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Forget HR theory and focus on the business, says Averbook

Jon Ingham, Strategic HCM says:

Some great thinking from Jason as ever. However there is a bit of inconsistency here too. Part of putting the workforce first (managing for human capital) is being able to use appropriate language about the workforce, and with the workforce - part of the need to attract and retain young (and older) people Jason refers too. So whilst HR needs to be able to speak like the rest of the business to be professional and credible it also needs to show the rest of the business to speak more like people - genuine and caring. We mustn't lose this aspect More...

Forget HR theory and focus on the business, says Averbook

Jeff Wren says:

Benchmarking is vastly overrated. Any statistician worth their salt would immediately deem most of them worthless as they don't collect all the data and what they collect is inconsistent. Some respondents only include external costs, others dedicated L&D staff (with or without on-costs?), still fewer include cost of technology or SME time. All they seem to be used for is attempting to obtain more budget. If the business wants the development and thinks you can do it, they will find the money. They "think you can do it" because you have proved yourself and used measures they trust and believe. More...

41% of British workers plan on temping

Katy says:

I personally feel that working in temporary positions gives you a broader aspect of what HR is all about. You can gain far more exposure to all aspects of HR in different roles than you can in just working in one role for a long period of time. If I was recruiting for a position, it would certainly not put me off recruiting a potentially good candidate who had experience of temporary roles in a number of organisations. I personally would rather employ someone who has transferable skills and knowledge from different temporary roles than someone who has simply stayed More...

Randy Lewis: 'We haven't found a disability we can't employ'

Louanne Sampson says:

This article is empowering. As a disabled person job seeking after redundancy, this has put a different and more precise perspective on things. Will be sharing this as there needs to be a change in mindset in a number of work environment. Thank you

Randy Lewis: 'We haven't found a disability we can't employ'

Solly says:

Wow, I am inspired to read the success behind the Walgreens in hiring people that today are still discriminated against on the basis of their disabilities. It takes buy in from top management to bring the idea to live and without the buy in from them any great idea will never see a light of a day

UK businesses facing data skills shortages

Lorraine Tommey says:

The report is extremely interesting, as I have been involved in HR Data and Systems for a number of years now. The organisations that I have worked for, understand the importance and value of data. But failure to invest in systems and people have not realise these benefits. Over 6 years I have been actively job hunting (mostly engage on contract), the downfall is that most data or analytical roles are based in London, which is not always the ideal location. There is also a problem in that many organisations want to have data specialists, but because of a lack More...

Employee engagement closely tied to health and wellbeing

penny says:

Like the article thanks - helping me with my essay on leader's focus on well-being and satisfaction. Engagement as I see it is the connection or buy-in to company values, business model etc of which prospective employee/employer will look at when being interviewed to see if good fit. Well-being is an on going relationship with a person and themselves with the support of the company offering methods to for employees to meet their work and family, leisure desires and challenges. hope this is kind of where we coming from otherwise let me know :) penny

Five tips on managing a diverse workforce

Mike Minett says:

The worlds ageing populations dictate that you really need to be preparing for and managing your ageing workforce/workplace now. We love these discussions at the Positive Ageing Co. especially when we ask the question... Did you know that within the next 6 years 1 in 3 workers will be aged 50+? (CIPD)

Mediation and mindfulness

Roger Moss says:

Tania, thank you for "carrying the message" about the relevance of contemplative practices to conflict resolution. It's an ancient idea the can only be transmitted by repetition. The U.K.'s Alan Watts introduced Eastern philosophy and meditation practices to Western audiences over fifty years ago. Interestingly, he settled in Marin County, just across the bridge from San Francisco, which became an epicenter of mediation/ADR advancement in the U.S. shortly thereafter. No accidents, these overlaps. Alan's writings and taped lectures are widely available online and elsewhere. Richard Rohr, OFM often writes that we humans are addicted to our own thinking, which addiction More...

Half of HR professionals see engagement as top priority

Nick Dean says:

We have long advocated the best way to achieve sustained engagement {= productivity = growth}, is to join-up traditional employee benefits with latest peer to peer recognition techniques. It is however vital that a clear communication plan be developed and revisited for the duration of the programme

Randy Lewis: 'We haven't found a disability we can't employ'

Jean collingwood says:

I admire and support this effort and a lead in the us to get real about disability. We are a small but award winning agency and have long used a similar approach and at one point achieved 80 per cent of our workforce with some kind of disability. I agree that it start with the application process and peope who look first for the ability. We changed the word disability to different ability which helps as this leads to the fact that all of us defined as disabled or not as just in fact different this brings different talents and More...

UK workers value culture and recognition over pay, survey finds


How much £'S would attract them to move I wonder. £'s could be other inducements. In a labour MARKET everything has its price. In any case I doubt if existing and prospecting employees are attracted by the Brand. In large well loved company the customers loved the brand , but the employee were more than skeptical

HR experts discuss recruiting Generation Y

Simon Thompson says:

Very interesting to read the above thread. I recently set up to give gen y the opportunity to express themselves through the use of video (used in conjunction with online resume. I agree that candidates increasingly want to see what employers can do for them and feel it is only a matter of time before it becomes necessary for companies to showcase recruitment videos giving useful insights into their organisations, testimonials from existing employees etc.

Most UK managers work over contracted hours

Derek Irvine, Globoforce says:

Having employees who are prepared to work late when necessary is by no means a bad thing for a business. However, when employees feel that working extra hours is almost mandatory, and receive little recognition for their efforts, it can have a negative impact on the culture of an organisation. Not only can staff become increasingly unproductive, but they are also more likely to look for other jobs where they feel their contribution is not only valued, but also recognised. However, recognition doesn’t always need to come in the form of financial compensation for the extra hours worked. For many More...

Five tips on managing a diverse workforce

Naveen says:

That is a fab practice Cindy. I notice this in my current firm as well, where the Millenials are a lot more active to volunteer time for Corp Social causes, there is definitely a serious question in colleges where they want to know our Social agenda and how they participate. I believe it is almost a critical Employee Value Prop to attract and retain. I love the story you have mentioned and believe it is a progressive idea

Five tips on managing a diverse workforce

Mukesh says:

I agree with your views .

How to make apprenticeships work for SMEs

Edward Harkins says:

Good piece and it once again reminds me of the degree of communality on such issues that there is between the SME sector in the UK and the various not-for-profit enterprise in the Third Sector (social enterprises, community businesses etc.). Cause for common cause on Government Policy?

How to get new starters through probation

Adam Nuckley says:

There is some really good advice in this article about how to effectively manage and engage employees, but for me it misses the point. If large numbers of your employees are leaving during probation then there is more likely something wrong with your recruitment process. Recruitment is about identifying people who will fit with your organisation in the vacancy you have, AND ensuring that you accurately sell the company to the employee so they know what to expect. If someone leaves before the end of their probation period it is normally because a) the job/company is not what they expected More...

Five tips on managing a diverse workforce

Cindy Dashnaw says:

The 2014 Millennial Impact Report found that in the US, at least, Millennial employees and job applicants want their employers to support a social cause, and to give workers opportunities to volunteer for those causes with their department-mates. Cause work or the lack of it also influences a Millennial's decision to accept a job offer.

How to recruit a 'purple squirrel'

James D says:

Syed, talented, driven people have a sense of destiny - a strong conviction that, like a guided missile, there is a target they are flying towards. In my case, I think my purpose in this world is to answer one specific question and there is another poor schmuck somewhere whose only purpose is to articulate that question. My point is, if you provide the means to help me achieve my goal, I will listen to you. Right now, my next goal is to study for a Doctorate in Education with a focus on the use of technology in augmenting the More...

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