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Holiday pay ruling could affect wages and retention

Keith Appleyard says:

I'd hope there was swings and roundabouts. My staff are rarely permitted to take time off during school term-time, they get paid their normal salary for 13 weeks holiday. If they do work any overtime, it's usually to cover for colleagues who are on sick leave. If they do take any time off then it is deducted from their wages, but I don't reduce their holiday pay in line with their time off.

Top five myths about flexible working

Pete Metz says:

It'll be a matter of time before employees and employers alike are aligned with the idea that telecommuting/remote work is mutually beneficial. Here are other myths about working remotely:

Top five myths about flexible working

Pamela La Gioia says:

Thank you, Karen, for helping to dispel some of these myths. If people would dig deep and do the research they would have to agree with you all the way. Pamela La Gioia Telework Recruiting, Inc.

Government action on workplace health long overdue

Health@Work says:

Are you aware of the Workplace Wellbeing Charter? The charter is a statement of intent for employers to show their commitment to the health and wellbeing of the workforce. Google or search out on Twitter for more info. It is a nationally recognised award endorsed by Public Health England and is funded in many areas by local authorities

Living wage increases to £7.85

Keith Appleyard says:

The Charity of which I am Treasurer, Fiveways Playcentre, was announced today to be the Living Wage Champion for the South East England region. We were the first Nursery in the whole of the UK to become an accredited Living Wage Employer back in 2012. We have always recognised that in many ways Brighton can be just as expensive as parts of London, so not content to simply adopt the Living Wage rate for the UK outside of London (£7.85), our NVQ3-qualified staff are already paid at 97% of the newest London rate (£9.15).

Three CEO on developing bold leaders

Jon Windust says:

The use of competencies is so important. I can't stress enough how useful competencies are in the workplace. This program for inspiring leaders is a great initiative, a list of competencies will guide the development of these leaders better than a list of skills for their next position. I’ve written before on how competencies are a robust approach to skill gaps (see here, it's good to see others feel the same way.

A good HR person 'doesn't care about HR'

Nick Holley says:

I have just returned from a business trip to China where Twitter is blocked hence I was unaware of this article so I feel driven to comment on the misquote and clarify what I actually said. My point was that HR is about more than just doing basic HR stuff (payroll, contracts etc) though if we don't do it really well we are in big trouble. A CEO expects HR to do this and will be pretty p*ssed off if we don't but it isn't what they really value from HR (and I did say they value HR!). Where HR More...

HR Excellence Awards winners announced

Zaid Risheq says:

Congratulations dears!

CIPD publishes social media guidance for pre-employment checks

Satyakki Bhattacharjee says:

The sole purpose of the Background Verification in PECs is to support the qualitative aspects of the selection process with an emperical evidence on integrity of the incumbent. In modern times, integrity cannot be exclusive of our online digital conduct. Thus, including social media guidance in PECs is a prudent initiative.

Financial education: whose job Is it?

Tim Perkins says:

As with many elements of Reward, the rapid rise of Financial Education in the UK is tracking the US where, depending on what you read, 50%-70% of organisations now offer a programme. With ROI of 6:1 (split evenly between employees and employers), the return is extraordinary and makes financial education a 'no-brainer'. The key is to make sure it is truly education and not just a channel for product sales as some of our high street banks and insurance companies seem to be focused on.

Back-to-work mums 'held back' as career progress is hindered

Nechama Harris-Keen says:

Hi, I am interested in talking about this Santander study in a research project for my MSc in Professional HR. Do you know where I can find the original source with the study? I can't seem to find it online. Kind Regards, Nechama Harris-Keen

Purpose ‘worthless’ without staff engagement, says Old Mutual CEO

Jon ingham says:

It's not just organisational purpose either - for any area of business strategy the new principle has to be to engage staff to decide, rather than decide then seek to engage. Given the death of deference this no longer works. However, this isn't as simple as it might seem - business leaders need to commit to go along with crowdsourced strategy even if it's not what they personally see as the most optimal approach - the new environment means that it is much better having a less brilliant strategy which is executed well than a perfect strategy which nobody cares More...

How to recruit a 'purple squirrel'

Luis Gabaldon says:

Thank you very much for sharing this article. It is such a great article to read - a relevant sharing of knowledge and expertise to the HR community.

General election 2015 pledges by party

Suzanne Evans says:

I think you'll find UKIP is now the third main party, so why exclude them? Policies on employment included in draft manifesto here:

'Private school premium' for graduates worth up to £4,500

Peter Rimmer says:

Private schools and public schools should be nationalised, and all the teaching and learning resources devoted to the many not the privileged few. The current system simply ensures that the rich get richer and the poor stay where they are, close to the bottom of the pile. We need to close the inequality gap if we re to ensure a sustainable future not only for our planet but also for businesses and the community at large. Radical stuff eh?

'Private school premium' for graduates worth up to £4,500

Peter Copping says:

Just to remind everyone that their are two parties to the selection, the buyer and seller. I suspect there are 'grammar school' buyers and private school buyers.

The Equality Act: one year on

victim? says:

It's all very well large company's having processes and procedures in place that satisfy the law (Equality Act 2010) but if the company (HR department) don't follow them, despite an employee with a condition covered by the equality act continuously mentioning the Equality act in their monthly meetings over a period of 15 months, what progress has been made? How does one get a large company with draconian distrustful approach to employees to abide by the law, without being forced to resign and take the matter to court? Particularly an employee with over 20 successful unblemished years with the company! More...

How to recruit a 'purple squirrel'

Jackie Birch says:

I like what I have just read. Although I have never heard of this expression before. Must say: Good article written. Thank you very much for sharing.

UK falls eight places in gender equality rankings

Bnh says:

No surprise to me that the UK is falling behind in gender equality. Employers continue to marginalise women not just with pay but with the language used - and normally with the blessings of the HR department. How many people in HR continue to talk about "man hours"? When challenged in our company I was met by blank stares as no one seemed to comprehend why this is at best backwards if not plain insulting to women.

Early conciliation could cause rise in 'vexatious claims', says employment lawyer

Maria Joseph says:

For 14+ years I've been the administrator and mediator for a state gov't agency (against discrimination) mediation program. The agency has a very low barrier to entry (filing). It would seem that employers could be inundated with claims, but they're really not. On balance, given the fact that legitimate claims still arise and the power and knowledge imbalance curtails opposition, there's decent reason for keeping the door open more widely than not. Contrary to seeing the floodgates to all-out litigation opening, however, what I do see is a fair number of people who look to the agency, and then the More...

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