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Are annual appraisals losing impact?

Jon ingham says:

I'm running a series of workshops on reengineering performance management taking HR professionals through these issues and more. The key need which is emerging from these is to tailor the approach to the organisational culture and broader context. Old performance management used to work (sort of) as a standard process - new performance management needs deeper and smarter thinking to get right. There will be a solution to a particular organisation's needs, but it can't just be about copying Adobe, Juniper etc.

Osborne backs down over EU bankers' bonus cap

Dunkan Davis says:

It's an example of how far the banks have got in controlling our "democracy" when they can destroy the economy, get us to pay for their venal criminality, and then have their politicians protect their continued incompetence with massive bonuses of our money, while all we left to do are a href="" no credit check payday loans /a applyings. It is necessary for even the most blinkered supporter of the banking "industry" to see that only a new system, with new people will make the banks serve us and not the inverse.

How HR can accelerate change for executive women

Frank Douglas says:

James, please note my comments posted today on HR Magazine website.

Two-thirds of newly-employed paid below living wage

Clare Forrest says:

The actual fall in wages in 70p and 40p respectively - not the 70% and 40% quoted. Get the facts right please - this report is worrying enough and doesn't need over-egging.

Oracle's youth appeal

Laurie Jack-Knife says:

The latest round of redundancies in Oracle sees hundreds of experienced, customer-facing Support staff laid-off in Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Belgium and Denmark, with their jobs re-locating to Romania - to be performed by much younger, cheaper and less-experienced personnel....

Stop the press: Rebuilding trust at News UK

Former NI HR says:

good article from a guy who hasn't worked an actual day as an HR generalist in his life.

Former Zara MD: 'HR not brave enough'

Jesus Vega says:

Hi Raul, You look like quite angry. I am sorry if I did´t hire you (I hired more than 150.000 people in Inditex all around the world) or if I fired you (you were then one of the few that I had to fire). I really apologize. Regards

Patrick Wright: Using data for CEO succession

Ingo Susing says:

Very interesting article and I would love to get a better understanding of your survey results as I'm currently completing my doctorate in a this area. One question I have, though, is how you define capability, and specifically, how your definition of capability relates to performance and potential. Kind regards, Ingo Susing

The three hardest workplace conversations

Wayne Gwilym says:

Dean - thanks for such a humane and well reasoned article - these are indeed issues that organisations need to address - it's particularly sad that domestic violence and mental health carry such stigmas.

Six steps to supporting employees through bereavement

Amy Armstrong says:

Thanks for your comments Rohan. The issue of self-confidence is one that emerged in the study. It is interesting that, despite the best intentions, for some individuals who are put on 'lighter duties' on their return to work, this leads them to question their ability as opposed to helping them to transition back successfully. It is a very delicate balance for managers to strike as each individual is so different in their response to work both in the short and long-term.

When is a freelancer really an employee?

Michael Chapman says:

A person who works freelance is a freelance. No-one is lancing anything.

Six steps to supporting employees through bereavement

Rohan Kallicharan says:

Amy, there are some very valid points here which really do show a deep understanding of the bereavement process in the work place. I am particularly interested in the last 2 points that you make. Line managers are crucial in the healing process, once you return to work you spend more time with them than any. In my case, I lost my fiancée 5 years ago. The company were fantastic - paid leave, Occupational Health support, phased return to work etc. However, it was after I had been back a little while that I found it difficult. Responsibilities that had More...

Managing a 24/7 digital workforce

Jon Ingham says:

It relates to the Art of HR last week. The more we develop the science, including the use of technology (and digital is only the beginning, there's also wearables / human augmentation / quantified self etc etc) the more we need to invest in the art, including the development of our humanity. Technology can help organisations become more soulful, not less, but as always this requires as much investment in culture as it does in technology.

Emotionally engaged employees exhibit higher levels of performance and personal wellbeing

Chris McKerracher says:

Emotionally engaged employees are likely those that management pays particular attention to their staff's mental health and personal well-being. Here is a blog we produced that reviews ways management can enhance that critical mental health aspect.

The mindset of sustainable high performers

Allan Brown says:

Perhaps "highly performing humans" would be a more fitting characterization of those who have discovered the rich personal development that often springs from the passionate (and apolitical) pursuit of their chosen vocation. More compelling question for me is what kind of company, culture and organizational structure could offer a sustainable environment in which that kind of individual thrives?

Tackling homophobia in the workplace

N Thomas says:

I have recently been dismissed by a charity for complaining about the newly appointed HR Executive. I complained that my childcare vouchers had not been bought on time for a second month in a row yet the HR Executive had time to pull pranks on other members of staff and make homophobic comments to other staff members in front of me. I was dismissed less that 48 hours later after I returned to work and after a suspiciously short "investigation" I have been told it was just mild banter. Shameful really especially as they are a charity.

Six steps to supporting employees through bereavement

Dr Amy Armstrong says:

Thanks for your feedback Kris. I'm so please you enjoyed reading the article. My study did not look at the trauma of divorce or separation, but I agree that many of the feelings that a relationship break up engenders may be associated with loss and thus a grieving process ensues. The 'suffering overspill' I talk of goes beyond bereavement and encompasses all kinds of personal struggles.

SMEs and the skills crisis

Peter W says:

First, what the hell does "not have the bandwidth" mean? Do I need a bigger router? Second, the skills shortage is not something that is unrecognised or not being talked about, so it cannot be described as an elephant in the room. However, for all the talk that is going on, and Government departments seem to be talking about nothing else right now, there is precious little evidence of action being taken in a corrdinated fashion. LEPS are trying to address local or regional issues but seem to be in competition with each other rather than trying to implement a More...

Do we need HR? How the function has developed

Safia Boot says:

I agree increasingly organisations need to shift away from silo roles to a hybrid model. The challenges organisations face require a multi-disciplinary approach but our education system and continuous professional development systems and institutes also need to facilitate tthis by taking a multi-disciplinary approach to learning at an earlier stage not just at the MBA+ level which only at few progress to. There are vested interest both in and outside organisations that benefit from the status quo and comfort that comes from routine thinking and notions of 'functional expert'.

Six steps to supporting employees through bereavement

Natural Death Centre charity says:

a great piece Amy

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