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Regulation and policies not improving ethics in business

P Clarkson says:

It is very difficult to instil a culture of ethical behaviour in relation to bribery and 'gifts', when the very people making the law are constantly are at risk, and frequently accepting, from temptations of free accommodation, flights, dinners, sports extravaganzas races etc + party politics is based around donations or 'gifts' that influence future action of those accepting them. I would be surprised if people are generally surprised by the results above.

Mental health: the pressure and the progress

Molly Walker says:

I finally beat my own depression, find out how at I suffered terribly with depression and anxiety since I was 13

Better evaluation of L&D needed

Juliet Hammond says:

They reported the same at last year's CIPD conference - its going to take a revolution to change the role of L&D from reactive to proactive - and some major skills changes too. We work with some brilliant HR folks who are driving incredible business initiatives, but there are too few of them!

Hands-on, in-house learning on the up

Lorna Leck says:

A really interesting article thank you. I love the idea of 'lunch and learn' sessions.

IT skills gap holding back UK businesses

Catherine Stenson says:

The IT skills gap will grow unless businesses take a serious look at how they can innovate and either develop the talent they have more productively or consider how they 'create' new teams from talent with high potential. For example: There are some acknowledged shortages for developers with Ruby skills or Angular JS and indeed countless others. So here is one creative way some savvy business are seeking to address their skills deficit. Firstly they start by identifying talent within their organisation, or indeed hire candidates who fit the culture and who have the aptitude to 'learn' new skills? This More...

Hot topic: Compulsory volunteering

Stephen Moreton says:

I think my understanding of the proposed legislation must be different from that portrayed by this article. I thought the proposal was to give employees rights to claim 3 days' volunteering, not to give employers rights to coerce their employees to volunteer...?

Hot topic: Compulsory volunteering

Keith Appleyard says:

Good article. I agree : I did volunteering for 25 years whilst holding down a management job. My back-office Trustee work was done in my spare time in evenings and weekends, typically 10-20 hours a month. I also did lunchtime work with 6th formers for a few years, simply taking a 2 hour break once a week and making up the difference afterwards. Now retired, I'm spending more like 15 hours a week on Volunteering.

Sustainable banking: Sense of purpose for psychological wellbeing is key

Geraldine Gallacher says:

It's amazing to think that when I was a grad trainee in the 80s,all the sensible folks, the Steady Eddies went into banking. It's extraordinary to reflect on the extent to which that reputation for steadiness and reliability has been tarnished by the financial crisis. I fear it's going to take a lot more than a few well-intentioned CSR programmes to alter that and give back to the thousands of decent, reliable people that work in the Banks a renewed sense of purpose. They need to do something more radical. Every day there is now a new rigging scandal, Libor, More...

Employees: look after them and they'll look after everything else

Bill Fotsch says:

I agree with the idea of taking care of employee. But we need to treat employees like adults. I know making the economics of a business transparent, involving all employees to understand and share in the improved financial results, consistently improves results. The trust and focus on the common good captures the employees’ hearts while the information captures their minds. Commonly referred to as Open-Book Management, this creates an empowered, learning organization. They can make better decisions based on knowing the economics. And the good news is that it is not very difficult to do. I have seen this work More...

Patrick Wright: Using data for CEO succession

Stammbach Regula says:

interesting article. the assessment culture in switzerland is firmly established for senior positions, senior management. as a leadership advisory firm in zurich/basel we routinely conduct one day assessments with (simulation, testing (personality, cognitive etc.),interviews. our clients, corporations and public sector/government, are keeen on neutral data. The acceptance and expectation of the assessment process among executives is high.

IT skills gap holding back UK businesses

David Bradbury says:

A lot of it is down to the IR30 changes a few years ago putting people off working as contractors and dropping out of the market or not keeping skills up to date - that and the general "uncoolness" of actually doing IT related work (apologies to all my cool colleagues) and schools until recently only teaching Microsoft Office skills. Many employers havent taken training seriously. (My current employers are an exception to this as they encourage us to keep our skiils up to date). Im sure there are other reasons - including the dreadful fact that our industry has More...

Calm employees make business sense

Jack Preston says:

Really nice article. three thoughts: 1. We do still face a lot of difficulty in convincing more traditional organisations that there is an ROI on these sorts of products. 2. Let's also not forget the link between mental and physical health, exercising for just 30 minutes a day has been shown to reduce anxiety by 48%. 3. I am an entrepreneur in corporate wellness but I find there is still a lot of stigma amongst other entrepreneurs about entering the space. They fear a slow B2B sales process combined with a short runway will lead to an unsuccessful startup. This More...

Hot topic: Compulsory volunteering

Ben Darlington says:

Great article Sue. Certainly many of us involved in the world of employee volunteering are wondering how the new government might honour their pre-election pledge. Our feeling is that Cameron's mandatory 3 days is solving the wrong problem. (See It's estimated that 17 million days of professional paid-time-off to volunteer is already pledged in the UK: the issue is that most of it is never used. The real challenge is inspiring professional people to use their time; proving how short-term volunteering can have a high impact; and changing the culture within companies: so that giving time is a key More...

Employees: look after them and they'll look after everything else

Michael Moran says:

Is this another case to quote Dan Pink " What science knows business ignores; It's just so much common sense, but as we know common sense isn't common.

How ex-MPs can deal with losing their posts

Solat Chaudhry says:

Your article is an interesting because it takes us away from the "snouts in the trough" narrative constantly bombarding our ears. Politics this year became even more brutal and cut-throat than I can remember for a long time so yes lets spare a thought for those MP's that lost their jobs and at the same time , spare a thought for the masses of people who were made redundant during the last parliamentary period.

Employees: look after them and they'll look after everything else

Dee Mauree says:

I have started a new approach in my organisation to focus on new recruits and I hope my strategy will prove fruitful. Our turn over of staff is unacceptable. Dee

Focus recruitment locally to attract older workers

Brian Kent - TRCRC says:

Beware........ As many loyal and hard working 'elders' have discovered at the 'Sheds' - working seven days a week for the minimum wage - just is not a solution...For the 'demographic' it can be a fine line between employment and exploitation

Person in the news: Paula Jordan, HRD at McCarthy & Stone

Professor Diana Tribe says:

The current Manager at Mandeville Court, who is leaving to take up a similar post in Hitchin, has all the qualities required for this type of post McCarthy and Stone will need to hang on to this lady who has all the necessary skills, and more besides Her loss would also be a loss to McCarthy and Stone Diana Tribe

What's the evidence for... talent management?

Wendy Hirsh says:

Rob's criticsms are fine if by 'talent management' you just mean the rather silly 'get the best' stuff which sensible folk dropped a long time ago. Personally I still loath the term 'talent' and see it is a waste of time to try and score eveyrone's potential or - much worse - use the confusing 9 box grid. BUT strategies to identify and develop people for jobs you can't just fill by natural internal development or knee jerk recruitment are really crucial to resourcing. My motto is just 'don't identify it unless you need to and unless you are going More...

'Ban the Box' and responsible business

Richard Thomson says:

Banning the box is a great opportunity for employers to properly adress inclusion issues. By trainin staff to recruit with conviction, employers set a strong foundation for real diversity.

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