What lessons HR can learn from the Olympics and Paralympics?

08 Oct 2012

Wasn’t it absolutely fantastic? Didn’t you feel proud to be British? Didn’t we put on a good show?...


Conflict index

01 Oct 2012

When we talk HR metrics, people automatically think of things like staff turnover and sickness absence...


Building a performance advantage

20 Sep 2012

At Global Edge, we are “all about performance”, and for us, performance is all about communication,...


Accountability for results

18 Jul 2012

When members of the McLeod engagement task force are out on the road presenting to employers the benefits...


Business Savvy

04 Jul 2012

Back in March the CIPD launched it's latest research around the next generation HR. There is a deliberate...


Employee engagement invariably leads to higher performance – true or false?

02 Jul 2012

When I train managers from different kinds of organisations in leadership and management, I’m astonished...


Creating a sustainable performance advantage in this tough new world

07 Jun 2012

The Global business environment has undergone a profound transformation and the competitive landscape...


Theory into practice or hand in hand with practice?

21 May 2012

All of the formal written work and study of the MSc is now completed, and the external exam board results...


Boris’s apprenticeships

15 May 2012

Boris Johnson has pledged to get young London working by creating 250,000 new apprenticeships. In a recent...


Giving feedback internationally

25 Apr 2012

In our experience, the Performance Appraisal System that so many organisations employ these days is outdated...


A perfect time to rethink healthcare strategy

23 Apr 2012

What a difference a year makes. The last time HR produced a health and wellbeing supplement, in June...


Delivering a global learning strategy

05 Apr 2012

I have recently returned from the People Development Summit in Brussels attended by senior HR and L&D...


Why old style leadership development hasn't worked: what we should be doing?

26 Mar 2012

We all know that leadership is important in the high performance organisation.


The Workplace Health Movement

15 Mar 2012

I attended, and also presented at, the Health and Wellbeing at Work conference in Birmingham this last...


Poor people management is at the root of much of the evil in our economy

02 Mar 2012

Many years ago I worked as an Education Welfare Officer for the Inner London Education Authority.


We all agree harrasment because of diversity is odious - but are the systems in place fair?

22 Feb 2012

A former senior NHS worker has been awarded almost £1 million in compensation after an employment tribunal...


How are you doing with your New Year’s resolutions?

09 Feb 2012

I have been reading some behavioural theories about why we humans struggle with keeping New Year's Resolutions....


TUPE Regulations – Who wins?

06 Feb 2012

The Government recently closed its evidence-collection phase for views on how the TUPE regulations as...


The elixir of life?

31 Jan 2012

Apparently the word panacea originates from the name of the Greek goddess for healing, Panakeia.


I'm not sure if I agree with the opponents of employment law reform

19 Jan 2012

Opponents of reform of employment law often assert that there is no need to reform it since if employers...

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