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Over-55s in pension scam warning

Janice Tiffany says:

I made an appointment with my local CAB in Leeds and attended yesterday with a Pension Wise advisor who could not have been more helpful or more lovely. It was the easiest meeting and he explained everything in very clear detail giving me time to think and ask questions and promised to send out a follow up transcript of the meeting for me to study at my leisure before making any decisions. I would advise anyone with questions or concerns regarding their pension to make an appointment with Pension Wise. A really great meeting with a very helpful conversation

UK engineering must learn from abroad

Nick Leslie-Miller says:

Even closer to home there are more women in engineering in countries like Romania than in the UK

Government plans to scrap automatic union contributions

Keith Appleyard says:

I’m not sure if the automatic payment of trades union subscriptions from payroll is necessarily an out-dated proposition? I recall back in the 1970’s when running the Payroll for GEC in Coventry, we collected the union dues for over 10,000 employees, deducted 10% as a handling fee, and forwarded the money 3 months in arrears. Sir Arnold Weinstock was the only man I knew who could turn a profit from Trade Union Membership.

Government plans to scrap automatic union contributions

Peter Copping says:

Can the Government instruct its 'agencies' to end 'check off'. It is a freebie not a condition of the employment contract.

The benefits of employing older apprentices

Hilary Eastwood says:

This issue is a live issue for businesses to start planning today. Don't forget the wellbeing of older workers as an incentive, partcularly female workers. The employer who understands and supports female workers by acknowelkdging the the menopause and its physical effects will have built up their goodwill bank reducing attrition in this staffing group.

Glassdoor trusted more than employers

Tom Lakin says:

Interesting point re usage - I too was surprised traffic is relatively low in the UK. The site is at #683 in UK (Alexa). Figures suggest that users are typically relatively junior (less than 11 years exp) so my guess is that usage will grow as younger employees continue to engage with it.

Glassdoor trusted more than employers

Marcus Body says:

I get Glassdoor's influence in the US - it's the 154th most visited site for that country - but in the UK (according to Alexa) it's down at 1281st. Are there any more up-to-date stats on how many jobseekers are actually using it?

Performance appraisals benefit self-promoting employees

Mark McCormack says:

Make sure people know you’re doing a great job – you can’t always expect your merits to speak for themselves – but don’t blow your own trumpet too much. Performance appraisals really DO favour self-promoting employees, as Brian Kropp correctly says. So remember this, and keep in good contact with your boss – make sure they know what you’ve achieved. Don’t be an attention grabber or ‘brown-noser’ – but do make sure that people know who you are and make sure you get credit where credit’s due. Make sure the right people know you want a promotion – don’t be More...

Glassdoor trusted more than employers

Tom Lakin says:

Regarding adverse effects on employees, whether or not this is an issue is dependent on the specific context. All posts are anonymous and Glassdoor allows users to post a review without specifying their location or job title (though in a company with only two employees, this could clearly be awkward....).

HR must encourage open and honest dialogue about mental health

Jabbar Sardar says:

Thanks for your comment Sara, and I am glad you enjoyed the article. In my opinion HR needs to approach this two ways simultaneously: preventatively, by raising awareness of mental health and through building individual and organisational resilience, and reactively, by better supporting employees who do need time off to overcome mental health difficulties they are struggling with. Of the former, we need to ensure we provide tools and resources for staff to understand where their personal strengths lie – this will be different for every individual, and is essential in building resilience that will help employees manage more challenging More...

Glassdoor trusted more than employers

Kishore Kumar says:

what would be the impact on employees posting some content against an employer. how would be their identity protected

Why HR needs its own SEAL Team Six

Frank Douglas says:

Jennifer/Alan, Thanks for your comments. I agree the challenge for HR is to not just focus on processes but innovation in regards to structure and approach. Respectfully, HR is still a 'cassette tape' in terms of evolution.

Younger generation heading for 'wake-up call' at work

Mark McCormack says:

Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify, evaluate and control your own emotions and to better understand the emotions (or motivations) of other people. With practice and feedback on people's performance, they can become more effective in recognising and managing emotions in both themselves and others. Emotional intelligence is central to our life experience and can influence how successful we are in our relationships and careers. It can also help people to understand the nature of competition and build a positive, healthy understanding of competition. As such, it could prove invaluable to young people to learn as part of their More...

Supporting transgender employees

Nicky Stevens says:

i was asked to use the disabled toilet "in case I upset some staff" in an interview about my transition with a director. I made no fuss because I was concerned about my prospects as an employee and under much stress with the Whole situation. This was ignorance back in 2012, I do hope there is more education now?

Why HR needs its own SEAL Team Six

Alan Price says:

Your article Frank was spot on, really informative and sets up a discussion point to really move HR forward

Why HR needs its own SEAL Team Six

Jennifer Powell says:

Such a thought provoking article. It made me think about the often passive and conciliatory role HR is placed. So I warmed to the proactive energy and confidence this article encourages in HR colleagues.

Supporting transgender employees

Stephanie Mann says:

I have had 3 interviews in 2 years of looking for work since graduating with Honours in 2013. The most recent was to work handing out meals to people in a nursing home. One application asked what was my biggest achievement outside of work. I told them I'd transitioned in 2 years Male to Female. I tied it into how determined I was and how that would make me a good employee. I didn't get the job. Next time I said nothing but every couple of questions they would come back to, "do you have any other medical condition that More...

Supporting transgender employees

Dee Omally says:

For me, workplace protections for trans employees is crucial, having been terminated for the 1st time ever after walking into a transphobic job. I naively believed that my ID sex of F would protect me, especially from HR but I was sadly mistake. Had I known I had walked into a snake pit, I would have NEVER EVER EVER revealed my trans history, no matter what I looked like (had cut my hair temporarily).

Businesses becoming more people-focused

Mark McCormack says:

Your best employees, those employees you want to retain, seek frequent opportunities to learn, develop as people, and grow in their careers, knowledge and skills. Without new opportunities - to sit on challenging and significant teams, to work on meaningful projects, to take on stretching responsibilities, to attend seminars and training, they feel they will stagnate. A career-oriented, valued employee must experience growth opportunities within an organisation.

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