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Work Foundation calls for stronger RPA legislation

Hywel Roberts, 20 Aug 2014

Lancaster University's Work Foundation has criticised the government's "watered down" implementation...


Europe's first 'Olympic-style' games launches graduate programme

Hywel Roberts, 19 Aug 2014

The 2015 Baku European Games, Europe's first Olympics-style sporting event, has launched a global recruitment...


Seven skills HR needs for the top table

Marcia Hazzard, 19 Aug 2014

HR professionals are increasingly taking a seat at the top table. However, greater input requires a broader...

More than one million over-65s in work

Hywel Roberts, 18 Aug 2014

The number of employees over the age of 65 has jumped 36% to 1.09 million since 2010, according to research...

Line managers are the squeezed middle of business

Stephen Bevan , 18 Aug 2014

Leaders are often touted as charismatic, hero-type figures, but it's time we looked beyond the rhetoric....

Oil and gas managers face leadership 'conundrum', says Hay Group

Hywel Roberts, 15 Aug 2014

A conflict between driving short-term profits and developing long-term leadership pipelines is creating...

Only one-quarter of recruiters check CV claims

Hywel Roberts, 14 Aug 2014

Only around one-quarter (26%) of recruiters and headhunters check claims candidates make on their CVs,...

A new era of talent management

Claudio Fernández-Aráoz, 14 Aug 2014

Past experience is no longer the only indicator of future potential. Flexibility is the key to executive...

Building internal communities to support change

Janneke van Overbruggen, 14 Aug 2014

The increasingly fast-paced nature of society means that organisations need to adapt to keep up with...

Communication most valued graduate skill, say SME employers

Hywel Roberts, 13 Aug 2014

More than two-thirds (69%) of SME employers consider good communication a key skill for graduates, according...

Redundancy payouts fall for first time since 2008

Hywel Roberts, 12 Aug 2014

The total cost of redundancy payouts for UK companies has fallen for the first time since the recession,...

Two in five managers not taking full holiday allowance

Hywel Roberts, 11 Aug 2014

Two in five (41%) UK managers did not take their full annual leave allowance in 2013, according to research...

An army of office workers brings economic growth

HR Editorial, 11 Aug 2014

The make up of the UK workforce is fundamentally different to that of 60 years ago. White collar roles...

Can the real NHS please stand up?

Dean Royles, 11 Aug 2014

When you hear someone mention the NHS, what do you think? A failing institution, always in the media...

Valuing your Talent initiative another step closer

Hywel Roberts, 08 Aug 2014

The CIPD's Valuing your Talent framework takes another step towards completion as key findings are released....

Is graduate talent out there?

Lucy Beaumont, 08 Aug 2014

The number of graduate jobs available is set to increase this year but almost one in four positions remains...

Ineffective data collecting costs HR departments, says Max Blumberg

Hywel Roberts, 06 Aug 2014

Collecting data with no focus on its use is an expensive drain on HR departments' resources, according...

Half of SMEs have no age diversity strategy

Hywel Roberts, 05 Aug 2014

Almost half (46%) of SME employers admit they have no strategy in place to support mature workers, according...

Winning war for talent not just about pay

Ingrid Waterfield, 05 Aug 2014

Employment figures released in the past few weeks celebrated unemployment falling to its lowest level...

Young people have 'appetite' for STEM skills, says TCS HRD

Hywel Roberts, 04 Aug 2014

Young people are interested in learning STEM subjects but don't always have the opportunities to, according...

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