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More than four in 10 employees quit because of ‘bad boss'

Becky Frith, 28 Aug 2015

More than four in 10 (42%) employees have quit a job because they had a ‘bad boss’, according to...


Digital apprentices have better work ethic than graduates

Jenny Roper, 25 Aug 2015

Digital apprentices often have a better work ethic than computer science graduates, according to co-founder...


Plugging the skills gap of Britain’s ageing workforce

Matt Crosby, 25 Aug 2015

There’s been continued discussion about Britain’s ageing workforce and demographic time-bomb. What...

Leaders should strive to be “coaches not dictators”

Becky Frith, 24 Aug 2015

Leaders should strive to be “coaches not dictators” according to Colin Price, chairman of organisational...

Three-quarters of UK tech professionals would consider international move

Becky Frith, 19 Aug 2015

Nearly three-quarters (72%) of UK-based technical professionals would consider an international move...

Public sector HR: A PPMA Rising Star perspective

Jenny Roper, 18 Aug 2015

Imogen Denton, winner of the PPMA’s Rising Star 2015 competition, which saw each entrant judged on...

The future of public sector HR

Jenny Roper, 18 Aug 2015

Although the public sector has weathered the storm of austerity measures, it's not out of the woods yet....

Five ways to win the talent war

Dan Bobby, 17 Aug 2015

The key to attracting the best talent is to use your existing culture and employees to do the work for...

Six tips for addressing the ageing workforce

Simon Blake , 13 Aug 2015

Our ageing working population is a growing problem for UK employers. Many businesses will lose invaluable...

General Mills HRD: HR should think about values ‘all the time’

Katie Jacobs, 13 Aug 2015

HR needs to think about company values “all the time” to make sure they actually stick, according...

Businesses shouldn't overlook talent gained through acquisitions

Becky Frith, 06 Aug 2015

Businesses shouldn’t overlook the benefits of obtaining new talent through acquisitions, according...

'Disruptive talent' offers business benefits

Becky Frith, 04 Aug 2015

Individuals who are brilliant but challenging could contribute strongly to businesses if engaged correctly,...

People policies becoming a major focus at Lookers

Jenny Roper, 31 Jul 2015

Lookers’ Nigel McMinn explains the role better people policies have played, and what he looks for in...

Talking talent with employees – to tell or not to tell?

Steve Newhall, 29 Jul 2015

The dilemma of 'to tell or not tell?' a high-potential employee that they have been identified as such...

Talent, change and innovation at Warburtons

Katie Jacobs, 27 Jul 2015

In the ultra-competitive bread market (yes, really) innovation rules. But creative products and processes...

What's the evidence for... change management?

Rob Briner, 27 Jul 2015

Change management is rife with unsupported theories, so here Rob Briner examines the actual evidence....

HRDs must lead on creating start-up mentality

Jenny Roper, 24 Jul 2015

HRDs must take greater ownership of introducing an entrepreneurial culture, according to Sahar Hashemi,...

CHROs should demand more investment in HR talent

Patrick Wright, 23 Jul 2015

Have you ever known someone who constantly complains about their condition, yet seems to do nothing to...

CEO moves leave costly gaps

Katie Jacobs, 22 Jul 2015

A lack of comprehensive succession strategy means CEO departures can trigger a cycle of damaging events...

Sweden easiest country to place international talent

Becky Frith, 22 Jul 2015

Sweden is the easiest location in which to place talented workers from other countries, according to...

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