:

There may well be issues with setting precedents and tying your hands for future requests if they are dealt with one by one. The most effective approach is to identify what work needs to be done face to face with clients and colleagues, what can be done remotely at home, drop in sites and client sites and what the business needs. This will then identify time and place flexibilities that employees can take advantage off. I recently wrote a blog about how to get started which can be read at

Starting salaries continue to rise, says REC/KPMG report


REC/KPMG demonstrate a strengthening labour market with rising pay rates and lack of candidates. (though we may be doubtful of the notion that they are reluctant to leave their current employers who have of course given them an increase) These will 'of course affect internal pay rates and may have down so already. Question is 'What is the Bank of Englands's labour market specialist telling his Governor? Whats the odds at the bookies of a STOP sooner rather that later?'

HR experts discuss recruiting Generation Y

Emily says:

As a Generation Y worker, I think the key is for HR to recognise the benefits that a Gen Y worker can bring to an organisation without putting up barriers that prevents a worker from being their most productive and most creative. I work from home (and a cafe now and again) full time - I have a blog on being a Flexible Millennial if you're interested in this from the other perspective - and hit all my deadlines, meet & exceed my targets, and still feel part of the team. I hope organisations can move their minds into More...

HR's role in emerging markets

john ludike says:

In addition would recommend that sustained and comprehensive effort is made to develop local capabilities in formal manner and to ensure knowledge transfer. in my experience there is direct relationships between development of local capability and seamless localisation and execution of international or global HR strategies, processes etc.

Global skills shortage hits seven-year high

Nicholas Ricciuti says:

I hope this might help our international community. The Reinvent Your Career Expo's in Australia invite all global employers to be part of these unique events which will allow your organisation to employer brand in order to attract quality skilled workers. In Melbourne two weeks ago we had over 6300 adults attend looking for alternative career opportunities with over half stating that they would relocate if they found the right job. More information go to

Mediation and mindfulness

Vivienne Duke says:

Hi Tania. What a clever article. I actually thought there was a typo at first and you meant 'meditation'. I completely agree with your comparisons of mindfulness and mediation. In fact if everyone approached every aspect of their lives with mindfulness I think the world but be a much happier and more peaceful place:-)

Global skills shortage hits seven-year high

Barbara Jean Walsh says:

Maybe it's time to start upskilling older workers, especially women. Sue Black's TechMums ( is a good place to begin. The U.S. could use a few group like that.

CIPD urges employment focus ahead of general election

Trisha Goring says:

If 25% of jobs in this country don't need higher education, why should we waste time and money asking for qualifications we don't need. Employers do invest in Human Capital (what an awful way to describe people) by offering them a job. We seem to have become a little carried away with "rights". Everyone deserves the opportunity of having a job but it isn't a right and having worked in HR for many years, I'm very disappointed that employees don't realise how lucky they are to have a job and wonder whether the concern about the loss of rights is More...

Conservatives call for tighter rules on public sector strikes

Anthony Forsyth says:

Your readers might be interested to know that Australian law requires at least 50% turnout in strike ballots; and that, once industrial action is approved by a majority of employees, it must be commenced within 30 days of the results being declared.

CIPD urges employment focus ahead of general election

Tom Toher says:

This government have, without mandate, taken away employment rights that were already the worst in Europe, made it more difficult and expensive to go to a tribunal to protect the few rights they'd left us and dismantled legal aid. They have also removed those rights from CIPD members and senior managers. They need restoring and it would cost nothing to do so.

Only one in five employers plan pension changes


These private company pensions are a CON. Mine pays in full only when I am dead only knowing I am fighting a bad disease and nearly died in 2010 . Working hard for that company has got myself no where at all

Last chance to nominate for HR's Most Influential Thinkers 2014

Michelle Rhodes says:

I would like to nominate Dr Kate Grainger for #hellomynameis. Her message is changing the way that we communicate in the NHS.

Remote working can help introverts into the boardroom

Dr Jordi Robert-Ribes says:

It's a great point that remote working makes the "content" stand out over the "wrapping". However, the importance of "water-cooler discussions" is well known to improve organisations (see for instance this INSEAD article: ) Even more important in order to get to the top job is playing office politics. I don't thing they'll go away. And to play that game you need to be in the field. Even there is another type of remote working, which is being located at a distant subsidiary. Most managers and executives that accept such an appointment, do so in a temporary basis. They More...

Why can't we collaborate to find talent?

Chris Bale says:

I agree with most of this article. The logical progression from here will be for larger agencies to acquire specialist job boards or social media sites in their sector. They will therefore still service their clients at all levels but the revenue will be advertising driven for junior roles and retainer/contingent fees for senior levels. Inevitably this will result in a consolidation of the market. Already started to see this happen in the US, Asia and this year in the UK.

Last chance to nominate for HR's Most Influential Thinkers 2014

Toby Hillman says:

Dr Kate Granger for her positive influence on patient experience worldwide through her simple but brilliant campaign to reconnect healthcare workers to the people inside their patients.

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