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Rob Briner: five things HR needs to stop doing

Paul Cheesman says:

...or did anyone else find a Guru from the "HR Most Influential List" criticising Gurus and lists ever so slightly amusing? Maybe he's just a fad...

Rob Briner: five things HR needs to stop doing

Jon Ingham says:

Is it just me or do articles like this just make HR lose faith in evidence based HR? If so, that's a shame as EBHR could and should be important. But when EBHR proponents make the same sort of evidence empty claims as the gurus it attacks, it shows how little value there is in the approach. So just a couple of things - firstly talent and human capital aren't the same as people. Human capital is the value they provide. Talent means different things to different organisations but that doesn't mean these different things aren't valuable. EBHR should understand More...

Rob Briner: five things HR needs to stop doing

John Dommett says:

Stop saying "yes"! Sometimes "no" is the right thing to say.

Culture change around diversity and inclusion remains ‘slow’

Sue Schilling says:

Hi, As I read is article I could not help but reflect on a book I read recently (Playing Big, by Tara Mohr). The author observes that it is not enough for the door to be opened, to really have equality we must first open the door, then we must create an environment where everyone can flourish. In my view it is this second step that is the toughest because it means real change from the people who may be perceived to be in the privileged positions. Let's face when any new variable is entered into anything in business the More...

Immigration rules will cause ‘chaos’ in the NHS

John Monney says:

Can someone tell me which Tory idiot is behind the new immigration laws, The media do not seem to be naming names

Immigration rules will cause ‘chaos’ in the NHS

Ruth Christy, Blake Morgan says:

Added to this is the recent problem of the immigration cap being reached this June which could spiral from month to month as applicants who are refused reapply in the following month - another potential blow for recruitment particularly in the NHS but also other sectors and employers outside of London. See this article by my colleague Allan Briddock for more details:

Cridland calls for careers advice overhaul

Christopher Mason says:

We get MBA graduates complaining about the lack of effective career advice and they may have a few years of experience in the real World. Who is going to be capable of helping at the school level? What is the background of the school careers advisers that equips them to help at this formative stage? We have to turn this round and expose the children to the depth, breadth and requirements of the true workplace. The misguided "get better academic qualifications and you will be more successful" should never have replaced, get real experience, have the right values and passion More...

Should HR rebrand to talent management?

Rob Briner says:

I guess a more fundamental question is: Why would any profession think about re-branding itself. There seems to be only one good reason - that nobody understands what that professional does and the new brand or term to describe the profession does so very accurately and will be very well-understood. But this one good reason certainly does not apply to the re-branding HR as talent management. So all we are left with is all the not-so-good reasons why a profession may re-brand such as: Hype, BS, insecurity, lack of confidence based on lack of evidence, embarrassment about the past, etc More...

Should HR rebrand to talent management?

Ceferino Dulay Jr. says:

Talent management can be an important part of HR but not everything about it. This function is not simply that of HR but the operating managers have an important role here. In fact, the direction that talent management will take and how it will be implemented, evaluated and improved will be greatly influenced by the business/operating managers who have a major role in the strategic business direction and implementation. Its like taking the cart before the horse. Talent management is an important aspect of the total business management function . For example, in managing and developing technical experts, the business More...

Should HR rebrand to talent management?

GMN says:

If you would like to kill Talent Management- Sure!

How to create a growth mindset across your organisation

Tara says:

I think this article succinctly summaries the effort required by leaders and management alike to create a culture of learning and allow an organisation become agile and flexible. Great ideas and well written thank you for sharing

Talent management at Metro Bank

James Perryman says:

I recently met someone at a TEN networking event who works at Metro Bank and he shared these values and performance related language with me, but he did it with such passion and enthusiasm - it spoke volumes about Metro Bank as an employer and him as an advocate.

Charlie Mayfield: business must forecast to prepare for tomorrow

John Fillingham - Thinking HR says:

I think the ability to look forward is stifled by the crises of a day to day operational focus. Strategy has languished in the sidelines through a lack of business partnership and drive to take real leadership and be bold. Afraid of the consequences of perceived failure. What's a bigger failure? Doing very little and getting caught with your pants down.

Should HR rebrand to talent management?

Ian Butcher says:

I am plagued with mails and requests from Recruitment Agencies that are just too lazy to read profiles and think that my job title "Talent Development Manager" is all about recruitment - which is nothing to do with what I actually do. I have started declining requests on LinkedIn for example where they are too lazy to read profile and then start bombarding me with marketing about their company. Just Imagine the confusion if HR is rebadged to Talent Management - HR does far more than recruitment!

Should HR rebrand to talent management?

Jon Ingham says:

The gremlins also got to my link - it's

Should HR rebrand to talent management?

Jon Ingham says:

HR or Talent - I don't care, but I would like to comment on responsibility. And actually I'd argue that we can't take responsibility but. We absolutely should take accountability - for talent if you wish, or human capital / organisation capability across the organisation.

Are bosses ready to deliver the digital workforce?

Jon Ingham says:

Great challenges though I'm still not convinced re flat organisations (I agree it's a trend but don't associate it with the digital workplace )

Should HR rebrand to talent management?

Wendy Hirsh says:

Apologies for link above - meant to give link to recent IES blog on this subject

Should HR rebrand to talent management?

Wendy Hirsh says:

HR folk have already annoyed employees and managers by using the term 'talent management' both for broad aspects of HRM, especially people development, and for much more specific activities, usually intended to develop future senior leaders. Using the term for all aspects of people management would be even more meaningess and alienating. I find the ideas behind 'talent management' important and of practical value. See why: But as a term, the sooner we ditch it the better.

Public sector involved in disproportionately high number of employment tribunal appeals

Nim says:

Good afternoon, I hope you can help me on this request. I was wandering if you would able to let me know where the statistic of 'The private sector employs three-quarters of the UK workforce and is involved in 56% of employment cases' came from. I haven't been able to find a more resent figure so I was interested in this one. Kind regards Nim

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