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Most CEOs see HR as 'least strategically important' function

Stephen Moir says:

Ok, the findings are the findings. Putting that to one side, I personally despair about the fact that the HR profession and the HR media continue to provide oxygen to such surveys and results. It's been a real bone of contention for me for years, but instead of talking the profession up and spending more time on the positive of what great HR can and does achieve, we spend our time 'navel gazing' and bemoaning our lack of a seat at the board. Yawn! Can we start focussing upon outcomes, positive impact and the fact that HR, or the People More...

Half of London companies report skills shortage

Peter Copping says:

Talent Management is a matter for employing organizations and trade associations not for the tax payer. Its a capitalist economy and capitalists should invest in Human Capital.

Link wellbeing with engagement to ease business buy-in, says report

Pauline Ward says:

If you have read this article and would like to integrate wellbeing into your business; contact for information, advice and support.

Linking CSR to reward strategy

stuart woollard says:

When organizations understand that CSR can be reframed as a fundamental societal value motive that drives their own value, then we will I think, see real change. For example, while firms may 'choose' to pay a living wage for CSR purposes, I suspect that the value impact arising from more motivated/engaged people (higher productivity, quality through lower attrition/absence & increased wellbeing etc.) outweigh the short term cost saving from paying the legal minimum. Anyone have anything that may evidence this?

HR policies that empower?

Richard Pierce says:

I share your concerns. You'll face an environment of slow change (for the better) within LTHT. Slowly but surely with the leadership of Julian Hartley, managers are starting to get how key employee engagement is, accountability, performance and delivery are still in their early stages and the organisation has been in a state of flux for plus 18 months. I believe your considerable enthusiasm will build on Julian's work to date and hope for a brighter future for LTHT and all its patients, key stockholders and staff.

Stressed employees less engaged, says report

HR magazine says:

Hi Chris It appears a glitch in the system somehow managed to switch the world employees to employers throughout the whole article. Not sure what happened there. We apologise and it has now been amended.

Top tips for hiring an interim manager

Ashton Ward says:

The market conditions are changing rapidly. The best interims are securing assignments quickly and typically have more than one opportunity. Clients can no longer afford to procrastinate. Decisive clients who know what they want and have the right budget will secure the best available talent. Ashton Ward, Managing Partner, Eton Bridge Partners.

Stressed employees less engaged, says report

Chris Ball says:

Stressed employees are less engaged with the job? Wow, you don't say! What a surprising finding.... Really, the only thing that shocks me about this report is the inability of the author to distinguish between the words "employer" and "employee." who was surveyed exactly? It seems it was employers. Who was it who were supposed to be stressed and disengaged? Why - the employees? Have these people given a moment of thought to the basic principles of social science research? Why not start off by doing what all employers should do and ask the employees themselves and then you might More...

David Fairhurst on the Valuing your Talent initiative

Gautam Mahajan says:

Liked your article and would like to discuss. Can you contact me

Gen Y most negative towards flexible workers

Lesley Campbell says:

I agree it does seem strange when all the Gen-Y research suggests they want to be able to work flexibly themselves, but I think as pointed out - this is likely to be a case of younger employees feeling put upon and perhaps even a little jealous, rather than a Gen-Y specific thing. They tend to be entirely focused on their own careers at this point in their life and often feel that to demonstrate their commitment they need to be in the office all the time. In my own experience as a Gen-Y who has worked part-time in the More...

Interview with Chan Abraham, CEO of Luminus

Bella Hunswick says:

Luminus may be a great company to work for but its a shame it doesn't extend its 'well being to its tenants! It is doesn't keep to its agreements neither does it make it easy fro its community partners

Stressed employees less engaged, says report

Mark Mccormack says:

At times, we can all feel overburdened by a 'to do' list. One of the things we recommend to people is to list the things you need to do in order of genuine priority. Note the tasks that you need to do personally and what can be delegated to others. Record which tasks need to be done immediately, next week, next month or when time allows. Also, don't fill your schedule completely - allow 10% buffer time to deal with any unexpected or emergency tasks and to include time for your own relaxation and thinking time.

How employers can manage stress in the workplace

Holger Caban says:

As a mental health professional and EAP specialist, I am concerned about the lack of focus of this article. The article discusses stress and depression as if they were the same phenomenon. In fact, they are not. While it is true that some stress may contribute to depression, there is much more to depression than the experience of some stress, in particular workplace pressures. Employers are in a unique position to help employees manage depression. Employers certainly also may have a vested interest in reducing workplace stress that impacts health and productivity. However, when discussing the two issues, let's not More...

New institute to offer alternative HR qualification

Paul Strickland says:

Nothing new to see here, what is being offered is just a clone of current CIPD qualifications and they seem to be more expensive!

David Fairhurst on the Valuing your Talent initiative

Eugenio Pirri says:

Having seen such frameworks being worked on in both Canada and the US, I am very impressed with the VyT Framework initiative. Not only is it logical, it appears achievable and sustainable which should add true 'value' to our discipline. A very proactive approach - well done to all.

Work Programme helps 100,000 find jobs

Michael Lewis says:

The work programme is not 100% accurate in its recording of figures, for example if someone finds a job vacancy, applies for it, gets an interview and then gets the job with no support from the work programme, they still count this as them helping the unemployed person get the job. The work programme has not helped anywhere near 100,000 people into work and the constant harassment afterwards is not post employment support, it's frankly a criminal act.

Tackling unconscious bias in banking

Michael Howard says:

The article raises a very important issues when dealing with unconscious bias in organisations, namely the unforeseen impacts on others. Whilst it is necessary to focus on the explicit bias care must be taken to ensure that an holistic approach is adopted. The reason for this is that there is a strong possibility of either reinforcing the original unconscious bias and/or creating other bias issues. This could then have the unwanted outcome of providing reaction elements in the organisation the opportunity to promulgate that it's all too complicated why bother. One of the most important elements of bringing unconscious bias More...

‘Infobesity’ causes distraction and stress at work, says Microsoft expert

Pamela Hopkinson says:

The increase in accessible instant technology is definitely putting a stress on individuals, however it would appear to not just been at work. As the school holidays come to an end I have had a number of conversations with people that have received calls or e-mails from work whilst on holiday, which could have quite easily waited until the individual returned to the office. It appears that just because we can now be contacted 24/7 many no longer question if we should.

New institute to offer alternative HR qualification

Carol Fowler says:

Three cheers for new input into improving the performance of HR / Recruiting in the UK. The standard is appalling. We have a population of HR professionals who have no education in dyslexia and the discrimination they bring to the recruitment process. Practically all the government public sector and many private sector are in breach of the Equality Act 2010 from the point of advert. Many dyslexics find filling in forms difficult so an online form only or hard copy is discriminatory. It needs choice. CV/ Cover letter or form. Breach no.2 is where an organisation uses online form only More...

Zappos HR team pilots holocracy

Louis Loizou says:

In the root of Holacracy, a branded and slight variation of Sociocracy aka Dynamic Governance (DG), the principles are the sharing of power through circle organisation in which semi-autonomous circles are free to make decisions by consent (ie if no-one has paramount objection the proposal is agreed without the discredited resort to voting). The circles are double-linked to other circles, both exchanging representatives elected by consent which can be sideways or up and down in a hierarchical structure. All circles of different responsibilities are linked to a governing General Circle which elects their Operational Leader and receives the rep from More...

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