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The trouble with measuring productivity

duncan brown says:

i think HR magazine should pay more attention to quality than productivity. I am not an economist, nor do i work at UKCES. I am head of consulting at IES. Thanks

Controlling agency spend in the NHS

Stewart Buller says:

Paul, you make excellent points about future workforce in the NHS. But your 'big ask' about 'joined up thinking' will be the rock that all hopes are dashed on. each Trust operates independently, sets its plans independently and recruits as if in a vacuum. The Truth is the workforce is flexible, fluid, transient even, free to take their skills and experience from one Trust to another. But the Trusts themselves are not. Their HR systems are not inter-operative. They can't easily transfer HR details between Trusts and employment legislation forces each Trust to go through the entire recruitment process from More...

Making career management a reality: A guide for HR

Bob Hicks says:

Its not just ladders that need to be in place, but bridges, rope swings, express lifts and whole climbing frames!

Forced gender pay gap disclosure raises questions

Jon Ingham says:

I was on the Today programme talking about this this morning. To me it's only the start of what are going to have to be some much deeper changes towards greater transparency - more comments here:

Making career management a reality: A guide for HR

Andrew Mayo says:

I would just add to this good advice: design alternate career ladders wherever possible. One sole hierarchical management ladder is not only restrictive in opportunity but often leads to poor management and the loss of key professional or technical skills. A person can have two "managers" - one administrative and one technical, who holds his/her higher grade solely because of their technical "leadership".

Government forges ahead with strike reforms

Steve Skinner says:

Obviously it's only right that a majority must vote to strike so that a minority doesn't impose its will on the majority. Bearing in mind that only a minority voted for the current government, surely it would only be fair to bring in the same rules for general elections?

Companies forced to reveal gender pay gap

Keith Appleyard says:

Hasn’t David Cameron got better things to sort out than the pay gap for women? (I say that as a proud father of 3 women). For the record, I checked my workforce : average hourly pay for men (6% of my workforce) = £8.92; average hourly pay for women : £9.56. There : Mission Accomplished : I can forget about it now.

Virtual conflicts hampering international teams

Keval says:

Working in a virtual environment has now become inevitable in almost all global companies. Before getting on the full-fledged virtual work environment, it is important for virtual team members to establish a rapport with one another by having a personal interaction in initial days. This gives them a chance to understand each other's personality traits and attitude. This can help them avoid conflict at a later stage. - Via

Five top tips for implementing flexible working

Lavaun says:

I am in total agreement with both comments. Honesty and integrity are also wining factors. It pays if managers and staff work in tandem with each and quoting the phrase "sings from the same Sheet. Lavaun Crowther Director JPCHR CONSULTING

Virtual conflicts hampering international teams

Carolyn Miller says:

This is a great article - im not sure that all companies that operate in the European or even global environment understand enough about how to work effectively with their colleagues in other countries but its an absolute essential skill today. I really like the idea of building cultural awareness/understanding in as a competency as it needs to be more explicitly called out, rather than assumed and then often forgotten about.

CBI warns of 'skills emergency'

michael stevens says:

zero contract hours agency employees.who is able to take an apprentice for 3 years or more.

Investor interest in culture on the rise

Derek Mowbray says:

This is encouraging that investors are exploring the culture of organisations. Everyone reacts, responds and replies in the context of working out what the culture is and how to behave appropriately within it to survive, and more optimistically, to achieve success and happiness. There are many forms of measuring culture depending on the stance that is taken. If the organisation wishes to perform at its peak consistently, then measurements along the lines of psychological wellbeing and performance are appropriate - the cultural triggers that provokes a positive psychological reaction and response, resulting in greater concentration (reply), motivation and intensity of More...

Age to be measured in BITC Diversity and Wellbeing Benchmark

Brian Kent - TRCRC says:

“Quite a number of businesses started to think seriously about age after the government’s report on ageing in 2013. Since then it has really become part of the agenda.” Really ? ACTION is urgently required, spurred by essential Government initiatives, to solve this hugely costly international problem, first identified over 40 years ago !

Government plans crackdown on illegal immigrant workers

EastT says:

Proof reading is very important.

Dean Royles: Why we need quotas for women on boards

Kaye Welfare says:

Whatever your view on quotas at least it raises awareness of the need for greater gender diversity and the importance of inclusive leadership. Our experience at The Glass Lift is that more and more people are talking about gender diversity but still not enough are being really proactive to change culture and mindsets. More articles like this please!!!

Dean Royles: Why we need quotas for women on boards

Margaret Davies says:

It's good to see recognition and consideration of the need for positive action. Gender quotas at Board level have been successful in the Nordic countries - the work climate is now far more equal - and Germany have just introduced board quotas. The UK FTSE 100 companies are on target to achieve 25% female representation by the end of the year. I hope that Lord Davis will continue his work and we have another proper debate about quotas. Nevertheless, the real challenge is not at Board but senior operational level - most of the new board positions that have gone More...

Investor interest in culture on the rise

Helen Wright says:

We have a methodology that measures the HR policies and practices that drive culture and also the outcomes. Independent research conducted on the data we collect confirms that organisations with cultures which are built on strong, core values such as trust and integrity, and where employee wellbeing is high on the agenda, consistently outperform the market by 2% or 3%. This was seen over a 26-year period.

Investor interest in culture on the rise

Jon Ingham says:

I agree with translating culture into value and behaviours, or other less nebulous concepts. But we need to understand values are just an input vs behaviours being an outcome of the HR value chain. And even these have little value to investors unless the organisation is clear about how the behaviours lead to required business results (as strategy and in practice) - see this post discussing another HR Magazine article from earlier this year:

Budget 2015: Government urged to focus on skills and productivity

Robin Hoyle says:

My own comments on this budget broadly agree with these statements. as L&D professionals know, counting the inputs (apprenticeship numbers) means nothing unless they are high quality experiences with meaningful outcomes in relation to the UK productivity gaps Osborne highlighted.

Tax-free childcare delayed until 2017

Kate Kelly says:

This news is very disappointing to me and my husband. We both work 42 hours per week, our 3 year old goes to childminder for 10 hours a day. We work hard and cannot afford to have second child as childminding bill is nearly the same value as our mortgage. We hoped for this new law to come to life this Autumn and help us with the monthly bill especially as our current employers do not provide childcare vouchers. I would like to ask Government representatives - WHY ARE YOU PUNISHING HARD WORKING PEOPLE?? Shall I quit my job and More...

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