Talent Management


Nationwide focusing on leadership ‘agility’

Katie Jacobs, 22 May 2015

Building society Nationwide is focusing on improving the agility of its leaders, HR director Ann Brown...


NHS urged to embrace ‘systems leadership’

Katie Jacobs, 21 May 2015

Healthcare charity The King’s Fund is urging the NHS to embrace ‘systems leadership’ as a way of...


How HRDs can enhance influence at board level

Jenny Roper, 19 May 2015

HR directors should network with other people in the business, have a strong financial and broader political...

Emerging markets disposals lead RSA to rethink talent management

Katie Jacobs, 19 May 2015

Insurance firm RSA is disposing of several of its emerging markets businesses, meaning it needs to rethink...

The rise of the single sector CEO

Jenny Roper, 19 May 2015

CEOs who have always worked in the same sector are increasingly sought by CEO selection panels, research...

Management training can help with intergenerational problems

Katie Jacobs, 18 May 2015

Comprehensive management training can help organisations deal with any issues around intergenerational...

Can HR remember how to lead in an upturn?

Jenny Roper, 18 May 2015

Now that the UK economy and job market seem to be getting back on track, HR directors will need to re-assess...

Talent brings people issues into the C-suite, says academic

Katie Jacobs, 06 May 2015

A focus on talent has helped to bring people issues into the C-suite, but many HR leaders are missing...

Networking should be ‘purposeful’, advises charity sector HRD

Katie Jacobs, 05 May 2015

Collaborating with competitors to achieve a shared purpose can bring internal and external benefits to...

Gratton: Technology has seriously disrupted talent management

Jenny Roper, 29 Apr 2015

Technology has created serious “tension points” in talent management, professor of management practice...

Organisations facing leadership ‘capability gap’

Katie Jacobs, 29 Apr 2015

Organisations are facing a leadership “capability gap” and cite leadership as one of their biggest...

How to PR yourself into a promotion

Lucy Gilmore , 28 Apr 2015

In a perfect world everyone would be promoted objectively on merit. However, the reality is very different....

Investors in People to launch new like-for-like benchmarking-orientated framework

Jenny Roper, 28 Apr 2015

Investors in People (IIP) has announced the launch of its sixth-generation framework (due in August),...

High-performing companies more likely to discuss talent strategy at board level

Katie Jacobs, 24 Apr 2015

High-performing organisations are more likely to discuss talent at board level and use workforce issues...

Tullow Oil's CHRO on talent, CSR and the oil price crash

Katie Jacobs, 23 Apr 2015

As oil prices plummet the oil and gas sector must weather the storm. Tullow Oil's CHRO Gordan Headley...

Business leaders unable to collaborate effectively

Jenny Roper, 22 Apr 2015

A third of HR executives (32%) say they would replace members of their leadership team at the first opportunity,...

BITC urges business and government to help older people stay in work

Katie Jacobs, 22 Apr 2015

Business and government need to urgently address problems surrounding over-50s employment to avoid a...

What every HRD should know about board governance

Helen Pitcher, 21 Apr 2015

A place at the boardroom table has long been seen as the ultimate goal for HR professionals. The reality...

HR professionals missing out on leadership development

Katie Jacobs, 21 Apr 2015

HR professionals are missing out on leadership development opportunities, with 47% of companies not offering...

HR is failing to engage employee hearts and minds

Jabbar Sardar, 20 Apr 2015

The UK has an engagement issue. Only 37% of workers say they feel encouraged to be innovative, and just...

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