Talent Management


Creating collaborative leaders

HR Editorial, 31 Mar 2015

Innovation relies heavily on collaboration, which in turn needs a leader who can guide and nurture talent,...


When will we talk about talent, rather than women, at the top?

Heather Jackson, 26 Mar 2015

Once again the issue of women in the boardroom hits the news, with the release of the updated 2015 Cranfield...


Business needs to improve strategic workforce planning, research finds

Rebecca Gowler, 25 Mar 2015

UK businesses looking to improve performance and manage future challenges need to improve their strategic...

UKCES launches fund to boost SME productivity

Katie Jacobs, 19 Mar 2015

The UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) is launching a fund to address the productivity gap...

This is the evidence for talent management

David Collings, 19 Mar 2015

David Collings provides a counter-argument to Rob Briner's article, which questioned the value of and...

What's the evidence for... talent management?

Rob Briner, 18 Mar 2015

In his second column examining the evidence behind HR fads, buzzwords and obsessions, Rob Briner puts...

How are you developing your leaders for future change?

HR Editorial, 18 Mar 2015

HR magazine, in partnership with Hay Group, wants to know how you are developing your leaders for future...

Organisations need ‘integrated programmes’ to retain older workers

Rebecca Gowler, 16 Mar 2015

Organisations need “integrated programmes” and formal policies to ensure they retain and make the...

How can HR partner more effectively with the C-suite?

Simon Hayward, 16 Mar 2015

The strategic role of HR is a topic that’s rarely off the agenda. Recent research from Cirrus and Ipsos...

Diversity in the modern media agency

Audrey Lucy, 13 Mar 2015

Media agencies aren't what they used to be. They now offer such a wide variety of services that they've...

This is what authentic leadership looks like

Peter Belk, 11 Mar 2015

Every day a range of inspirational leaders walk through our doors here at Pilotlight. They all share...

The value of employee data: Using analysis to avoid personnel paralysis

Morag Woodliffe, 06 Mar 2015

Employees can be both the most valuable asset to an organisation, and also, potentially, the most costly....

CEOs think HR is ineffective at creating shared purpose

Rebecca Gowler, 05 Mar 2015

Only 19% of C-suite leaders believe their HR departments are effective in helping them create shared...

Are UK managers falling behind their global counterparts?

Claire Moxham, 04 Mar 2015

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Management’s (APPGM) Commission on the Future of Management and...

Perceptions of gender inequality more pronounced in UK

Rebecca Gowler, 04 Mar 2015

UK women have stronger perceptions of gender inequality than their global peers, research from Hays has...

Line managers key to building workplace trust

Rebecca Gowler, 27 Feb 2015

Line managers have a critical role to play in building trust in the workplace, according to a report...

International assignments: Key issues to consider

Gareth Wadley, 26 Feb 2015

The number of employees working abroad is increasing. As it becomes more common, some assume this will...

‘Sense of urgency’ around leadership development, says Harvard Business Publishing director

Katie Jacobs, 26 Feb 2015

There is a growing “sense of urgency” around developing people for leadership positions earlier than...

Making a success of relocation

Peter Crush, 25 Feb 2015

You've got the call to say you'll be managing people in a different country, and the world is your oyster....

Career progression ‘barriers’ forcing women out of STEM

Rebecca Gowler, 24 Feb 2015

One in three (35%) women working in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) jobs have said...

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