Talent Management


Line managers key to building workplace trust

Rebecca Gowler, 27 Feb 2015

Line managers have a critical role to play in building trust in the workplace, according to a report...


International assignments: Key issues to consider

Gareth Wadley, 26 Feb 2015

The number of employees working abroad is increasing. As it becomes more common, some assume this will...


‘Sense of urgency’ around leadership development, says Harvard Business Publishing director

Katie Jacobs, 26 Feb 2015

There is a growing “sense of urgency” around developing people for leadership positions earlier than...

Making a success of relocation

Peter Crush, 25 Feb 2015

You've got the call to say you'll be managing people in a different country, and the world is your oyster....

Career progression ‘barriers’ forcing women out of STEM

Rebecca Gowler, 24 Feb 2015

One in three (35%) women working in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) jobs have said...

Top tools for keeping staff safe abroad

Hannah Prevett, 24 Feb 2015

Advances in technology mean it's never been easier to keep tabs on employees abroad and ensure their...

How to keep your employees safe overseas

Hannah Prevett, 24 Feb 2015

With more British businesses operating in remote and emerging markets, employees' safety while abroad...

Older workers locked out of development opportunities

Rebecca Gowler, 23 Feb 2015

Employees over 50 are less likely to be offered learning and development opportunities than their younger...

Lack of HRDs on risk committees a danger for companies

Jonathan Tilley, 16 Feb 2015

There is a lack of continuity between the way companies publicly acknowledge the importance of human...

Hunt promises more protection for NHS whistleblowers

Rebecca Gowler, 12 Feb 2015

Health secretary Jeremy Hunt has promised that the government will do more to protect NHS whistleblowers...

It’s time to ‘revolutionise retirement’, says older workers champion

Katie Jacobs, 12 Feb 2015

Business and policy leaders need to “revolutionise retirement” in the UK to encourage older people...

More Millennials embracing freelancing

Rebecca Gowler, 11 Feb 2015

Younger employees, the so-called Millennials, are more likely to reject working for one organisation...

Shifting to more people-focused management styles

Vlatka Hlupic, 11 Feb 2015

Business is broken, with engagement and trust at an all-time low. A radically different way of thinking...

‘Amplify differences’ to achieve innovation, advises Harvard professor

Katie Jacobs, 11 Feb 2015

Leaders should “amplify differences, not minimise differences” in order to drive innovation, according...

Only a third of executives satisfied with succession management programmes

Rebecca Gowler, 06 Feb 2015

Only 36% of executives are satisfied with their business’s succession management programmes, according...

Focus on “purpose that transcends numbers”, says CMI CEO

Rebecca Gowler, 05 Feb 2015

HR directors should focus on “good purpose that transcends numbers and quarterly results”, CMI CEO...

Employers don’t understand Gen Y motivators

Rebecca Gowler, 29 Jan 2015

There is a mismatch between what employers think Gen Y staff want from their careers and what younger...

Overcoming barriers to strategic workforce planning

Sue Brooks , 28 Jan 2015

Strategic workforce planning (SWP) is arguably more important than ever before. The skills required of...

Talent shortages a 'major challenge' for UK companies

Rebecca Gowler, 26 Jan 2015

Over a third (34%) of UK companies will be affected by major talent shortages over the next year, while...

Employee trust is key to overcoming the NHS crisis

Rosalind Searle, 26 Jan 2015

Trust is an important commodity for any organisation, but particularly in the high stakes world of healthcare....

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